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Jiggy wrote:
Bearded Ben wrote:
PFSOP Guide 4.3 wrote:
While we do not advocate fudging die rolls, consider the experience of the player when deciding whether to use especially lethal tactics or if a character is in extreme danger of death, especially when such a player is new to the game.
I don't see "Thou shalt not fudge die rolls" in there. It's more like "We're willing to turn a blind eye to it on the very rare occasion where it means the difference between a new player staying with or leaving Org Play".

No, it says that instead of fudging, here are some different tools for easing up on the newbies.

It's amazing how often people read "We don't advocate X, but consider whether Y might be a good idea instead" and think it says "We don't advocate X, but you can do it anyway sometimes".

I am one of those people :) When I read it I understand that they don't want fudging to be a regular occurrence but in the interest of (new) player experience, there is some leeway.

I'm really not trying to stir the pot, I actually would love for an official take on this as I am starting to GM PFS events and want to do it within the rules.

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From the Core Rulebook:
Cheating and Fudging: We all know that cheating is bad. But sometimes, as a GM, you might find yourself in a situation where cheating might improve the game. We prefer to call this “fudging” rather than cheating, and
while you should try to avoid it when you can, you are the law in your world, and you shouldn’t feel bound by the dice. A GM should be impartial and fair, and in theory, that’s what random dice results help support.

I think the key here is "Impartial and Fair".

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Maybe this should go in another thread, feel free to slap me if so...

It wasn't a one shot kill but this past weekend at a PFS event, the GM seemed to pick on one player and even had the NPC attacking the player after he dropped below 0.

It was the final fight in Defenders of Nesting Swallow, we were all level 1 characters and the victim was a monk. I just felt bad for the kid (he was 12) and question the need to kick a character when he's down.

Believe me, I'm all for character death... the possibility is what should drive your actions - but blatant out-of-the-way efforts to kill a character isn't cool. Left a bad taste in my mouth and it wasn't my character :(

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I'm big into character backgrounds, insisting players do them so I have some way of building hooks into the campaign that are unique to each character's story... so that section will definitely interest me. Downtime may as well.
So many books, so little cash :)

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I was considering picking this book up in hopes of running a campaign later this year but is it worthwhile if I have no interest in large scale battles? I've heard the back story section is cool and read lots of the posts here about starting a business, which I think would be handy. I guess I'm not sure how much I can take from the book that the players would run with.

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I do remember that announcement but wasn't aware that shirts would be sold exclusively through them. Okay, bookmarked :)


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For anyone in the know, whats up with the scarce availability of Pathfinder t-shirts? Especially for PFS? Is the plan to replenish stock or reveal all new designs/stock as part of GenCon 2013?

Specifically I wanted to pick up some PFS faction shirts and one for the Year of the Demon but currently there's nothing available.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, couldn't decide if I should put this in PFS or Products...

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I'm playing around in Hero Lab to come up with some new level one characters and toyed with the Half-Dragon. Its showing me that it is a legal build but given the bonuses I can't see how this would be acceptable for organized play. Is Half-Dragon legal for PFS?

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"Consequently, they also tend to pay more attention to their own HP and use better tactics"

That is exactly it. I think it makes players more invested to be honest, taking damage has meaning. Maybe I'm wrong, but I see some good RP elements to the mechanic as well.

I've talked to the players about my wanting to implement some sort of mechanic to address pc's taking damage and they were all in favor of it. They like the idea of the added drama/excitement. Again, I don't want to introduce something that will add a bunch of work to encounters as I have to calculate a ton of stat mods for pcs/monsters. This is why I posted here, looking for something that others may have used that works.

Black Bard's method expands on what I was originally thinking, the -2 to attacks. I like it, and that the players have the opportunity to save against it is great. Plus it also factors in SteelDraco's point, allowing things like DieHard to make the character immune.

Great feedback all around, thanks!

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking about the -2 to rolls as well. Applying the shaken condition is a great idea and easy to implement.

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Maybe I didn't explain that well? I was looking for ideas around hindering player abilities as they start to take significant damage. I would have imagined somebody has tried something like this, or is it a bad idea?

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I'm getting ready to start up a campaign in January and I wanted to add some spice to combat to make players more invested. I've listened to people talk about L5R and other systems (I think GURPS also) that have interesting mechanics that address this, already built into the system. So this started me thinking about house-ruling something for Pathfinder.

I thought maybe something simple such as when a PC reaches the bloodied value they take a -1 to STR and DEX, then perhaps a -2 when they reach 20% of their HP.

So my question is, are there any popular house rules out there that accomplish something like this for Pathfinder? Has anyone come up with something of their own they'd like to share?

I'm not trying to make the game insanely deadly, just spice up combat a bit to make players really feel the significance of damage their characters are taking.

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Thanks Oliver. I'm going to re-read the Burnt Offerings section of the book this weekend, see what hooks there are and how I can substitute those or work them in outside of the actual Burnt Offerings encounter. Hopefully I can manage it and still, as Haladir mentioned, build a connection to Sandpoint for the party.

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I actually was looking through stuff last night and did add the Varisia: Birthplace of Legends to the list (ordered the book this morning). I'll also add the Rise of the Runelords Players guide, makes perfect sense.

I agree that I'll need to work in some hooks that create a connection to Sandpoint. I have about a month to prepare, we're starting in January, so I'm hoping that'll give me enough time to really research/read about Varisia. This game is going to be via virtual tabletop so I need additional time for player handouts, maps, encounter setups, etc.

Thanks for the continued input! I welcome all suggestions since I want to present the best possible campaign for the players.

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Perfect! That is exactly the advise I was looking for. I knew you guys wouldn't fail me :) Thank you Bellona!

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I've been heavily playing Pathfinder since GenCon 2012, thanks to all the great people at Paizo and the volunteers for getting me hooked :)

Now I'm attempting to run my own campaign with a group of players but since I haven't had a long history with the setting I'm struggling to figure out how to open this up. I have the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary book but I have played the Burnt Offerings portion of that with a couple people in the group. I also have the Inner Sea World Guide and Primer.
My thought/wish is to somehow start the adventure up and work the group into the Rise of the Runelords campaign somewhere after the Burnt Offerings portion. Since this is my first campaign I feel having something like Rise of the Runelords to follow is in the best interest of everyone. My lack of exposure to the world is hindering me in finding something/somewhere I can get them started. I've looked through some of the Adventure Paths for something I could maybe start with but nothing really stood out.
I've instructed the players to create extensive backgrounds and use the Primer for guidance (races, traits, etc). The players will know nothing of each other until the game starts and I plan to integrate their backgrounds into the story, unraveling bits as the campaign goes on.

So, I've come to you guys..the experts, for suggestions or direction. Be nice, I'm new! :)

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I wanted to run this as a regular campaign at a local game store but it appears only the Town square map is available for the first encounter. I saw it asked above but didn't see an answer, are there or will there be any other maps available? I prefer to use printed maps as opposed to drawing on a battle mat. Especially with using all the Rise of Runelords minis it'd be nice to have professional maps too. :(

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Razorstorm wrote:

I ended up buying the PDF, and looking through it I am super happy! This is great content the maps are fabulous and I like some of the fleshing out that you did. Well done!

Starting this campaign soon as a virtual game using

I want to do exactly the same thing, run this campaign using My problem is the maps. I bought the hardcover version which unfortunately doesn't include the pdf and I see nowhere to download the maps from Paizo. This would have been the perfect offering :( Does anyone have some of the encounter maps included in the book? I really don't want to spend a ton of time trying to recreate them (thus having to spend extra time learning map making).