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Full Name

Lady Ekaterina


Resources L1 spells 6/7 L2 spells 2/5 L3 spells 3/4 SLAs: Charm Mon. 2/3, Detect thoughts 0/1, Darkness 3/3 Spell Kenning 0/1 Lore Master 1/1


Half Succubus Gestalt Urban Skald Gunslinger


SR:18 Stats HP 75/75 Fort:8 Ref:9 Will:6/15 AC 28/29, FF 21, Touch 26/27 CMD34/35 Init+6/+8(underground) Current eff MoG, Heroism, TtW, See invis, performance[/ooc]








A weird world


Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Celestial,Fae

Strength 13
Dexterity 22
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 29

About Lady Ekaterina

Mechanical TLDR:

Cannot be flatfooted unless immobilized/helpless etc.
+2 Morale to Dex
+3 (EITR combined dodge and mobility, but limits the total bonus vs AoOs to +4) dodge to AC vs AoOs.
+2 CMB and CMD vs grapples from improved grapple
Uses DEX for CMB due to Elephant in the room giving agile maneuvers
immune to poison, cold, acid, electricity
fire resistance 10
SR 18
Darkvision 60

A half-succubus drains energy from a mortal she lures into an act of passion—unwilling victims must be grappled before the half-succubus can use this ability. The passion bestows one negative level. A half-succubus can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Hit Dice. The save DC to remove one of these negative levels is equal to 10 + the half-succubus’s HD + her Cha modifier.

Alter self once per day.

Spirit Slams due to performance:
+16 AB, d4+9 negative energy damage

Conditional modifiers:
--will typically have heroism and tears to wine (70 minute duration on both) for a +2 morale to
--Back to the crowd from Urban Skald, gettin a +1 dodge bonus when next to 2 or more allies


Point buy (25) Stat adjustment Demon Spawn Half Succubus Template
STR: 11 13 13
Dex: 16 16 18 +2 +2
Con: 10 12 14
Int: 14 12 14
Wis: 8 8 10
CHA: 16 18 26 +1 +4

+4 to CHA from equipment, +2 Dex from backstory bonus

7 Levels of Urban Skald X 5 Levels of Mysterious Stanger X 2 level of Scaled fist
Level 4 Ability increase CHA

Dangerous curiosity
Savant (perform Sing)
Extra trait (Backstory bonus) Charming

Attached to looking very fashionable

Prehensile Tail Many tieflings have tails, but some have long, flexible tails that can be used to carry items. While they cannot wield weapons with their tails, they can use them to retrieve small, stowed objects carried on their persons as a swift action. This racial trait replaces fiendish sorcery.

Vestigial Wings Some tieflings possess a pair of undersized, withered, or stunted wings like a mockery of those of their fiendish forbearer. Sometimes these wings are leathery, like those of a bat. Other times they are covered with a scattering of black, red, or violet feathers. Rare manifestations can take even more bizarre forms. These wings do not provide the lift required for actual flight, but do have enough power to aid flight attained by some other method, and grant a +4 racial bonus on Fly skill checks. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Underworld Guide (2 RP): Those who brave the lightless tunnels below the world’s surface learn to identify the dangerous phenomena that characterize the Underworld. Characters with this trait gain a +2 bonus on initiative checks, and on saves against traps and hazards when underground (from a lifetime of dodging accursed pools, cave-ins, and green slime). Tieflings can take this trait in place of the darkness spell-like ability.


3 good saves,

Fort: 8
Will:5 or 13

AC: 10 (base) +1 (Nat armor from template) + 9 (CHA to armor from scaled fist) + 6 (Dex) +1 (defelction from ring) +1 dodge from dodge= 28
Typical AC in combat due to raging song + Dex:
: 10 (base) +1 (Nat armor from template) + 9 (CHA to armor from scaled fist) + 7 (Dex) +1 (defelction from ring) +1 dodge from dodge= 29

HP=10+45+20=75 hp


Free things from EITR
Deadly aim
Point blank shot
Power attack
Weapon finesse
Agile maneuver
Mobility because I have dodge

Class feats (Monk 2)
First level monk bonus feat= Dodge
Second Level monk bonus feat=Improved grapple
Stunning fist once per day
Improved unarmed attack because monk
Flurry of blows

Class Feats Mysterious stranger 5
Weapon proficiency firearms
Bonus combat feat rapid reload (Pistols)
Lucky (+1 to will saving throws)

