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| HP 17/17 | AC 17 | F +4 | R +8 | W +6 |Per +6 | Stlth + 6 |


Spd 25 | Focus -- | Active Conditions: None


CN female Bleachling gnome (Umbral gnome) Rogue 1

About Lissi "Sparknozzle" du Galt

Lissi du Galt
Female gnome rogue 1
Common, CN, Small, Gnome, Humanoid
Perception +6 (+7 to find traps, +7 against illusions.); darkvision, low-light vision
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Gnomish, Sylvan
Skills Acrobatics +6, Arcana +5, Deception +5, First World Lore +5, Forest Lore +5, Intimidation +5, Medicine +4, Nature +4, Occultism +5, Society +5, Stealth +6, Survival +4 (+4es, penalties, or modifiers).), Thievery +6
Str 10 (+0), Dex 16 (+3), Con 12 (+1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)
Other Items leather, crossbow, rapier, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, bolts (10), chalks (10), flint and steel, healer's tools, rations (1 week)s (2), rope (foot)s (50), soap, torchs (5), waterskin, purse (2 gp; 2 sp; 4 cp)
AC 17; Fort +4; Ref +8; Will +6 (+7 against illusions.); +1 vs. traps
HP 17 Hero Points 1
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] rapier +6 (disarm, deadly (1d8), finesse), Damage 1d6+3 piercing
Ranged [1] crossbow +6 (range increment 120 feet, reload 1), Damage 1d8 piercing
Surprise Attack You spring into combat faster than foes can react. On the first round of combat, if you roll Deception or Stealth for initiative, creatures that haven’t acted are flat-footed to you.
Feats Assurance, Illusion Sense, Streetwise, Trap Finder
Other Abilities field-commissioned agent, grand archive champion, nomad, rogue's racket, sneak attack, thief

Completed Chronicles:

Played by Dichen Lachman.

Physical Description:

Lissi stands just over three feet tall. The effects of the Bleaching are immediately apparent: her shockingly fuchsia hair, once notorious for dancing capriciously about her face, now hangs and floats like dead seaweed around her shoulders, the color drained to a faded, dull pink; her olive skin has become pale and ashen; and her irises have become pitch-black orbs. The only physical evidence that the Bleaching is not complete is the subtle spring in her step, and the jittery, twitchy movements of her fingers and eyes.

Bot Info:

Lissi tends to follow the general will of the group, for the most part, though if she's required to vote, she will vote in favor of whatever will be a new experience for her. She's constantly afraid of almost everything, but she fears the Bleaching worse.

Lissi occasionally mutters to herself in Sylvan. She has some sort of entity in her skull and it occasionally whispers horrors to her. She's certain the Entity is real, though none of the few people she's ever spoken to about it have been terribly convinced. So now Lissi refuses to speak of it.

In combat, she tends to play it safe unless she sees an obvious opening or an opponent already engaged with an ally in melee. She doesn't like to engage an enemy if there's a chance she can get jumped from another angle. She rarely runs in to aid a downed ally unless the threat to her for doing so is minimal, or it's someone she's bonded particularly closely with.