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AeonsShadow wrote:
So then what happens when a rebuked enemy DOES hit another creature? does it pass right on by? does it ignore it? does it just... stop and not take damage?

Personally I would treat this as if it was a kind of "bull rush", if the person want to avoid the rebuked foe then auto avoid, if not a cmb vs cmd roll to see who fall and who stop (or don't stop)...

That seems logical to me... ;)

Rajnish Umbra, Shadow Caller wrote:
After the... I think it was the Second Darkness plotline, drow have stopped being a secret. They're still not public knowledge (because not everyone bothers to stay up to date with elven subraces... "Three elves walk into a bar. Now there are bar-elves.") but you can find out about them and the Lantern Bearers have taken a step back from "killing everyone who knows the secret".

Really, interesting... I haven't read this campaign 'cause I'm not the one scheduled to master it... So depending on the timeline in GOlarion Drow are a bit more known... But I imagine that for most non-elf it's like "Oh there's a tribe of evil elves now..." :)

It depend on the setting... In Golarion Drow does not exist... Every Elf will tell you that Drows are a tales mothers uses to frighten their children... And every Lantern Bearer will do eveything they can to ensure you're not going to talk about Drow everywhere... :p

From the Player Companion "Elves of Golarion" we know that : "Elves are recognizable by their physical beauty, stylish dress, pointed ears, and irises and pupils so large that the whites of their eyes are scarcely visible around their edges. Skin and eye color are as variable
as visible light, but elves are typically fair-skinned with eyes colored blue, green, gold, or violet."
So while the vast majority of Elves are fair skinned some are not...

And in Darklands Revisited we've got : "Since their initial foray into the Darklands, the drow race has adapted physically as well as culturally to their new surroundings. Their skin coloration ranges from
shades of midnight blue to rich purples, allowing them to blend in with their underground environs."

And the NPC description of "The Surface Caller", a female Drow Sorceress/Swashbuckler : "This blue-skinned elf has milk-white eyes, a glowing punching dagger, and a shield embossed with a demonic face."

Even in plain daylight you don't know she's a Drow, she appear as a blue elf for almost everyone except for the ones that knows Drows exists in Golarion... ;)

RickDias wrote:
I wanted to discuss Familiars for a bit. Let's presume PFS, where they clamp down significantly on letting Familiars be combat-viable wand wielders and so on.

Take a Nycar, give him a regeneration ring and you have the best tank ever... ;)

Nixitur wrote:
Your understanding of "immediate action" is incredibly wrong. If speaking was an immediate action, you could only speak once per round. And if you ever spoke, you wouldn't get your swift action on your turn. And you couldn't speak if you were flat-footed. That's frankly a preposterous suggestion.

Oh after reading it seems you're right, an immediate action is a swift action taken during others turn, not a free action... they should have introduced "Free Immediate action" :p

Yeah, up until now I have authorized my players to only shout once a round as immediate action... :)

James Risner wrote:
100% true. But generally that phrase is used to interpret a sentence in a way that disagrees with a post by a design team member's post. Just because you have a different interpretation of the rule doesn't mean the one you disagree with isn't RAW.

You're also right, it can help, but it's not a definite answer to the "lack of rules"... Which is not that bad, if I want rules I wouls still play Rolemaster... :p

Oddman80 wrote:
Skorn wrote:
Plus with a charisma of 9 Mr. Snakey is never gonna pull off "Hot Elf Lady" :P
Only if you qualify that one's hotness is derived from things beyond the superficial "first glance" appearance.

That's one of the main issue with Charisma... People always believe that it is related to physics, which it's certainly not, it's a mental ability...

And since beauty is relative you can certainly polymorph someone into a "hot elf lady" which will be what you think a "hot elf lady" shoiuld looks like... :p

But, for a reason (beauty being relative), beauty has no impact on rules... so being an elf or a hot elf changes nothing... ;)

Now to the rules... Alter Self clearly state what you can or cannot keep...


When you cast this spell, you can assume the form of any Small or Medium creature of the humanoid type. If the form you assume has any of the following abilities, you gain the listed ability: darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent, and swim 30 feet.

Small creature: If the form you take is that of a Small humanoid, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Dexterity.

Medium creature: If the form you take is that of a Medium humanoid, you gain a +2 size bonus to your Strength.

Ok now to the powers you think you can keep :

- regeneration 1 (cold iron) : a Ex power that certainly depend on the metabolism... Not ok to keep...
- DR 5\cold iron : Same as above, Alter selph does not give you the same ability as your previous body... no DR for you... ;)

- Ferocity : I would rule ok to keep...