Class things Urban Skald:
2 Rage powers (Savage intuition and Spirit totem)
Versatile performance Sing (Use Perform Sing for Diplomacy, Bluff and Sense motive)
Infuriating mockery
Spell kenning once per day
Lore Master once per day

Actual Feats chosen:
Level 1 2 Weapon fighting
Level 3: Rapid Shot
Level 5 Feat: Precise shot
Level 7 Feat: Greater two weapon fighting
Extra Feat (Backstory bonus): Clustered shots
Extra crafting feat: Craft Magic weapons (her guns for the most part)


Face skills:
7*(4+2) skillpoints=42

Diplomacy=10 (replaced by versatile performance)
Bluff = 10 (replaced by versatile performance)
Sense Motive = 0 (replaced by versatile performance)
Perform (Sing)=7+3+10+2(trait)+2(masterwork Karaoke Microphone)=24
Handle animal=1 +3 +10=14
10 Skill points used

Kn. Skills:
Skillpoint in all Knowledge skills (9)
All knowledge skills, other then nobility are at 1+1+3+3=8
17 skill points used

Other skills
UMD=7+3+10+1=21 (trait bonus, class skill via Skald)
Stealth= 3+4+3=10
15 SP used

I forgot to use my favored class lel. +1 Skill point


Level 1: 5 spells known
Spells per day= 4 + 3 (29 CHA) =7/7

Moment of greatness
Timely inspiration
Liberating command
Tears to wine
Spell DC=21

Level 2: 4 spells known
Spells per day= 3 + 2(29CHA)=5
Bladed dash
Mirror image
Hold Person
Spell DC=22

Level 3: 2 spells known
Spells per day=2+2=4/4
Jesters Jaunt

Spell DC=23

Spell like abilities:

Alter self 1/day
Darkness 3/3 per day
Detect thoughts 1/day Spell level 2, Caster level 7=>DC22
Charm Monster 3/3 per day, Spell Level 3, Caster Level 7=>DC23


Self crafted:
Revolver 2K gold
Revolver 2K gold
1K Gold in alchemical ammunition

5K recoverd

Headband of Alluring charisma +2 4K
Belt of incredible Dex +2 (4K)
Enchant both revolvers to +1 (4K)
+1 Ring of protection (2K)
1K left.

Acquired Sentient resources optimization facilities:

Oh, I am so glad you could come dead colleagues!
The Half Succubus beams at her colleages.
To fully utilize acquired sentient resource, they need to first be restrained, then converted, and then have their abilities brought up to par. We of course have to deal with some logistical issues, as various different acquired sentient provide roadblocks on various different steps!. Let us begin in the holding area!
She leads you to the lowest part of the "dungeon" which is actually filled with relatively pleaseant melodies and bathed in a magical pastell light.

With the assistance of the highly valuable Mrs. Kumo. The Half Succubus points at a large Aranea spider, we have managed to simultaneously reduce breakout events, increase prisoner health and also reduce prisoner hostility!

Yes Yes! Chirps the spider
I have made discovery! I can combine Crysalis spell with restraints! Things become healed while tied up, very effective! The Spider Chirps Can I have more cofee? At the half Succubus.
Yes, of course, help yourself She answers before saying
Even better, restrains used are 100% biodegradable which greatly increases our sustainability rating!

The party sees numerous Cocoons in the holding cells.

We have also made us of employee suggestions to improve security! For example: this here She points to a large chest with the label "Prisoner equipment box" and also to a key with the label "Prisoner equipment box key" and whipser conspirationally the key is a level at sets off a general silent alarm, and the Box is Mrs. Otchinkova one of our most valuably mimic employees! As she shows of pictures of surprised looking adventurers. We generate considerable revenue and commercial leads by selling and posting the suprised adventurers videos on several multiplanar platforms! This area thus nearly pays for itself!

Real life background:

Growing up in Arkhangelsk, Ekaterinas dreams of joining the Ballet where unfortunetly dashed because her real life self grew to a rather ballet-impractical height of 1m94, even though she looked like a Ballerina otherwise. She instead joined Gazprom, and was instrumental for bamboozling several Chinese and Indian firms into not paying all that much attention to the fine prints, and perhaps undue amounts of attention to her.

