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Witch (Bonded Witch)








Neutral Good





Strength 12
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Lethyr

Character Sheet

I'd like 5 points that capture the concept and story of the character.

- Lethyr seeks knowledge. He wants to know about a variety of subjects and add to this with his own personal experiences. He has a great interest in not merely exotic topics, but even what one might call mundane knowledge.

- Lethyr's curious power has a source, and he wants to figure it out. He will be searching far and wide to figure out where his power comes from, for as far as he knows it's within the ancient ring.

- Luck. Fortune. Misfortune. There is a great deal of chance that impacts both Lethyr's life and those he associates with.

- Child of two worlds. Half-Elf. Not human but also not elf, how does he fit into a society of either when he is neither yet both?

- Cheap Tricks. Lethyr has a penchant for "magic" of the mundane variety, and likes to do small tricks with a harrow deck or other props. It's nothing compared to the real magic he can do, but sometimes it's more fun.

Two goals that you'd like the character to accomplish in-game.

- Prevent death! Not merely heal injuries, but save someone on the brink of a horrible fate.

- (Assuming we reach 2) Use his ring to cast a spell, and have that come into play greatly.

Two secrets, one the PC keeps to himself, and one kept from the PC.

- Lethyr keeps the source of his powers secret. He pretends to be an ordinary spellcaster, and if people ask where his abilities come from he gets vague.

- In point of fact the patron spirit who gives Lethyr the spellcasting ability is itself a secret from Lethyr. He doesn't quite know where the power is coming from, and could be surprised.

3-5 people that are tied to your PC by blood, love, rivalry, honor, etc. Only one should be a rival.

- Lethyr's father, Helmut, is a woodsman and is in his later life. For a great time Lethyr lived with his father.

- Lethyr's mother, whom his father refers to affectionately as Vala, though that is only part of her name. She is elven and lives with the elves of the Mordant Spire, which is another point of intrigue for his life.

- Braun, the apprentice to the local smithy, was always upset at how much attention the girls paid to Lethyr because he was "handsome" and "exotic". This isn't particular much of a concern for Lethyr currently, but a blacksmith's apprentice can spend an awful lot of time with sword and armor.

Three key memories that define your character as the person they are at the time of submission.

- In a time so long ago that it is the merest of memories, Lethyr recalls his father and mother sitting with him, being told stories, and his father smiling, his mother laughing, and genuinely just being a happy family. He feels an emptiness that won't go away from the rest of his life that was deprived of this happy family.

- The first time Lethyr touched the ring, and felt the power within. When it spoke to him about what he could do, with its help. The world of possibilities that were open to him beyond being a hunter, a woodsman, a creature of the land.

- Once long ago, Lethyr visited a carnival. The wonderment he experienced at this location stayed with him, as did the questionable characters of those within. He's always felt great joy at showing 'magic' to others, but is cautious that others might use this power to swindle or cheat.

What is a fear or paranoia that causes your character to shiver, cower, or panic.

- Solitude. Being well and truly alone. He doesn't have to have people around every hour of the day, but being absolutely alone makes him extremely nervous.