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Full Name

Juliette d'Argent


Human (Taldane)


Fighter (Trench Fighter) 3, Paladin (Divine Hunter) 7







Special Abilities

Hero Points: 0/3


Lawful Good


The Worldwound


Common (Taldane)



Strength 11
Dexterity 22
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Liette d'Argent

Name: Liette d'Argent
Sex: Female Race: Human Class: Fighter (Trench Fighter) 3, Paladin* (Divine Hunter) 7, Age: 23

LG female Medium humanoid (human)

Init +6; Senses Perception +11
AC 24; touch 18; flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +6 dex, +2 deflection)
hp 80
Fort +12; Reflex +12; Will +9 (+2 vs. mind-affecting from demons)

Speed 30 ft

Ranged Justice +17/+12 Ranged (1d8+7/19-20)
Two-Weapon Fighting Full Attack Ranged: Justice/Valor +13/+13/+10/+10 Ranged (1d8+7/19-20)
> As Above, With Deadly Aim: Justice/Valor +10/+10/+7/+7 (1d8+13/19-20)
Space 5 ft., Reach 5 ft.

Situational: Holy +2d6 vs. Evil
(+1 attack and damage within 30 feet for ranged weapons)

Str 11; Dex 18(22); Con 12; Int 13; Wis 12; Cha 15 (17)
BAB +10; CMB +10; CMD 26

Saint's Ward and Demon Hunter

1st: Point-Blank Shot
Human: Quick Draw
Fighter 1: Two-Weapon Fighting
3rd Level: Deadly Aim
Paladin 1: Precise Shot
5th Level: Gunsmith
Fighter 2: Cluster Shot
7th Level: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
9th Level: Improved Critical

SKILLS (20 ranks, +10 Int, +10 Human, +7 Favored Class) Asterix denotes class skill
(2) Acrobatics +7
(7) Knowledge (local) +11
(4) Knowledge (religion)* +8
(10) Knowledge (planes) +11 (+3 vs. Demons)
(10) Perception +11
(3) Sense Motive* +7
(4) Spellcraft* +8
(7) Survival* +11

Common (Taldan), Celestial

Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil (3/day)
Precise Shot
Shared Precision
Divine Grace
Lay On Hands (6/day; 3d6)
Divine Health
Mercy (Fatigued, Distant)
Channel Positive Energy (6/day; 4d6)
Divine Bond (Weapon; divine hunter variant)
Distant Mercy (35 feet)

1st-Level (2/day)
* Rally Point
* Liberating Command

* Litany of Righteousness

+1 Spell-Storing Mithral Chain Shirt (10lbs)
+1 Holy Revolver, "Justice" (4lbs)
+1 Holy Revolver, "Valor" (4lbs)
Diamond dust pouch (1,000gp value)
Ring of Sustenance (-- lbs)
Ring of Protection +2 (-- lbs)
Belt of Mighty Dexterity +4 (-- lbs)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (35 charges) (-- lbs)
Gunsmith's Kit (2 lbs)

Ammunition: 79 (metal cartridges) (-- lbs), 120 adamantine cartridges (-- lbs)

Carrying Capacity Light: 38 lbs. Medium: 39-76 lbs. Heavy: 77-115 lbs.

Currency: 0 gp

Total Weight: 20 lbs.


A young human woman not far out of her teenage years. At just over five and a half feet tall with a thin build she does not have an intimidating presence. Liette's hair is snow white and cut short, but shaggy. Her eyes are a pale blue and skin is of fair complexion save for a wicked burn scar that travels in a jaggedline from her right temple down the side of her face and past her jawline to her throat. She dresses in a rugged, utilitarian style that is juxtaposed against her delicate features oddly. A high-collared long jacket of supply gray and white leather is worn over a thigh-length shirt of fine mithral chain, dark breaches and tall riding boots. A pair of masterfully crafted revolvers are holstered beneath the jacket at her waist.


Liette d'Argent was born amidst the fires of piety. Born into a family of prominent crusaders of Mendev in the city of Kenebres, Liette was the youngest of seven children. Her mother, Juliette Amierria d'Argent, served as a sanctified midwife in the service of Pharasma, watching over births among families of crusaders in the nation of Mendev and warding unborn children from the corruptive forces of the Worldwound's near proximity. Liette's father was Aubren d'Argent, paladin of Iomedae and Knight of Ozem hailing originally from the nation of Lastwall. Her family were born and raised under the watchful eye of the Church of Iomedae and all children of the d'Argents were raised with the intention of joining in the most sacred duty of defending not only Mendev, but the world, from the horrors of the Worldwound.

Trained from a young age in the capital of Mendev, Nerosyan, Liette's strengths were discovered not to lie in swordplay or strength of arms, but in her cunning and personable nature. Originally scheduled to be trained as a warrior-priest of Iomedae, Liette's middling success at grasping the concepts of clerical magic left her instructors wondering how best to apply the innate skill of her prestigious bloodline.

Over the years of her tutelage, it became clear that Liette possessed a keen eye for archery but lacked the upper-body strength to make her accurate shots penetrate armor or the simulated hide of demonskin. At fifteen she was presented with her first firearm, a battered pistol her father recovered from a conflict on the border of the Worldwound. Showing promise with the old firearm, Liette was brought into the tutelage of Alversio Kaladan, an alchemist from far-off Garund in the Duchy of Alkenstar. Alversio had spent the last two years training Mendevian cavalry how to properly load and fire muskets from horseback and brought Liette in under his wing to show her the finer points of firearm maintenance and usage. Liette would travel with Alversio and the regiment of mounted riflemen in training exercises and border skirmishes with overflow from within the Worldwound.

It was during this training that Liette's tactical acumen became apparent to Alversio, and he would often push her to try and organize and rally the riflemen during their training exercises. Discrete pushing eventually became more structured as Liette grew older and was taught not only the strategies and tactics of her father, but also the way of honorable combat and piety to the Inheritor. Like all children of the d'Argent family, Liette too had received the calling of a paladin, though answered much later in her life than that of her older siblings. Liette, however, possessed a training unlike that of her more traditional brothers and sisters: a mixture of long-range combat with emerging technology, coupled with her understanding of battlefield tactics and pious tempering.

When the time of the crusade began, Liette was but one face among the many called to duty to reclaim the land swallowed whole by the Worldwound, and what was once Sarkoris would be pulled from the ashes. Proud to have been chosen and with a burning desire to prove herself to her family and her mentors, Liette eagerly awaits the day when she will go to join her brothers in arms that is steadily approaching.