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AC 18, T 12, FF 16 |HP: 19/19 | F +7, R +7, W +3 (+2 vs poisons) | Init +2, Perc +6 (+11 vs. traps) |CMB +3 CMD 15 | Bombs 5/5

About Lanz the Barber


Lanz the Barber
Male Half-Orc alchemist (chirurgeon, crypt breaker) 2
N Medium humanoid (orc, human)
Init +2, Senses Perception +6 (+11 to find traps), trapspotter
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +2 Dex, +1 shield)
hp 19 (2d8+6)
Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +3, +2 vs. poison (+3/3/0 class +2/2/1 stats +1/1/1 race +1/1/1 trait)
Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk. flail +4 (1d8+2)
Ranged bomb +4 (1d4+3)
Special Attacks bombs 5/day (1d4+3 acid or 1d8+3 vs. undead or constructs, DC 14)

Alchemist Extracts Prepared (CL 2nd)
1st-enlarge person, shield, true strike
Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 12, Cha 8
Base Atk +1; CMB +3; CMD 15
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Throw Anything
Appraise +9 (1 rank +3 Int +3 trained +2 racial)
Craft (alchemy) +10 (+12 to create item) (2 ranks +3 Int +3 trained +2 circumstance)
Disable Device +11 (2 ranks +2 Dex +3 trained +2 class +2 circumstance)
Heal +8 (2 ranks +1 Wis +3 trained +2 circumstance)
Knowledge (arcana) +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 trained)
Knowledge (history) +4 (1 rank +3 Int)
Knowledge (local) +4 (1 rank +3 Int)
Knowledge (nature) +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 trained)
Knowledge (religion) +4 (1 rank +3 Int)
Perception +6 (+8 to determine if food spoiled, identify potion, or notice hidden object; +11 to find traps) (2 ranks +1 Wis +3 trained)
Spellcraft +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 trained)
Survival +5 (1 rank +1 Wis +3 trained)
Traits Fate's Favored, Kobold Neighbor
Languages Common, Orc, Osiriani, Polyglot
SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +2, identify potions), chain fighter, crypt breaker's draught, discoveries (trap spotter), infused curative, mutagen (+4 perception; darkvision, low-light or scent, 20 min; light blindness), orc blood, sacred tattoo, scavenger, skilled, trapfinding +1
You Really Be Goblin You have spent considerable time—almost certainly too much time— studying goblins, and some of their worst habits have rubbed off on you. As a free action, gain the benefits of one of the following race traits for 1 round. When you use the trait, you may also permanently replace one of your existing traits with the new race trait, following all of the normal rules for selecting traits. When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet: Advantageous Distraction, Bouncy, Goblin Bravery [ ]
Owlbear Companion (Not applicable - can gain an owlbear as an AC)
Hieroglyphic Knowledge While exploring the ancient Tomb of Akhentepi during the annual royal lottery, you studied many archaic hieroglyphs that illustrate differences between the Ancient Osiriani and the modern Osiriani language spoken today. This experience has trained you to perceive linguistic nuances and ancient root words. Before attempting a Linguistics check, you may use this boon to gain a +4 insight bonus on the check. If the Linguistics check is related to the Ancient Osiriani or Osiriani languages, the bonus increases to +8. When you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet. [ ]
Echoes of the DeadYour chilling experiences in the House of Pentheru have hardened your resolve and strengthened your fortitude against the effects of haunts and the troubling visions they bring. When you fail a Fortitude or Will saving throw against a haunt, you can use this boon to gain a +2 competence bonus on the save retroactively. If the bonus is enough to turn the failure into a success, the save succeeds. [ ]
Alchemy (Su) When using Craft (Alchemy) to create an alchemical item, you gains a competence bonus on the Craft (alchemy) check equal to your class level. In addition, you can use Craft (Alchemy) to identify potions as if using Detect Magic. He must hold the potion for 1 round to make such a check.
Alkahest Bombs (Su) A crypt breaker's bombs are specially designed to work best against constructs and corporeal undead-two foes commonly encountered in ancient tombs. Alkahest is an alchemical fluid that eats away unliving flesh and animated constructs, but it doesn't work as well against other targets. You can use intelligence modifier + class level bombs each day. Bombs are considered weapons and can be selected using feats such as Point-Blank Shot and Weapon Focus. Against constructs and corporeal undead, on a direct hit, your bomb inflicts 1d8 points of acid damage plus an additional 1d8 points of acid damage per two levels that is not multiplied on a critical hit or by using feats such as Vital Strike. Against all other other creatures, alkahest bombs deal 1d4 plus 1d4 points of acid damage per two levels . Splash damage from an your bomb is always equal to the bomb's minimum damage. Those caught in the splash damage can attempt a DC 10 + 1/2 alchemist level + Int Reflex save for half damage.
Chain Fighter Some half-orcs have escaped from slavery and reforged the chains of their imprisonment into deadly weapons. Half-orcs with this racial trait are proficient with flails and heavy flails, and treat dire flails and spiked chains as martial weapons. This trait replaces the weapon familiarity racial trait.
Crypt Breaker's Draught (Su) Rather than develop mutagens that increase their natural armor and physical abilities at the expense of their minds, crypt breakers focus on the creation of special draughts that can enhance their senses. When a crypt breaker drinks one of these draughts, he gains a +4 bonus on all Perception checks and gains one of the following special senses: darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, or scent. While under the effects of a crypt breaker's draught, the alchemist also gains light blindness.
Fate's Favored The fates watch over you. Whenever you are under the effect of a luck bonus of any kind, that bonus increases by 1.
Infused Curative (Ex) Your extracts of cure spells automatically act as infusions, and can be used by non-alchemists. When you prepare your extracts, you may choose to render any or all of your infused curatives inert and prepare other extracts to replace them (unlike infusions, which continue to occupy your daily extract slots until consumed or used).
Kobold's Neighbor You grew up in wilderness where kobolds make their homes. You learned early on how to find traps before they find you, how to disable them, and when you should just walk away. You gain a +2 trait bonus to Perception checks to discover traps and a +1 trait bonus to Disable Device checks.
Orc Blood (Ex) Half-orc count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.
Poison Resistance (Ex) You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against poison.
Sacred Tattoo Tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarification are sacred markings to many half-orcs. Half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +1 luck bonus on all saving throws. This racial trait replaces the orc ferocity racial trait.
Scavenger Some half-orcs eke out a leaving picking over the garbage heaps of society, and must learn to separate rare finds from the inevitable dross. Half-orcs with this racial trait receive a +2 racial bonus on Appraise checks and on Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine if food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste. This racial trait replaces the intimidating racial trait.
Skilled Second- and third-generation half-orcs often favor their human heritage more than their orc heritage. Half-orcs with this trait gain 1 additional skill rank per level.
Throw Anything (Ex) You gain the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat. You add your Intelligence modifier to damage done with splash weapons, including the splash damage if any. This bonus damage is already included in the bomb class feature.
Trapfinding A crypt breaker adds his class level on Perception checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device checks. A crypt breaker can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps. When determining the ability of a crypt breaker to deal with locks or traps, treat his alchemist levels as rogue levels.
Trap Spotter (Ex) Whenever you come within 10 feet of a trap, you receive an immediate Perception skill check to notice the trap. This check should be made in secret by the GM.
Lanz's Formulary
Alchemist Formula Known
1st -crafter's fortune, enlarge person, identify, shield, touch of the sea, true strike