Things you left out : you can now speak Draconic :p

The issue here is that it can't be really be debated on the Rule Forum since the rule is "you lose any class features that depend upon form" and that is not a clear Rule statement... :/

Ravingdork wrote:
I don't think you can normally do this in one round since you need to make a successful grapple check to move the grapple, which usually doesn't occur until the round after you've grappled your foe.

Sorry for the late reply... ;)

Ok this seems the most RAW for this issue... The others things are really helpful but I think since there's no real RAW on this maybe this post should be moved to the "Advice" section... I'm playing a home game so... :p

But my players, and I, likes to abide for the rules, and Ravingdork comment seem the most relevant, since, by RAW, to move someone you need to make another Grapple check you have can't fall unlkess you let go of the Grapple or you can wait one round, acertain the grapple then choose to fall...
But I would rule that, if you xant, you can choose to fly, move, then choose to fall since falling is a free action...

But if you have chosen to fall can you also do a Fly check DC 10 to not take falling damage ? Is this a way to go 200 feet in the air, go on top of your target, stop flying then fall right next to it and not take damages ?

Mmmh... As, for me, it seems that the writers of the Melee Tactics Toolbox have forgotten about the difference between "Immediate action" and "Free action"... :)

It's easy to forget the fact that a "free action" should only be allowed on your turn and "immediate action" is what should be defined as "can be used on others turn"...

That's the problem with using "simple to grasp" terms... The term "Free action" is easy to grasp... It's an action that is free to do... Call it an "Alpha action", and give it the definition "Alpha action are actions you can do for free on your turn", and it's not that easy to grasp... It's not players friendly... But in the end for rules lawyer it's easier to grasp... :p
Every actions you can do on others turn and on your turn for free should be labelled as "Immediate action", "Free action" should only be used for things you can use on your turn... So "Speaking" should be an "Immediate action" not a "Free action you can do on others turn"... This way you avoid making an exception on a rule that worked perfectly fine before... :p

I agree with the first post, but I won't agree with "make more exception" but say "can you label as "Immediate action" all things that are, in fact, immediate action ? :)

Oddman80 wrote:

Did the "all posts are unofficial" post invalidate all answers SKR had provided thus far?

Are those old answers still considered RAW unless they had been specifically contradicted by new PDT FAQ Responses?

Well, as I was told before, and in my opinion rightly so, we are in the Rules Forum.. So even if author RAI can help GM to houserule, in the Rule Forum we should only argue with RAW... And as I have learned on this forum too, FAQ is RAW even if there's no reprint yet... So yes, you can't considered answers by anyone on this forum as RAW, be it the one who made the rule... If it's not in a book, if it's not in a faq then it's not RAW...

I can understand this, to an extant, since not every PS GM can read all posts on this forum and only consults the faq and books, and RAW is only relevant to PS since at at home the GM can do whatever he wants... ;)

Frankly said, min/maxing should be an all or nothing at a table... All character should do it or none should do it... ;)

If a character become really more powerful than the others that can become problematic... If you put normal CR for the group the optimized character can render these encounters trivial since he will be too powerful for them... And if you up the CR for the more powerful character then the others are at risk of loosing their life against too powerful ennemies... ;)

My current group is min/maxed, but all 4 of my players are maxed out... So no issues with this... I just have to rewrite all the encounters in the AP to make them on par with my players... I min/max my monsters and all ennemies too... :p

Don't do that... Real world physics would tells us that a small 8000lb Dragon would fall at a terminal Velocity of 660mph... about 5800 feet/round... :F
But still takes max 20d6 damage... :D

Nator wrote:
So using the many shot feat is a "Standard Action"? I want to make sure that I am understanding you correctly.

No, manyshot is a full attack action.

Vital Strik work on a "Standard attack" action, not a "Full Attack Action".

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Don't worry about a 15th level monk, even if he is optimized to the brink he won't be as disruptive as a Wizard who knows his spells... ;)
Melee MUST be optimized to compete with 9th level casters...

And I can't see how his AC can go so high that a CR 15 will not be able to touch him with a +28 to touch... ;)
More than that almost every CR 15 monsters got spells or spell-like abilities that are way more annoying than 2 claws and a bite... :p

And that's just Monsters... Not a lvl 15 Evil Wizard... :p

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A little story from an history book :

At the beginning of the eleventh century, the narrator of the Miracles of Saint Foy de Conques, Bernard of Angers, reported that a tradesman of Conques was engaged in a maneuver who was, in the eyes of the saint woman, scandalous. He was buying all the wax available in the city and its neighborhood, thus acquiring a position of monopoly for the sale of wax candles, which allowed him to draw a high price. [b]The saint did not fail to punish him cruelly.[/b}

Acquiring a monopoly and profiting too much from it is very, very dangerous... Some Aristocrat can be pissed off, some clergy can find this behaviour intolerable and label the owner of the monopoly as Evil etc.

