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I ordered some Grab Bags from Frog God for the first time this year and here's what I got:

100$ Grab Bag:

Razor Coast
HC5 The Pirate Coast
HC7 The Golden Meadow
NS1 Vengeance of the Long Serpent
NS2 Beyond the Wailing Mountains
NS3 The Death Curse of Sven Oakenfist
NS4 Blood on the Snow
S&W DM screen
S&W Coloring Book

M3 Tower Chaos
G7 Morrick Mansion
K2 The Diamond Fortress
K3 The Doom of Listonshire
Shrink wrapped box set of the City of Brass (Yay!)

Out Of Print Grab Bag:

M3 Tower Chaos
G3 The Hall of the Rainbow Mage
G5 Chaos Rising
G6 The Grey Citadel
L2 Vampires and Liches
H1 Bonegarden
K4 Coils of Set
K6 Shades of Gray
K7 Tower of Jhedophar
The Mother of All Treasure Tables

I'm delighted with what I got and excited to read through some good adventures.

A big "Thank You!" to all the Frogs for their hard work and commitment to producing such high quality RPG products.

Did anyone else order 2015 Grab Bags from FGG? Is so, what did you get?

Hey guys,

I'm about to start DMing the Tomb of Abysthor portion of Stoneheart Valley in S&W.

Any advice for someone who's never run this one before?


Hi everyone,

Once more I humbly turn to these messageboards for advice.

A few sessions ago my group burned down the main ship at Eel's End and killed Devargo in the process. The other ships (the Goldenhawk, the Twin Tigers, the House of Clouds and the Dragon's Breath) were spared. If you are interested, you can read about it in more detail here.

Prior to the session, not knowing what was going to happen, I thought it would be fun to put the deed to Eel's End in Devargo's treasure chest. The Dwarf of the party ended up with it and he's been thinking about whether or not to go back and try to claim ownership of the remaining establishments.

I have some questions related to Eel's End post-Devargo:

1) What would have happened to Eel's End in the days after Devargo's death? Would the place have shut down or would it have resumed business as usual?

2) What about the Eel's End Enforcers, would they still be there? If so, who would be paying them?

3) I couldn't see any mention of this, but was Devargo under the employ of the Cerulean Society? If not, would he have somehow still been under the control of the Arkonas? (It would surprise me that any business could operate in Old Korvosa without Glorio's consent). I'm mostly trying to figure out who the PCs would have to contend with for control of Eel's End.

4) Finally, what kind of assurances would the managers of each of the establishments want to have from the PC in order to agree to have him become the new boss of Eel's End?

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I'm planning to introduce the Gray Maidens at the conclusion of Edge of Anarchy and have them guarding Trinia against Blackjack.

What do people think? As anyone done this? Any reasons not to do this?

Thanks in advance!

I’m currently running a Curse of the Crimson Throne game whenever we aren't playing Rise of the Runelords.

As we play through CotCT, my plan is to write up my impression of how each session went, what was good in the written adventure and what I decided to change. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone else who might decide to run this AP.

Also, I welcome other DMs to share their own stories, comments and advice.

Finally, please note that, although I took detailed notes at the end of every session, it's taken me a while to get around to posting them here. We're almost finished Edge of Anarchy as I write this, but I hope to eventually catch up and post reports after each session.

Hi everyone,

I'm currently running Edge of Anarchy and we're almost done.

CotCT Spoiler Question:

My group has become very curious about the "Magic Silver Dagger" after multiple unsuccessful attempts at trying to identify it.

At the most recent session, they convinced Cressida to put them in touch with the dean of divination at the Acadamae in exchange for going back and taking care of Eel's End.

I think they are planning to pay to have either "Analyze Dweomer" or "True Seeing" cast on the dagger.

At this point I'm wondering what to do.

Option 1 - On the one hand, I think it's only fair to let them find out the true nature of the dagger, given that they have spent a lot of time, money and effort trying to come up with ways to identify it.

Option 2 - On the other hand, given how intelligent Vimanda is and the fact that she knows what the party is planning, I would think that she would get the Raktavarna to escape at the first opportune moment.

My gut tells me the first option would be more fun for the group, but I think the second option would be more likely to occur given the circumstances.

-What do people think?
-Any other options that you see?
-Is there anything else I should take into consideration?
-Does anyone have any experience with their groups finding out about the Raktavarna, and if so, how did it go?


I would like to cancel this order. How do I go about doing that?



I have a Pathfinder Modules Subscription and have just started a Pathfinder AP subscription (starting with Worldwound Incursion).

I would like for "The Dragon's Demand" (which is the next module in my subscription) to be shipped with "The Worldwound Incursion".

When I look in my Side-Cart, I can't tell they'll be shipped together or separately, but I have "Cheapest" listed as the shipment method.

I would like to make sure that this happens since I live in Canada and want to cut down on shipping costs.

Can anyone help me make sure this happens?

I read through all 6 APs and am currently running Rivers Run Red and I have some questions about Nyrissa as I plan to foreshadow her to a much greater extent than in the book.