Combat Gear
Other Gear mwk. flail, hot weather outfit, mwk. thieves' tools, belt pouch, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, ink (1 oz vial), inkpen, mess kit, iron pot, rope (50'), soap, waterskin, alchemy crafting kit, rations (5), torch (10)

alchemist's lab
alchemist fire (4)
vermin repellant (2)

wand of cure light wounds [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

Armor +1 mithral shirt

Adventure Log:

Scenario 2-11 The Penumbral Accords
XP 1
Gold Earned 1860
Day Job 20
Prestige/Fame 2/2
Purchases alchemist's kit (40), mithral shirt (1100), mwk. flail (308), mwk. thieves' tools (100), healer's kit (50): (1665)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 432
Scenario We Be Goblins
XP 2
Gold Earned 1237
Day Job
Prestige/Fame 4/4
Access wand of cure moderate wounds (11 charges; 990 gp, limit 1), wand of lesser restoration (9 charges; 810 gp,
limit 1)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 1669
Notes You Really Be Goblin, Owlbear
Scenario AP #79: The Half-Dead City
XP 5
Gold Earned 1536
Day Job
Prestige/Fame 6/8
Purchases +1 to armor (1000), alchemist's lab (200), Craft: alchemist fire (x4) (40), Vermin Repellant (2) (5), darkwood buckler (203), wand of cure light wounds (2 PP), antitoxin (25), antiplague (25), stillgut (25)
Misc. Expenses
Wealth 46
Notes Hieroglyphic Knowledge, Echoes of the Dead
Gold Earned
Day Job
Purchases I'll add 30 gp to the guide pot, 6 gp on food, and two more vermin repellents (I already had two ). No more money :)
Misc. Expenses