On the other hand, having a monopoly and being very generous with it is a smart move, it can gives you some good political influence with Good clergy and with local population and nobles.... ;)

Terminal Velocity is about 1000' for a human... For a Dragon it's certainly not the same... :p

But it appear that in Golarion terminal velocity does not take the mass in account... so, once again, it can be everything... Magic in the air seems to max terminal velocity to 500' whatever the mass of the object...

You can set it at 1000' but in this case you're doing exactly the same, you're not using the real formula and setting it so 1000' is the maximum terminal velocity in your world... Which is certainly not the case in ours :p

_Ozy_ wrote:

So, what is different about the Golarian world that makes terminal velocity 500' per round instead of 1000' per round?

Is gravity 4 times less, or is the density of air 4 times higher?

Or maybe someone just screwed up the math in one particular rule...

Nah, that would never happen, eh?

Well real world terminal velocity is neither 500' nor 1000'... So be it one or the other you can't say they are true in term of real life terminal velocity... so if terminal velocity is different then it can be anything they choose it to be regardless of what we know... Maybe magic in the air slow the terminal velocity speed ? :p

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Orfamay Quest wrote:
Please, learn some economics. You're spouting gold-bug gibberish. Even Ron Paul would be embarrassed at this nonsense.

Please learn some Middle-Age economics... ;)

From "On the formation of prices in the economy of the High Middle Ages" by Laurent Feller :


In the West between the sixth and the eleventh centuries, market exchanges and non-market exchanges intersect to the point of becoming confused for the observer, becoming one and the same, the elements of which cannot be distinguished from one another.

In this sense, it was possible to consider that there was no medieval economy, because production, exchange and consumption were not realities distinct from the social rites which surrounded them. Everything takes place as if the social forms and institutions of the early Middle Ages were similar to those found on the other side of the "great partition" among the "prime" peoples who form the object of study of anthropologists: it is henceforth presented as a truth of evidence that the entrenchment of the economic in the social tissue makes impossible, even useless, any effort of clarification and distinction. We are dealing with a structure in which all the elements interact with one another, and it is that interaction which makes sense, and not the evolution of a given object taken separately.

Don't try to compare with nowadays economy...

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Orfamay Quest wrote:

Food-or-not has nothing to do with it, any more than manufactured-or-not has anything to do with it.

Real[/i] Economics 101: prices are determined primarily by supply and demand. Each producer/seller (more on that in a moment) has a minimum price at which he's willing to participate in the market; each buyer has a maximum price. The market price is the point at which the number of sellers balances the number of buyers. This applies whether you're selling food, jewels, magic potions, or fidget spinners.

Looking at it from the seller's point of view, in general:
1) I need to make a profit, because I need to pay myself enough to eat, clothe myself, etc. And I'd like to make a big profit if I can.

2) If I can make 200 credits a day shining shoes, I'm not going to open a store that nets me only 100 credits a day.

3) All profits are net of my costs, including the cost I pay for items as well as my other costs like rent.

From those, we can see that there is literally nothing that an adventurer can carry that they can sell for the same price at which they can buy it, because the seller will insist on making a profit.

The only exception is something recognized as a universal store of value, like a ten dollar bill (or in older times, a silver shilling). Even there, in a realistic economy, you were unlikely to be able to buy and sell things at the same price. Those bureaux de change in every European capital? They're buying and selling dollars, but they sell dollars for more Euros than they buy them at, because that storefront isn't free, and the...

That's rreal modern economy... Before that you should take in account this :

Monarchy has a lot of monopoly on trade... They can fix price of virtually anything they want...
Religion can ban the trade of any good if they want... Example : for a period the Catholic religion has banned usury, so only Jew can do it, in 1527 Catholic Religion has stated that Native American got a soul so you can't enslave them... etc.
Once again the economly was not like now, it was a bartering system, not a fluctuating value money based on the market system...

Avoron wrote:

But the only immortal soul you're condemning by casting an [evil] spell is your own, right? Is it evil to sacrifice yourself to eternal torment in order to help others have happy and meaningful lives? To make the obligatory literary reference, was Huck Finn evil when he chose to help Jim escape slavery, fully believing that he would go to hell for his actions?

And of course, if the alignment tags on the spells you cast really did determine your afterlife, every spellcaster with more than one brain cell would be spamming protection from evil over and over for a one-way ticket to paradise.

By casting an Evil spell you're not only comndemning your soul, you're re-enforcing Evil deities power...

