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Hello, I would like to discontinue my current subscription for the Adventure Path and cancel the current order.


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Does anyone remember the Advanced Classes back in 3.x? These were essentially specialized 10-level base classes that you could qualify to take by 3rd level.

I've never seen the PF Prestige classes see much play and it seems to be the prevailing opinion they are not that popular. I'd like to change that, at least at my game table. To do this I'm planning on adapting them as Advanced Classes with entry availability around 3-4th level.

Here are a few examples:

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Bow).
Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells.

Alignment: Any nonlawful.
Skills: Disable Device 2 ranks, Escape Artist 2 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks.
Spells: Ability to cast mage hand and able to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Special: Sneak Attack +1d6

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Skills: Acrobatics 2 ranks, Perform 2 ranks.
Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse.

Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 2 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 2 ranks.
Spells: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane and divine spells.

Skills: Perform (dance) 2 ranks, Stealth 2 ranks.
Feats: Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Mobility.

For what you receive at the levels of the Prestige Classes the power is mediocre at the 6th-7th levels but at 3rd-4th levels they seem to have a better growth curve.

Anyone have experience with doing this? Any reactions that stick out to anyone with potential imbalance? Thanks in advance for taking a look guys!

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The purpose of my current Pathfinder House Rules Document (PHRD) is to encourage my less rule-savy/number-crunching gamers to adventure 10+ level and beyond! Additionally, it encourages greater mobility allowing for fights to be more dynamic and a greater use of combat maneuvers.

Feel free to ask any questions on my experience with these rules and the nature of their origins. This set is currently being applied and play-tested at 11th level in the Kingmaker AP with 4 players.

Attacks of Opportunity
Attacks of opportunity work as normal except the attack is replaced with a free combat maneuver that does not provoke and failure by 10 or more has no effect.

Combat Maneuvers
All combat maneuvers may be performed in place of an attack roll.

Iterative Attacks
This variant replaces the normal progression of iterative attacks:

  • At BAB +6, gain a 2nd attack but both suffer a -2/-2 penalty. Gain the Vital Strike feat.
  • At BAB +11, this penalty is reduced to -1/-1. Gain the Improved Vital Strike feat.
  • At BAB +16, the penalty is reduced to -0/-0. Gain the Greater Vital Strike feat.

Flurry of Blows, Rapid Shot, and Two Weapon Fighting provide one additional attack as normal. Flurry progression, improved, and greater two weapon fighting do not provide additional attacks but instead each reduce the penalty for all attacks by one.


  • Bluff (Feint) = Move Action
  • Intimidate (Demoralize) = Move Action


  • Improved Feint: Feint = Swift Action
  • Improved maneuver feats = +2 bonus and may be performed as a move action
  • Greater maneuver feats = +4 bonus and may be performed as a swift action

Spontaneous Metamagic
When a metamagic feat is selected you may modify a spell 3/day, at the time of casting, with no increase in the spell's level. The maximum spell level the metamagic feat may be applied to is equal to the caster's highest spell level minus the level increase of the metamagic feat. Any number of metamagic feats may be used but may not exceed maximum spell level. Additional selections of the same metamagic feat allows the uses per day to stack.

Spontaneous casters may apply metamagic to their spells as a free action. Preparation casters may apply metamagic to their spells as a move action or may prepare their spells ahead of time using up a use per day as normal and cast their modified spell normally.

Magic Item Variant
In this variant all magical weapons, shields, armor, cloaks of protection, attribute enhancement belts/headbands, and attribute buffing spells that provide a numerical modifier are removed from the game. This variant also replaces attribute bonuses normally received at 4th level and every 4 levels after.

Magical arms and armor with special qualities still exist but without their numerical bonuses. Instead these become inherent bonuses for each character and these bonuses apply to all arms and armor of masterwork quality that the character has proficiency with. Starting characters receive 75% of their wealth by level (WBL) if they are non-martial/non-armor-based characters and 50% WBL for martial characters. The price of magical arms and armor begin at the +1 level and increase based on the special abilities added. So a flaming (+1) bane (+1) magical (+1 base) sword would cost 18,000 gp (at the +3 level).

  • At 2nd and every 2 levels after: +1 to any two attributes
  • At 2nd, 5th, and every 4 levels after: +1 to all saves
  • At 2nd and every 4 levels after: +1 Armor
  • At 3rd and every 4 levels after: +1 Shield
  • At 4th and every 4 levels: +1 Atk/Dmg

NPCs and Monsters
Minion Template: NPCs and creatures modified by the minion template are reduced to 1 HP, become immune to magical and special ability secondary affects due to failed saving throws, AC -4 and CR -3. For effects dependent on hit dice, a minion's effective hit dice are equal to the base creature divided by 2.

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Can a Paladin take all of the following archetypes: Holy Tactician (UC, Hospitaler (APG), and Warrior of the Holy Light (APG?

As far as I can tell this should work since all class abilities are there to be replaced and each archetype replaces different abilities. The only example where it might be argued is with the Hospitaler, which doesn't replace smite evil it just adds an additional use per day, and the Holy Tactician, which replaces smite evil with Weal's Champion.

So per RAW can a paladin take all three of these archetypes?


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Our PF group enjoys the condition cards for easy reference during game play. As the campaign I'm running has reached mid-levels (currently 8th) we all sat around the game table and began wishing we had Buff cards for the various spell and class abilities to hand out to fellow players for on-the-table-and-in-front-of-you reminders of the buff itself and a reference for the associated bennies!

Any chance we might see Paizo release a Buff card set?

I'd love to have the wizard in the party cast haste and be able to hand out 4-5 Hasted cards to party members while the Bard does their thing and hands out Inspired +2 cards!

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Please cancel my pathfinder rpg subscription, thanks!

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Hi, I would like to cancel my Adventure Path Subscription.


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And it seems I missed the Conversion forum. Can a mod lend a hand? ;)

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Still LFG in the KC area. Sundays or most any weekday evening!

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I'd like to cancel my sub for the time being. Love the material, citing finances. Look forward to catching up on all the material I miss later in the spring!

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This thought came up in our game the other night and goes along with the Sunder changes in Pathfinder.

Why not have the Shatter spell be able to Sunder magical items only capable of giving them the *broken* condition (i.e. not being able to destroy them)?

This would keep the spell interesting and useful enough to actually use up through the higher levels. Honestly, only useful against mundane objects and crystalline creatures? That's a dusty old scroll kept at the bottom of the magic bag O' tricks.