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Full Name

Lim-Môr Azair'vialys


Half-Fiend Half-Celestial All Elf


3 cleric 3 wizard 10 mystic theurge / 8 fighter 8 gunslinger


Male Gian&Nero






Good, Evil, Neutral,




Celestial, Fiendish, Common, Elven,

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Strength 26
Dexterity 28
Constitution 14
Intelligence 28
Wisdom 30
Charisma 10

About Lim-Môr Azair'vialys

Big ol' thing full a stuff:
As far as looks go he's one of those split down the middle dealies. One angel wing one demon wing. One red eye one blue. One tiny horn and a small halo off set to the side. Black hair on one side white hair on the other. One hand has black demon claws and the other has retractable cat like claws. He has nice shiny teeth with sharp canines. He wears a button down shirt the right half is blue with white stars and the left half is black with red designs. His pants are long and white on one side and black on the other.
Personality wise he is a pretty normal teenage elf guy. But that's just him. There's also Him and Him...
When his parents experimented with the celestial and fiendish seed spells, the outcome was that he was born with a personality for each heritage. The cruel and angry Fiend. The overly nice and goody goody Celestial. And the actual person who the other two fight for control over.
The angel is a cleric of "The Host" (anything celestial) because it knows it should be one of them.
The Fiend is a wizard, studying the arcane ways of it's abyssal namesake, trying to gain the power it should have.
His goal at Avalon is to gain control over the other two and use them and their abilities in harmony. He can't use any of his abilities without either persona having control. And he only gets half for each.
The angel gets Cleric and Gunslinger.
The fiend gets Wizard and Fighter.

His magic items are a half and half looking shirt that changes into Demon Armour or Robe of Stars depending on persona. (You can guess which.)
And a switchblade that becomes a Called Fighter's Fork or a Pistol of the Infinite Sky.
(Persona Dependant)
It's a switchblade for him because I couldn't think of anything better.

The wizard is an infernal binder and the cleric has the law and good domains.

Dr 10/magic
Sr 27
Immune to desease and poison
Acid, cold, electricity, and fire resist 10
Fly speed double your land speed
Smite good 1/day
Smite evil 1/day
+2 to natural armor
2 claws and a bite attack.
Spell likes 1 a day unless noted.
Fiend Spell like:

Darkness 3/day
Unholy blight
Poison 3/day
Unholy aura 3/day, unhallow
Horrid wilting

Celestial Spell likes:

Protection from evil 3/day, bless
Aid, detect evil
Cure serious wounds, neutralize poison
Holy smite, remove disease
Dispel evil
Holy word
Holy aura 3/day, hallow
Mass charm monster


Point blank
Weapon focus(trident)
Weapon focus greater(trident)
Weapon specialization(trident)
Weapon focus (pistol)
Weapon focus greater (pistol)
Weapon specialization (pistol)
Point blank master
Combat reflexes
Improved initiative
Precise shot
Precise shot improved
Vital strike greater
Vital strike improved
Vital strike

All my math are belong here.:

Will 22
Ref 17
Bab 16
In armour 27
Out of armour 14
Cmb 24
Cmd 43
Hp 192