I think [Evil] and [Good] spells should be restricted to Divine caster... And that would help comprehend things... Wizard should not be implicated in this since they usually don't care about Gods... :p
Well I guess you could say that when a WWizard cast this sort of spell he play with powers beyond his grasp and "stain his soul" or "purify his soul" without really knowing it... And that's what Wizard do usually, playing with force greater than them and don't really caring or even thinking about consequences... :D

In this game not everyone want to go to "Paradise", some want to go to "Hell" and have a place of power there... :p

But once again I'm against this rule, I only enforce the casting of an "Evil" spell by a good Divine caster by "giving them a warning from their deity"... A dream, a "bad luck with no real consequences" after casting it etc., then if he does it too often begin the "Malus to spellcasting", "spell fumble" and then it's time for a quest to redeem himlself, if he ignore this, time for an alignment change... :D
A Good Divine caster will be frown uppon by his deity if he cast a spell from the "specific deity spell list" of another deity but would certainly be forgiven if the deity is an ally of the cleric's god, but if he begin to pray to an Evils god no mercy... :p

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Matthew Downie wrote:
(Also, what does 'troc' mean? Is it a type of jewellery? A giant bird? Some kind of man-eating gazebo?)

Sorry, it mean Barter :p

bitter lily wrote:

Thank you, all, for the reassurance.

I want to stick to PRD classes. That's okay, because...
This player doesn't care for non-Core classes.
He's an old-school D&Der, who is a bit bewildered, I think, by this new class (the hunter in our group) that came out of nowhere and has been to an extent out-druiding his druid. {EtA: I'm extremely impressed with the ACG, partly because of what I've seen of this hunter.}

Sorry but Druid are just late bloomer comparing to Hunter... A 6 level spell class can't outdone a 9 level spell class past level 12... ;)

But I agree that in party of 4 the new Hybrid Class are awesome...

In my 4 player group for Kingmaker my players are : Kitsune Slayer, Catfolk Hunter on Tiger and Mandragoran Shaman (The fourth is a Gearforged 3.5 Warlock ;p), this group of 4 act like a groupe of 6, all roles are filled... :)
I agree Hunter with their teamwork feat sharing (allowing them to auto-flank) and their bonus to them and their pet is awesome... But We're now level 9th... The pet are begining to lag a little behind... They are now practically at their max and won't get really much better as level pass by... The lack of numbers of spells by day he can cast is also begining to weigh in... The shaman is becoming more and more the center of the game...Same role as a cleric, without his heal the group would have died ten time already... ;)

What is important in a group is not having the 4 best dps of the dps-fest, it's a good synergy...I don't know the compostion of your group but if you've already got a good main healer and a good buffer then loosing the druid is no big deal... Making him a very good tank, good DPS, tertiary healer maybe a good idea for your group...

Who are your others players ? Are you going to go high level (above 12) 'cause in this case losing a 9th level caster IS a big deal ;)

Rylar wrote:

Don't get too bogged down with keeping track of too much. If weather has minimal effect on your story, don't track it. Most everything can be hand-waved. I played in a group for years before we ever bothered with a battle map.

Last advice, Don't let rules get in the way of fun. It like...

lol you're right I've just given the meteo table 'cause it's something handy to have, last session my players asked me the weather from the first time in about 5 years, having this in your favorites can help... :D

Once again it depends on the players, my current group like the tactical combat... :)
It's a trend since 4e and the diverse D&D like Tabletop Game... ;)

Which are interesting but lack the liberty of a real RPG :p

Bill Dunn wrote:
Doing good in a non-lawful manner generally is not fall-worthy. Let the player play a paladin and don't sweat it.

Well, a lot of the lawful stuff is still heavy in the code... But the most important thing is to make sure your player won't play a Lawful-Idiot who goes on on enforcing you should'nt lie to ennemy, should'nt ambush them (I'm fine with the part where they don't want rewards for helping people though, if he claim it before you announce how much the rewards is you can say aloud the triple of what you intend to give the group and add "oh, ok never mind them you're truly great heroes, I respect you" and see the other players giving him a murderous glare and then include a little much more money in the loot 'cause a group should'nt be penalized when they do good things in a good campaign... ;) ) and other stuff like that...

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arg sorry you should have said so... :/

Yep for PFS no choice, int 13 is only good to take some feat... If you don't plan on taking them then CON 13 is better and losing 1HP, since you're not using the Wounds and Vigor rule, is not a big deal...

Now what's the most plausible scenario : you having to make a swim or climb check and losing a lot of HP or you being KO for 1 point (this could happen, I'm aware) and dying because of -12 instead of -13 (this would never happened, if you're that far under it's too late in any case) ? :p

(grmbl Paizo sometimes made really good optional rules like Background Skill and Action Economy, they should enforce them in PFS too so they can publish PF2 quickly :p)

Frankly, in this case, I would go with 13 CON, 12 INT (You won't go the defensive feat route) and 1 skill point...

