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Full Name

Lilibet Lowenshild


Human (Brecht)


Ranger 2







Special Abilities

Unreadable Thoughts, DR 3/magic






Brecht, Annuirean, Goblin


1st Baroness of Mieres

Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Lilibet

1. Realm=Mieres (replacing Arren Vaumel [AV], Ruins of Empire pp. 16-17)

Domain Table: Mieres
Province Law Temple Guild Source
Brenlie (3/4) AV (1) EOM (3) AV (3) Mhi (0)
Crenier (2/5) AV (1) CJS (2) AV (2) Mhi (3)
Dhalier (1/6) DA (1) VOM (1) AV (1) Mhi (0)
Ghaele (2/3) AV (1) ETN (2) AV (2) Mhi (3)
Lathier (3/4) AV (1) EOM (3) AV (3) Mhi (4)
Mielen (2/5) AV (1) EOM (2) AV (2) Mhi (5)
Seaward (4/3) AV (2) EOM (3) AV (4) Mhi (3)
Serien (4/3) AV (1) ETN (4) AV (4) Mhi (0)

Anuire/Avanil AV (0)
Caulnor/Avanil AV (1)
Daulton/Avanil AV (2)

21 Realm, 7 Law, 24 Guild

2. Race = Human (Brecht), class=Ranger

3. Using domain as-is.

4. Blood = 37 (major, Brenna)

Minor Abilities (2): Heightened Dexterity
Unreadable Thoughts
Major Abilities (3): Charm Aura
Character Reading
Major Resistance - Non-magical attacks

5. Stats
STR: 10 DEX: 18 CON: 13 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 11 BLD: 37 (Major, Brenna)

6. Traits
Survivor (+1 to initiative and Sense Motive; Sense Motive in class)
Extremely Fashionable (+1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate; one [tbd] in class)

7. N/A -- Rangers get regency from Province, Guild, and 1/2 Law Holdings

8. Feats
Human bonus: Precise Shot
Level 1: Point Blank Shot

9. N/A -- not taking leadership.

10. As per previous rolls, 29 Knights as bodyguards

11. 1 realm spell

12. Still working on skills.

13. Languages: Brecht, Annuirian, Goblin

14. Equipment: 3600gp, purchases tbd.

15. Background

Born Lilibet Brauer in the realm of Danigar, Lilibet was worked as a smuggler before rising to command the Lion's Shield, one of the enforcer ships of the Straits of Aerele Shipping Guild and effectively one of the privateers of the Mieres navy. As such, she was working directly for Arron Vaumel, governor of Mieres. The governor, a notoriously corrupt and libidinous man, had spent the past twenty years studiously avoiding doing any actual work for his overlord, the Prince of Avanil, dstracting or corrupting envoys, and enriching himself at the expense both of the Prince and the people he was supposed to govern.
Things came to a head, however, when the gaming got out of hand one night, and Vaumel lost Lilbet's "personal services", along with those of several other officers, to the visiting Avanese legate. When the drunken legate and the equally drunken governor rolled down to her ship to demand this service -- things she didn't know were even on offer, and certainly never consented to -- matters quickly got out of hand. By morning, in an event later dubbed "Ladies' Night" by some of the local bards, both the legate and Vaumel were dead, and Lilibet found herself and her personal shock troops in effective control of the city, the guild, and the realm.

She quickly took this opportunity to solidify her position, claiming the title "Baroness of Mieres", taking her regnal name from the name of her ship, and moving quickly to place some of her own, more honest and competent colleagues and friends in positions to help clean up the city. Her long-term hopes are to strengthen rule of law in Mieres and to improve trade. By taking action towards reducing the infighting and corruption, she has persuaded most of the movers and shakers in the guild and the navy that a fairer division of a larger pie is a practical medium term option with less wastage. (The fact that Vaumel was so notoriously a corrupt mismanager helped, too; a trained ape would have looked good next to him.) That her first action -- baronial decree #1 -- was to establish (at least on paper) a formal set of rights against arbitrary demands by the governor helped as well.

Her most serious problem is, of course, the Prince of Avanil. Avanil is relatively far away and separated by water, but she still doesn't expect him simply to smile and wave even a minor vassal goodbye. She plans to demonstrate to him, given enough time, that trade with a free-and-independent but competently-run Barony of Mieres is better for all involved than trying to run a vassal state by remote control through a broken wineskin.

Barring that, she hopes to be able to find allies among the continental powers that will recognize the new Barony and provide support to keep it free-and-independent. As a last resort, the Archduke of Boeruine would probably be willing to take Mieres under his wing as a protectorate (thereby claiming a new vassal at the expense of his main rival), but from her perspective, this is probably no better than the old situation as a vassal of Avanil, and possibly worse.