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I realize it was at 1st level and 1st level PCs is just a festival of constant failure, but I felt really useless. I was mainly just shooting things with my hand crossbow and saving my very few alchemical items for when I really needed them. The most useful thing I did was poison the rogue's arrows with poison before going down the sewer. And when the time came to use them, they didn't do much of anything. The sorcerer in the party was just a better version of me. I was also the only healer and I couldn't heal anyone other than the sorcerer more than once per day. For reference, out part was a monk, a rogue, a sorcerer, and an alchemist. It was then that I took a careful look at later levels of alchemist and comparing it to the cleric since it was also a support class with utility and some damage. At no point did I even come close doing anything as well as them. They have a separate resource pool for spells, channel energies, domain powers, and for magic items. While the Alchemist has one shared pool for everything they can do. I'm not saying an alchemist should be able to do the clerics job, but maybe make them do HoTs and DoTs along with its interesting take on buffs so that we can support differently. That with a change to its resource management seems to be what needs to be fixed. Though this is just my opinion from the first part of the playtest and theory crafting. Although Cantrips seems to be really good, I don't think alchemists need an at will since they do have weapons. I just think they're too constrained on resources at them moment.