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Tru to ask you GM to accept to use the Background Skills from Unchained... Since I use those my players are using skills they would never have put a point in before... Like Knowledge Nobility, Liguistics, Appraise, even Perform for non bardic class... ;)

Bards should not be skill taxed to play their role, same for Handle Animal and Ranger/Druid... :p

Frankly they have done a good job separating roleplay skills and utilities skills... :)

It gives you 2 skills point/level you can use on "minor skill" whatever your class... :)

Mor details here

Yeah that can happen... If you're willing to bend the rules a bit the Paladin of Freedom can help you... ;)

I use those Paladins in mu games as well as the LE Anti-paladin (yep that's the original :D ) and usually forbid the CE one since I forbid CE alignment even in Evil adventure... ;)

My only issue is, since I'm a Calistrian born and raised, there's no CN Paladin... But they made the Warpriest and it's so much more fun to play, it's easily forgiven... :p

mishima wrote:

Actually even 100% pure H2O has some measure of conductivity (non-zero) because of the polar nature of the chemical bond twixt hydrogen and oxygen. Basically the oxygen wants hydrogen's electron more than hydrogen wants it, and it gets pulled towards the oxygen nucleus. This has the effect of giving the hydrogen side of the molecule a positive charge (since now there is less negative charge there) and the oxygen side a negative charge. In other words water molecules have a positive and negative end, like a magnet has a north and south end. The two charged ends allow someone to move the molecules by manipulating the fields in their vicinity (for example a microwave oven), just like you can move a magnet by putting another magnet nearby (changing the field). It also means electrons moving nearby will interact with the molecule (conduct), since like charges repel and opposite attract, and you could get some kind of trajectory change constituting a current. But yeah its weak comparatively.

Without this polar nature of water ionic solids (like salt) would not at all dissolve into their positive and negative ions.

But it's true that lightning in water is invisible and since the Lightning is contained in the magical field it should not damage anyone outside the spell zone... :p

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Now the only thing to remember is that there is a Statblock for town and that when on of my player try to sell his +3 sword in a small village of 60 inhabitants his best offer will be 500GP :D

Orfamay Quest wrote:
Loengrin wrote:

So, Economy 101 :

Paying with money made in valuable metal is just a gigantic form of troc... Even if the country the money is made from disappear you still have your amount of gold, you can melt the into ingot and sell them in the next country and get more or less as much gold pieces from this country gold pieces than you had in the previous country... ;)
The same apply to all metal and ore... And you should treat the gems the same too... Everything not manufactured should be sold the same price when you buy it and when you sell it...

Yeah,.... not. A smelly nuisance in the stable is valuable fertilizer in the field. There's a reason that grocery stores don't sell me avocados at cost, despite the fact that they're not manufactured.

Yep... But food has always been a special case... Being a necessity it has always been frown upon when you try to make too much a profit of it... ;)

No one's benn ever lynched because they tried to sold jewelry four time the prices when jewelry are scarce... The same is not true for food ;)
It's an indispensable job and at the same time a job where your margin can't be as big as other job but when there's abundance you're screwed noetheless since the price goes down and, once again, when food is scarce everybody will expect you from sharing with a low profit for the greater good so you're screwed again...
Producing food has ever been the most indispensable job and the less rewarding... I truly respect peoples in this line of works... :)
Some has quoted the Labour law, that's because if thos guys goes away you starve so they HAD to find a way to make them stay... :p

My players understand that very well so they have hired Druid to help for Crops ;)

Arktisk Rev wrote:

I use a 9"x 12" magnetic white board with home made magnetic "white board" strips. you can find a small white board at any office store. You can find magnetic strips and a roll of white board material at a hobby store like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Cut strips to the length you want and the apply to back of white board material and trim material to sides of the strips. I marked the sides of the white board with permanent numbers and a small strip the slide down the number to keep track of rounds. The larger strips are used for initiative order, HPs and any thing else that needs tracking.

Paizo has the Pathfinder Combat Pad, that does the same thing.

I use transparent plastic sheet and rewritable marker, you can print map and put the sheet on it so you can write directly on it and put token as players and monsters (My players love to play tactical).. That's quite practical... ;)

My tablet has freed me from the need of all the heavy books and the research function is really nice :p

If you can't ditch this you have to transform it into something positive... Authority will somehow declare the players innocent since someone else tempered with the Arena, but they will ask th players for their cooperation, why someone was willing to go that far to get to them ? What have they done ? WHo have they pissed off recently ? That is question that, if asked to my players will pissed them off especially if they don't know any of the answers... SO knowing my players they will turn every pebble in the city to find who has done that to them, especially since they can do it again at any time and they don't like it when they can't get a good sleep at the inn...