1. Can Nyrissa enter the Stolen Lands (leave Thousandbreaths) without any restrictions?

In the first book Nyrissa kills a unicorn which implies that she can physically come into the Stolen Lands. But if that’s the case why does she wait until after the PCs have conquered most of the Stolen Lands, killed Irovetti and retrieved Briar before taking them on.

I know Nyrissa is busy looking for Briar and collecting trophies in the Stolen Lands, but after they kill the Stag Lord, Hargulka and that giant owlbear, wouldn’t she just settle things herself or send one of her big guns. Which brings me to my second question.

2. Can Nyrissa let anyone in and out of Thousandbreaths anytime she wants?

It does mention that Irovetti visited her in Thousandbreaths just like the guy who wrote Zuddiger's Picnic did so long ago, which seems to suggest that she can let in whoever she wants. But if she can also let out anyone she wants, why wouldn't she just send out the Jabberwock, Ilthuliak or any of her extremely powerful allies before book 6.


Assuming I didn’t miss anything big, the only way I can make sense of this is to have a rule (perhaps imposed by the Eldest) where Nyrissa cannot physically leave Thousandbreaths except one night every year (or something like that).

Sort of like Neil Gaiman’s Death character: 'One day in every century, Death takes on mortal flesh, better to comprehend what the lives she takes must feel like, to taste the bitter tang of mortality.'

Same rule applies to her First World servants. Once Nyrissa finishes gathering all her trophies that rule is lifted and Book 6 goes off as planned.


Anybody know what the next AP after Wrath of the Righteous is going to be?

It should have been revealed at the Paizocon Adventure Path Q&A session yesterday.

What do we know? Do we have a title? A general outline?

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Hi everyone,

I've been reading these boards for a while now, trying to soak up the collective wisdom in preparation for my own CotCT game.

We finally started a few weeks ago and are about a third of the way through Edge of Anarchy and are having a blast.

I have some ideas for changes to the campaign but would like your input:

Curse of the Crimson Throne spoilers:
I don't like the Dead Warrens encounter within the context of CotCT. Don't get me wrong, the dungeon looks decent and might be fun, and Derros are cool mobs if used appropriately, but in this case I don't think it works that well within CotCT.

First, the set up of the encounter does not make very much sense. If Rolth has “long been a thorn” in Cressida’s side why wouldn’t she send her guards in to deal with him, instead of hiring the PCs. At least in the other encounters up to that point (All the World’s Meat, Eels End, the Shingle Chase) there’s a reason that makes sense for why she would prefer to have things handled by outsiders.

Second, how did Cressida/Thousandbones find out a) that Rolth is involved and b) the location of one of Rolth’s supposedly "secret" lairs. This just seems a bit too convenient. I realize that this encounter is supposed to foreshadow Rolth, but I've got other plans on how to do this (see below).

Third, the derro don't really play any roll in the rest of the campaign so I feel like I could cut them out without losing any of the story. Also, from my reading of it, Vreeg comes off as a bit of a cartoonish encounter, as I imagine this little insane humanoid flying around the room raining down undead creatures from his robe of bones. Don’t get me wrong, I think it could be a very cool encounter (kinda like some of the goblin fights in Burnt Offerings), but it feels a bit out of place with the rest of the tone of CotCT.

I do like the “Dead Shoanti” hook though, as it explains tensions between Shoanti and Chelish better than any exposition on my part and also sets up future encounters with the Shoanti really well. So I'm planning to replace the "Chelish Ambassador" hook from Eel's End with the "Dead Shoanti" hook.

My players have already met Vencarlo and interacted with him a great deal, so I don't need him to be there at the start of Eel's End. In this case, the “Dead Shoanti” hook goes off exactly the same, except it was Devargo (not Rolth) who purchased the corpse and hung it up from one of his ships as a warning for other Shoanti to stay out. Because one of the PCs is Shoanti, I’ll have Thousandbones approach the group directly with the request to get the body back.

What do you guys think?

Council of Thieves and CotCT spoilers:
Ok, so if I remove the Dead Warrens, I was thinking to fill in some of the hole that will be left by running the second half of the Sixfold Trial, which is Book 2 of the Council of Thieves AP. This would take place between CotCT book 1 and 2.

The hook would be that the PCs are invited to a party at the Ornelos’ mansion to celebrate the quelling of the riots and the return to order in Korvosa.

Ahead of the party, the PCs could be approached by Vencarlo (or some other NPC) who has learned from his mysterious patron (Glorio Arkona) that a necromancer named Rolth has hired someone will try to sneak into House Ornelos to steal something. For the first three books of CotCT, I’m hoping to set things up so that Glorio Arkona and Ileosa are waging a political war between each other with the PCs caught in the middle.

The actual party could feature many of the important characters that appear later in CotCT such as Glorio and/or Melyia Arkona, other nobles, Marcus Endrin, Cressida Croft, priests of Abadar or Asmodeus, Zenobia Zenderholm, etc…

Once the PCs sneak into the Asmodean knot, things would work more or less as described in the adventure except that Sian Daemodus would become a Red Mantis Assassin.

