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Absolutely worth the price and I say that as someone who had mapped probably half the tokens previously. The amount of effort, attention to detail, and the look are spectacular.

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One of my favorite APs


This has been my favorite 2e AP and I am now running it for a second time from the hardcover. The hardcover is spectacular and its foundry support top notch. The small changes to the hardcover don't change how I feel about the AP as a whole as it was already a 5 star release but those small improvements were nice.

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Incredibly well done


Not much to say other than it is an incredibly well done premium module of one of the best APs Paizo has done.

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What could have been


I really wanted this to be a great first adventure into a great three book AP and I find myself disappointed. Overall, it just has some rough edges that make this just an average AP from Paizo.

First, the good. The character hooks, backgrounds, setting, and initial NPCs are all excellent. My players were hooked, had deep connections to the city (which is essentially an NPC unto itself), and really enjoyed the start of the game. The first half of the first chapter is possibly one of the best opening scenes Paizo has had in an AP. That is where the problems start.

After the initial heist, the players are being chased and suddenly have time to do some side quests for goblins? It would have made a lot more sense to drop off the loot and then have an excuse to come back. Then, in chapter 2, you have to go rescue the eccentric inventor, who is a treat to roleplay. However, the entire chapter has weird pacing issues and most of the encounters feel like filler more than meaningful contributions to the story. The final main chapter of the book has what is essentially a raid on a rival group which is fine but also doesn't meaningfully contribute to the whole "revenge" or "work for the government" themes that the AP lays out in its first chapter.

These problems aren't game breaking and there is still a lot of fun to be had here but this could have easily been a 4 or 5 star first book.

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Gorgeous and functional


First, I should note this is a review of the Foundry VTT implementation of the adventure and not of the adventure itself.

Simply put, this premium module is worth every penny. Beyond just saving time setting up the game, the level of detail, premium maps, sounds, macro usage, and quality of the tokens are top notch. If you are going to run Outlaws, you should be running it with this module.

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Great Intro


My rating of 4/5 is based on this being an Intro adventure into PFS. If this were a normal 1-5 scenario, I would almost certainly give it a 3/5. That said, it does a very good job introducing basic PFS concepts and encouraging characters to go above and beyond what their "mission" dictates.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fluff in this adventure and my players passed right by it. What should have been an engaging and thoughtful encounter with the oracle felt convoluted and not really well explained.

I would also say that this is not a great Intro for GMs. There is a lot of info that it takes for granted the GM will know, but if you are new to PFS, some parts will not make sense.