I f this isn't enough to make your players find who did this to clear their names then make a few mob movement against them, angry parents of the deceased accusing them of having used too much unnecessary violence, then a crying mother asking them to find "who di this to her son"... And with this they've got punished enough : a quest withoutr reward that they are practically forced to do because of their own action... That would piss my players too and give them the incentive to kick the butt of whoever the BBEG is for trying to frame them and make them "work for free" :p (All my players are Neutral with a little tendency to Good but not much and a very large tendency to Chaos :p )

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I usually use this sheet : Time Sheet to keep track of rounds, time etc.

I use this sheet for init

I use thise site for they wondeful calendar on which I or a player notes what has been done everyday if it's important... ;)

I use blank paper for tracking monster hp... :p

You can ask your players to help... Either by using token for the spells in round or taking track of what is done when in the calendar...

Oh I forgot, it does not come often but sometimes you need a weather table it can help... :p

Ectar wrote:

Now I'm thinking on electricity and how it damages the human(oid) body.

Assuming the damage from a lightning bolt spell is due to tissue damage and not heart failure, that implies a decent little bit of current. I'm not really going to consider voltage, because the actual voltage required to shock someone 120 feet away is ludicrous.
So we have a decent amperage, high voltage shock being delivered underwater. I don't think it's unreasonable for a GM to say that the current passing through the water causes some amount of electrolysis to occur, making a line of bubbles between the caster and victim(s).

Of course, Aquatic Adventures disagrees with me, and that's fine ^__^

You don't need a lot of Voltage... You need a lot of Amperage, it's the Amperage that determine the movement speed of the Electricity... ;)

And that is without even talking about electrical currents and other things...
Electricity is far more complicated than it seems :p

Dags wrote:

Some GM's do some don't. It appears there is a lot of confusion as to what appears to be intended, verses what is actually written. Hence the confusion here.

It appears as though the Archetype intended to use channel energy as lay on hands for the prereq for the Mercy feats.

However the feats themselves require a class ability exclusive to Paladins (Lay on Hands). Yet this is not a paladin Archetype....

Oh I agree that the archetype is very badly written... I have faq'ed :p

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graystone wrote:
That and kenders... I really hate kenders...

I've played a Kender... Well 2 kenders in fact... The first one died about 1 hour after the game begun 'cause of a lever that I pulled and I shouldn't have... :p

The second one lasted 2 in game days before my fellow players hung me by the feet to a tree the morning before departure...
Then Kender were banned... :D

But back on topic... You should not punish the players for what they've done, you should give them opportunities to "make it right"... Rez can be done even if by GM fiat with a not RAW spell with not RAW rules about things disapearing from the common setup (did the players get a Perception, Spellcraft or any Knowledge check to assess the situation and to find something has gone bad ? )... It costs a lot but you can make that a part of the plot, a new quest... Players accepts new quests much more than they accept punition for playing... ;)
Oh... And I can understand that a GM don't want their players to rez easily dead people or to speak with dead and find the BBEG immediatly... So I'm not against "special spell", but you have to make them available to your players too... :p
Make that a Willing target rune spell that goes on when the wearer die, make it available to the players and you can go... ;)

Dasrak wrote:
If the magic of a lightning bolt spell establishes the pathway, then this doesn't matter.

Well like fireball, and a lot of other area spells you can tell that the magic at least give "boundaries" to the spell, not only directing it but confining it's effect in a zone... :)

So logically Lightning should be effective in the same way underwater...
Fire spells got rules for underwater casting... :)

Delightful wrote:
I imagine that a Lawful Neutral character philosophically doesn't really care about the possible innocence of the victim and is only really thinking about Greater Good and maintaining stability. If that means letting someone who might be innocent dead than so be it. Things like Justice is more of a Good-aligned concern in my opinion.

You mean Good is about "Karmic Justice" while lawful only care about "earthly justice" am I right ? :)

I take the Downtime rules to be "price for adventurer"... Like a lot of things adventurer are charged more than the others...
The price include not only the land but the rax free right since there's no rule on tax for adventurer working the land... :p

If you want to put this in perspective if you own the land and want to plant farm in a Hex it cost you about 8000GP (2BP) to construct the farms and to convince 100 people to come work for you that is in addition to the 100 people who come to live there without you doing nothing... so 200 peoples...

And each month those guys will give you for 8000GP ( 2 BP) of food... :D

Immediate return on investment... :D

Those adventurers wanting to buy some of my land won't give me a dime... So I have to sell them the land for much more, while the guys who will work for me I spend money to build them house and pay for they transportation... :)

Oh and if it's about how many crops you can plant and harvest my players hired Druids to help the farms... :p

Shisumo wrote:
QuidEst wrote:
Garbage-Tier Waifu wrote:
Can you make the hornbow composite?
You have to- it's not optional.
But that's kind of weird, because "composite" isn't a separate, distinct trait from the weapon. You don't have a longbow and add the composite quality to it - you either have a longbow or a composite longbow. So do we assume that there's a composite hornbow that isn't listed - and if so, how much does it cost? - or is the hornbow already assumed to be composite, in which case there's nothing that prevents it from being made at a Str +0 for no increase in cost, right?

