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Link to overwatch style

Link to Friendly fire (FF) k/

Is there anything the impedes this working ? I read this thread from a while a back on vital strike not working for overwatch style because vital strike is modified attack action (or that was the consensus I understood from it). For FF it is very explicit that it is standard action and it is a ranged attack.

Triggering an attack of opportunity from your frontliner buddy, your familiar (eldritch guardian) or your animal companion (hunter, sacred huntmaster) seems like a pretty powerful option to me.

Question 1

Lets say I combine 1 level of sohei monk to nab mounted skirmisher with a cavalier and I finish the chain for whirlwind attack (Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, base attack bonus +4)

Mounted skirmisher
Benefit: If your mount moves its speed or less, you can still take a full-attack action.
Normal: If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only take an attack action.

Whirlwind attack
Benefit: When you use the full-attack action, you can give up your regular attacks and instead make one melee attack at your highest base attack bonus against each opponent within reach. You must make a separate attack roll against each opponent.
When you use the Whirlwind Attack feat, you also forfeit any bonus or extra attacks granted by other feats, spells, or abilities.

Can I combine and whirlwind attack at the end of a charge ?

Question 2 (only relevant if question 1 holds true)
If I am using a lance do I get the double weapon dam against every opponent or only on the first.

Question 3 (only relevant if question 1 holds true) let say I manage to fulfill the requirements for Gorum's swordmanship DFT (not so easy because it would also entail aligment changing from the initial sohei monk, but I am theorycrafting because hey fun stuff)... Can I use Gorums swordmanship on this whirlwind attack ?

Question 4 (maybe the most exploitative...)(Again only relevant if question 1 holds true) Let say I combine my build with a rogue scout to get scouts charge... Are all my targets flat footed and prone to me Sap mastering them the shizzle out of them or just a single target

Does this work, can you get +6 AC AND add Wisdom to unarmed damage or to my weapon via ascetic style as a dwarf hunter..? That seems a bit too good to be true (as in it doesn't work) or is in need of an erratum if it does work no ?