Advantages of doing this is that it would foreshadow the Red Mantis before CotCT book 3. Also, it would support the Asmodeus/Devil theme that seems to run through book 6, but is mostly absent from the rest of CotCT.

I’m not sure if I should use CoT Book 4 The Infernal Syndrome as I don’t want to add too much extraneous material to CotCT as one thing I appreciate about it is that the BBEG is obvious and PCs’ focus is clear throughout the AP. However, the explosion that happens at the start of CoT book 4 would give a reason for the PCs to leave Korvosa as Ileosa could conveniently put the blame on the PCs.

I’m also thinking of having the horned devil Mavrokeras being the one imprisoned in the Nessian Spiral instead of the Pit Fiend Liebdaga. That way it would foreshadow CotCT book 6. In that case, I would not run CoT book 4 other than to have the big explosion happen at the end of CotCT book 3 as the impetus for the PCs to leave Korvosa.

One thing I struggle with though, is if it makes sense for the PCs to be running around the Ornelos Mansion without Toff Ornelos knowing about it, but I was thinking that I’d make it so that Toff is estranged from the rest of his family. Also, the historical character of Volshyenek Ornelos would replace the characters of Avengen and Dargentu Vheed from the CoT AP.

Another question is what could Rolth be trying to steal from the Asmodean Knot (i.e. what could replace the Chelish Crux?) If possible, I'd like it to be something that ties in later in the CotCT AP.

Thoughts? Ideas? Is there anything I’m forgetting or haven’t taken into consideration?

Thanks! And sorry for the long post.


I'm currently running a Falcon's Hollow campaign with some additional stuff thrown in (Hollow's last Hope, Crypt of the everflame, Crown of the Kobold King, Carnival of Tears, Revenge of the Kobold King, Tower of the last Baron).

I'm hoping to have my players return to the Kobold Caverns of Crown of the Kobold King and explore what lies beyond the forsaken tunnel. I've already DM'ed Hungry are the Dead for another group and although I liked the undead theme, I found the dungeon itself to be a bit linear and would like to replace it if possible.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a fun short dungeon-delve adventure for four level 6 PCs?

(Level 7 onwards I'm planning on doing Slumbering Tsar)

...if Nicolas Logue made a comeback as one of the writers for the last two volumes of the Jade Regent AP

Now I know that some people aren't too keen on him since the whole Sinister Adventures fiasco, but IMHO he has consistently produced some of the best adventures out there and I would love to see him writing again.

But why Jade Regent, well here's a blurb on him from the PathfinderWiki:

"Nicolas Logue has been a student of all things Asian for most of his life. Martial arts training led to philosophical pursuits and eventually historical research. He graduated from SUNY at Buffalo summa cum laude with two degrees; one in Theatre and one in Chinese Studies. At this time he had already spent one year in Beijing, China doing intensive language study and martial training. After graduation he returned to Beijing on a Fulbright grant to study Chinese Theatre (jingju) and martial arts. He stayed for two years traveling extensively in order to perform in northern and southern China. In 2002 he headed to Hawaii to pursue an M.F.A. in Asian Theatre and has since trained in Japanese Kyogen (comedic theatre) and Indonesian Randai and Silat."

Sounds like someone you'd want involved in the Jade Regent AP!

Hello Paizo,

I think there is a product advertisement mistake on the website and what is being advertised as "Beyond the Black Water" from Frog God Games is actually the product "The Winter Woods" from the same publisher.

I was intending to buy "Beyond the Black Water" and not "The Winter Woods."

My order number for this purchase is 1726139, Is there anything that can be done?

I'll also send an email to customer service with the same message.


Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of using the last two Serpent's Skull APs (Thousand Fangs Below and Sanctum of the Serpent God) in a homebrew campaign. However, there is not much in terms of reviews out there to tell me if the modules are good and fun to play.

The lost underground city sandbox theme appeals to me, but what makes me hesitant is that, based on the reviews of the the previous APs (especially City of Seven Spears) there was some major issues with the design of a similarly themed lost city sandbox.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone who has played them (or at least read them) could give me some feedback about them.


Does anyone have any advice on converting this module from a level 5 to level 7 adventure?


This campaign is already in progress and consists of the following characters:

Haplo: Half-Elf Ranger ex-bandit, grew up in the River Kingdoms.

Lior: Human Druid, outcast from the realms South of the Stolen Land.

Rolecks: Gnome Cavalier, accompanied by Midna his wolf mount.

William: Human Wizard, a military engineer from a wealthy family in Restov.

So far the heroes have dealt with the bandits at the Thorn River Camp and brought back some Moon Radishes for Svetlana.


Pharast 5th 4708 AR: Journey to Bokken's Hut

Shortly after sunrise, you pack up your gear and mount your horses and set out to explore the snow-covered plains to the East of Oleg's Trading Post. As you travel you keep notes and draw a crude map of the area. Towards the end of the day, you spot a hut in the distance with a whisp of smoke barely clearing the top of the chimney. You are about 1 mile away from the hut.