Right, surely they haven't found horn long enough to make a single bow, so they have to composite them by default :p

So a Hornbow is a +0 composite for the price... But it's the same for Composite Longbow, they are +0 Composite Longbow from the base price... ;)

Mmmh... You mean there's GM ruling against the feats being accessible ? O_o

The Archetype is not that great with the feats, without it's not even playable... :/

Orfamay Quest wrote:
There is an assumption in a lot of these threads that doing actions that are good in and of themselves will eventually turn your alignment Good.

Casting a [Good] Spell is a Good act ... per RAW...

Horrors Adventures P110 :


Evil Spells

This section includes a large number of evil spells. Casting an evil spell is an evil act, but for most characters simply casting such a spell once isn’t enough to change her alignment; this only occurs if the spell is used for a truly abhorrent act, or if the caster established a pattern of casting evil spells over a long period. A wizard who uses animate dead to create guardians for defenseless people won’t turn evil, but he will if he does it over and over again. The GM decides whether the character’s alignment changes, but typically casting two evil spells is enough to turn a good creature nongood, and three or more evils spells move the caster from nongood
to evil. The greater the amount of time between castings, the less likely alignment will change. Some spells require sacrificing a sentient creature, a major evil act that makes the caster evil in almost every circumstance.
Those who are forbidden from casting spells with an opposed alignment might lose their divine abilities if they circumvent that restriction (via Use Magic Device, for example), depending on how strict their deities are.
Though this advice talks about evil spells, it also applies to spells with other alignment descriptors.

Of course I think this rule IS madness... I won't ever tell my players about this rules.. I don't want to see them begining to take count of their Good and Bad deeds, and trying to even the count with [Good] or [Evil] spellcasting... O_o

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So, Economy 101 :

Paying with money made in valuable metal is just a gigantic form of troc... Even if the country the money is made from disappear you still have your amount of gold, you can melt the into ingot and sell them in the next country and get more or less as much gold pieces from this country gold pieces than you had in the previous country... ;)
The same apply to all metal and ore... And you should treat the gems the same too... Everything not manufactured should be sold the same price when you buy it and when you sell it...

Manfufactured Goods are different...

PF assume 200% price from the fabrication cost as a basis for magic goods... So when you sell your used magic goods you sell them for the same price as if you've made the object yourself...
Frankly I don't know why... Maybe there's an "adventurer tax" I don't know of...
If I decide to set up a shop, make magic object myself and sell them should I sell them the price it has costed me to make them in my shop ? :D

No, I think that if you sell your manufactured goods at 50% of their market price it's mainly because what you're doing is ths same as going to a pawn shop and sell your item... Quickly getting the cash, maybe haggling a little but no more than that... And usually you're selling them with gore and brain on it... :p
Art and Jewelry are also manufactured goods... If you go to town and sold them quickly you most probably get half their pricez for it...

Now if you take your time to polish your goods before selling them, get knowledge on the market and go sell your goods where it can sold well, and are willing to wait for days or weeks before someone buy it you could certainly sell your goods at, at least 100%, and if you play well maybe even more...
It's even more true for Jewelry and Art, if you take your time, make research on who made it, who has owned it before, the market of art and who is interested in buying this type of art for a lot then travel to this person and haggle with him I think you could got 200 to 300% the price... :)
Now my players are aware of this rules and still go to the pawn shop, 'cause you know, as they say "We are adventurers not merchant" :p

It's infested with goblins... While your heaoes get down they suddenly hear lots of goblin wardrums and must go in pursuit getting down... At the bottom they find a stone bridge and a Balrog appeare, he grab the Wizard and break the stone bridge while shouting "Thou shall not pass" and fall whith the wizard, the heroes on one side, the goblins on the other... :p

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John Mechalas wrote:
Another option is a legendary item. This allows you to create powers that are unique to the bearer, which can explain why they aren't ultra powerful from day 1 with a new owner. That bond is unique and must grow and evolve.

Yuo this is quite good too... But you should'nt let the weapon grow for free, it has to cost the same as for the other players buying their stuff, or you have to give everyone in the party a Legendary weapon... :)

coldvictim wrote:

They are magical and unique.

The smoke if the smoke weapon is placed on top of another magical weapon, both weapons are enveloped in a cloud of smoke for a minute then when this clears only Kemuri remains, with the powers of the weapon it has just devoured, if the weapon is of lesser power than Kemuri has it just devours the lesser weapon without getting better itself.

