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Full Name

Lauren Kravos, "Scarrow"




Vigilante (Avenger)/Dread 4 | HP 48/48 | AC 20, Touch 16, FF 16 | Fort 6, Ref 9, Will 7 | CMD 20 | Init +6 | Perc +9, SM +7, Diplomacy/Intimidate +13 | Low-Light Vision, Darkvision






CG as Lauren, CN as Scarrow

Strength 14
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 22

About Lauren Kravos, "Scarrow"

Character Sheet

Lauren’s about 5’6”, with a fairly athletic build and wavy red hair that she always keeps down. When she’s Scarrow, she puts her hair under her hood-there aren’t too many redheads in the city, so she can’t be too careful. In her vigilante identity, she wears all black, with a mask covering her mouth and tinted goggles over her eyes.

Personality and Backstory:
Most people entering the Kravos Emporium are at first incredibly startled by Lauren and her piercing stare. However, underneath her scary exterior (and the fact that she has a literal aura of fear about her) is an incredibly sweet young woman. People who have known her for a while are shocked at how well-adjusted she seems-after all, she’s the granddaughter of the Nightmare, a fearsome villain that stalked the streets of the city nearly 20 years ago. Even today, the name Kravos strikes fear into the hearts of people who were around at the time.

Instead of changing their name or moving away, Lauren and her twin brother Ben decided to stick around and keep the family store running. They were doing a great job of it-Ben made the potions and alchemical reagents, while Lauren worked in the front, selling stuff and scaring away people who tried to scam or steal from her. A few years in though, Ben began growing distant from her. Then, one day he simply disappeared. Two days later a charred body was found a few blocks over, which the police identified as Ben’s.

As his grieving sister went through his stuff to pack away, she found a scrap of paper in his belongings, with instructions to press a certain brick in the back wall of the crafting room of the store. When she did, she found the Kravos family secret-her grandfather’s old lair, with what seemed to be new additions. A journal found on a bloody workbench explained all-Ben had found the lair a year before, and immediately got to work testing out his alchemical prowess on human subjects. More disturbingly, his last journal entry detailed plans to make a kidnapped homeless man his doppelganger. Now convinced that her brother is alive and trying to continue their grandfather’s legacy, Lauren has adopted an identity of her own-Scarrow. Using the powers that she inherited from her grandfather, she intends to find her brother and give him a swift kick for everything he’s already put her through.