Alas, the Corona crisis greatly reduced opportunities for in person meetings, and she was shunted off to a HR position.
Where she became midly alcholic, which resulted in her becoming Senior HR agent of a nearly fully automated Oil Drilling platform in the polar sea.Due to the specific complexities of Russian Firing and Hiring laws, she could only fire herself.

Undeterred by this, she discovered that the Oil Drilling platforms mainframe had surprisingly good internet connectivity, a lot of computative power, and promptly turned half of it, into a Bitcoin mining enterprise controlled by her, for which she got promoted by Gazprom because before that, 66% of the mainframe were used as a Bitcoin mining enterprise by very remotely CIA connected Hackers, so she was responsible for 16% increase in production!

Growing increasingly bored, she spends a fair bit of time using the mainframe to play online games such as Yggdrasil, there is one other employee who also does similar things, and who is responsible for most of the platforms day to day operations but leaves frequently to party really effing hard in St. Petersburg.

Between her Salary, Hazard pay and her Bitcoin mining, she is pretty well off. She contract a coastal nearby Yakut village to supply her with Reindeer Sushi, which she sought to turn into a Instagramm presence, but then Instagramm got banned.

Got seriously into martial arts when a larger repair crew paid a visit, but never got to actually use it in real life.
Acquired some more internet fame when a profanity filled reply to greenpeace activists got caught on camera.

This resulted in her getting sued by people claiming to be Monty Python, for cribbing wholesale from the French Taunting scene,
which resulted in a Gazprom counter suit claiming that Monty Python was stealing from the Zaporizhian Cossacks, which resulted in her getting sued by Ukraine because Ukraine claims the Cossacks as part of their heritage.

Eventually met John Cleese, and found out that he was completely unaware of these proceedings. Their budding friendship was unfortunately interrupted because she got personally sanctioned as a "high ranking member of Gazprom" and is forbidden to travel to the west.

Has been told by actual Gazprom higher ups that America decided to sanction 20 Gazprom people, so Gazprom put 20 nobodies like her into "executive" positions, and "Congratulations, we will never fire you because I really enjoy the weather here at Cote D'azur".

Random Online activities:

-Does have a mischevious streak a mile wide as can be attested by all those afflicted by the "Old Wooden Spoons become Vorpal when item quality is degraded further" bug. Orchestrated the great Spoonbomb massacre of the guild war, by putting a lot of wooden spoons into a barrel, and dropping the barrel, while invisible on enemy formations. Denies all responsibility to this day.

-Found a bug that caused objects coated with a specfic blue to become clippable. Used this to Alter Shape into a painter and steal a bunch of things. Nearly lost cohesion when a cunning wind mage blew the special blue colour on her.

-Nobody believes her when she tells people about her real life characteristics, so she doesnt.

-Managed to win the contest for "most fire damage inflicted on a boss without use of fire magic" by Anti gravity fielding said boss into the sun. Later respecced to Gunslinger because Magic is just too glitchy.

-Has strong opinions on overly sexualized armor.

-Abstained from invading the MMORPGs hell equivalent because she feared more sanctions.

-Is very sad that using Charm person on greenpeace activists to have them go after fracking and not her own oil drilling platform does not work in real life.

-Succesfully orchestrated a massively profitable scheme, by befriending some Arraneas, monopolizing the silk market and then managed an artificial increase in cost of silk for crafting.

-Hacked in "Oil elementals", partly as a commercial gig for Gazprom. Figured out that these should work niceley, by shooting "summon oil elemental on impact" and shooting "summon fire elemental on impact" Ballista bolts on enemy fortifications. Then some jerk blew up her supply by dropping a large number of very fat ponies on it.

-Hacked in her own Ballet inspired dance routine. Has sworn to find out who joinked this dance routine and gave it to gelatinous cubes, and show them what she thinks of them, nonverbally, with her revolvers.

--Took revenge on the attractive Elfen Paladin Illuvariel, who won a "prettiest character" contest while Ekaterina only made second place by trolling people into believing that her player looked like Ekaterina did in real life, and was using a voice modulator to sound like an overweight 20-something.

--Had a fast food chain, which was actually a spying organization because she could telepathically look through the eyes of her merch posters. This was actually a bad idea, because some thing she saw could not be unseen.

--Is at specific odds with an Iron Chef wannabe who wants to eat her.
After cloning her because this guy want to try out both "Succubus Soup" and "Succubus Sandwich".