Kagami is powered by negative energy. Whenever either it or Kemuri cause damage to an undead creature it comes into existence in its scabbard with an energy reserve of the hit points that damaged the creature. It is a mirror of Kemuri, all its current powers, but disappears when it has caused the damage that has been stored.

If it's unique and you want her to hogg it till the end I would advise you to consider using the Scaling Magic Item rules so the object scale with her, making them intelligent item that require items of the same value you would have spend to augment them to grow... Ancient Spirit of the two founder of the Grey Council find them a goal and the backstory will be pretty much self writting from the gooal you give the weapons ;)

I have done this before, it doesn't give the player a huge advantage since if they want to make the weapons more powerful they have to sacrifice an equivalent object as the power they get... and the player can grow attached to his weapons since he can keep them till the end... :)

Well, you're right, in fact he don't have to even try to do that, all he has to do is cast some [Good] spells and he can kill aimlessly without changing alignment... :p

Alignment should not be enforced numerically... Else every Lawful Neutral would take count of their Good deed and do Bad deed to even the count...

And I don't talk about the Druid who must take count of all the Good, Evil, Lawful and Chaotic atcion he take to avoid an alignment change... Forcing them to kill innoceent if they have done too much Good or to break the law if they were being to lawful... :/

I don't really enforce Alignment, what I enforce is The Code for those who have one, be it Paladin or Cavalier or Knight, and Religion and Faith for those with Divine Casting... All the base class who require an alignment are beacause of Faith or Code...

It's usually PrC who requires an Alignment... And that is because PrC that ask for alignment are tied to Faction... One cannot become a Hellknight without the Hellknights Faction approval...
Entering that kind of PrC should be roleplayed...

In a campaign one of my player who played a Chaotic Neutral rogue asked me to get into the Red Mantis Assassin PrC... I've let him do it but on one condition... Before entering the PrC he should contact the Achaekek church (Red Mantis Faction) and ask them to train him as a Red Mantis Assassin, then he would gain the Red Mantis Assassin PrC even if not lawful evil BUT the organization will ask him to do assassination for them and he would have to do them... And of course the Assasination he would do would make him Evil... And of course respecting the order will make him lawful... And of course trying to cross them and not obey the order will make him "Ex-Member"... :p

You can keep the Retrain, Research Spell, Craft things etc. but, as said, don't involve anymore economy and buildings than the Kingdom Economy and Buildings...

Unless your PC choose to dan't take part in the government (it's feasible, never heard of any PC refusing to rule but they can if they want :p )

Well... Don't follow the road of madness...
You're asking if killing an innocent while knowing he is innocent is Evil and if this kind of things should change your Neutral alignment toward Evil...
But if you ask that you should ask if killing an Evil man is a Good action and if you should become Good if you kill too much Evil people... :p

Then you come to the conclusion : Loyal Neutral Executioneer should take notes of the number of Innocent and Really Evil people they kill so they can even the count to not become Good or Evil... :D

Oracle cast Divine spell, how can they qualify for "ability to cast 3rd level arcane spell" ? :)

HWalsh wrote:

Different strokes for different folks.

I'm a narrative GM, I don't sandbox. Sometimes, if you're doing a good story you have to cheat. You, for example, can't have someone gasp out their last message to their loyal student as they pass from a cowardly attack from another of his students.

Why? Pathfinder's rules forces them to be unconscious before they can die and restoring even 1 hp stops it dead in it's tracks.

You seem like a sandboxer, which is fine, but it's not my style.

And this is perfectly fine if this suit your party... Once again I think that everything a GM does is fine as long as the players have fun... I'm now Gming "Sandbox Style" but before that I was a player and our GM was a Narrative, which suited me fine, his stories were interesting, but the others weren't happy about it...

After much discussion, the GM not wishing to switch to Sandbox GMing they decided to switch GM, giving me the role of GM... ;)
Now they're much more happy and the other GM has found himself a player's group that enjoy his Narrative GMing very much...
Everyone's happy :p

THat's how it should be, if you're GMing don't match your Player taste and vice versa then it's time to change something so everyone can enjoy themselves...
In a game that will last for years it's important ;)

I also once GMed for a party of players used to Narrative GMing and who liked this kind of game very much... Needless to say it was a catastrophe and that I only GMed once at their table, quickly reverting to being a player... :p

tenchix wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:

Is this for PFS?
Yes it is. WHY?

It's important, if it's for PFS you always should make it clear from the start 'cause, for example, we can't advise you to try to ask your GM to authorize Medusa's Lock from the Advanced Options Witches, a Hex that solve the issue with White Haired witch attack being underpowered... ;)

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