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Full Name

Krays Blackscale


Kobold (Adult Black dragon)


Gestalt Sorceror/Oracle Necromancer; Champion of Death




Medium (Large)



Special Abilities

Animation, conjuration and manipulation of Death.






Somewhere on the school grounds, or with his family


Common, Draconic and Infernal


Professor of Necromancy, Champion of Death

Strength 18
Dexterity 26
Constitution 16
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 20
Charisma 25

About Krays

Description: Kobold form:
In this form, Krays looks like a black kobold that favors the features of black dragons. He is larger than most kobolds, pushing 5'9" (medium size). His scales looks partially calcified around the edges, making him look much older to other kobolds. He wears what looks like heavy robes, in dark earthy colors (black, dark brown, etc.). He's holding what looks like a well carved staff, with faintly glowing sickly blue runes carved along it's length in random places.
Even though he is actually a young adult black dragon, he even appears to people with true sight as this only...
To other champions, he definately has a champion's aura. Probably not to hard to figure out of whom from his apparel.

Krays' story is an odd one.
His birth was seen by his clan as an ill omen, having hatched marked like a black dragon. His scales around his nose were a bit worn, like a black's, and most thought him defective too boot. He was allowed to live, as he quickly showed promise as a sorceror. Others did not agree with this decision, though.
As he grew and learned the importance of clan and the rule of law, he was dogged and hounded by others who saw him as a freak who should not have been allowed to live, and as such was a drain on the clan's resources. A kobold deemed worthless is disposed of.
He gained a friend named H'Tor who was a warrior/hunter, and enjoyed Krays' singular wit and how he seemed to thrive in his adversity. After a long night of study, a group of ner do wells attacked Krays on the way back to his hovel. After Krays was almost beaten to unconsciousness, H'Tor emerged and challenged the attackers. he fought bravely for a kobold, but was felled, but not after felling two himself. At the sight of his only friend, the only bright part of his haunted existence snuffed out, he let out such a wail of pure anguish, hate and anger that Death itself was stirred. He was so moved, he imbued Krays with a measure of his power, and whispered the secrets and mysteries of death into his very soul...
When the nimbus of deathly shadow faded from Krays, he saw his friend had shed his flesh, and risen in utter defiance of his demise to continue his fight to defend Krays. On his command, H'Tor ravaged the two remaining attackers before they could cry out. With the knowledge he had been given, he decided his torture would end this night. With a gesture, he raised the corpses of those who were sent to kill him, and hunted down all members of the faction who wished him harm. After the deed was done, with only H'Tor still standing,control of his new found power began fading. As the callousness of death faded he was horrified at what he was capable of doing, he had taken the lives of clan members. His death would be the price. Confused and afraid, he decided to flee from his home and take his chances under the sky...
Death, knowing he could not remain there, waited for Krays to make camp, then whisked him away to safety on a world it knew Krays could grow in his power, and one day replace itself when the day comes...it spoke to Krays in his dreams and told him to seek the school...he would find refuge there...as it turns out he is actually the reincarnated ex-champion of death who was a black dragon, and has had his power restored...

Gestalted 16 oracle (bones)/sorceror (undead) advanced kobold/Juvenile black dragon. Immune to disease/poison, and neg energy effects and special abilities/attacks of undead, and acid.
Dragon abilities: STR 26 DEX 28 CON 20 INT 20 WIS 20 CHA 25
Speed 60 ft., fly 150 ft. (average), swim 60 ft. DR 5\magic, SR 28
breath weapon (60 ft. line, DC 20, 8d6 acid), Spell-Like Abilities (CL 10th, concentration +11) At will—darkness (40 ft. radius)
natural armor + 10, AC 19.
225 hp
Special Abilities
Speak with Reptiles (Sp): The dragon has the constant spell-like ability to speak with reptiles.
This functions as speak with animals, but only with reptilian animals.
Swamp Stride (Ex): The dragon can move through bogs and quicksand without penalty at its normal speed.
Water Breathing (Ex): The dragon can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, spells, and other abilities while
Special abilities: Uncanny control (His undead cannot be turned or commanded by another person unless they are 4 levels higher), Death gaze (Su) (DC 21, Will (special); gaze attack; 1 subject gains a vision of their possible demise, leaves subject panicked, or on a save, shaken), Rend the Soul; I'll work out the specifics later...
Revelations: Armor of Bones, Spirit Walk, Undead Servitude (but can actualy channel neg energy as well), Bleeding wounds
Bloodline: Coproreal undead act as humanoids vs charm effects, Grave touch, death's gift, grasp of death
Feats: Corpse crafter, Hardened flesh, Nimble bones, Necromantic presence, Necromantic might, Combat casting, Profane Lifeleech, Spell focus: conjuration, Augment summoning, Spell focus: necromancy, Command undead, Spell Penetration, Fly-by attack, Wing over, Hover, weapon focus: bite, skill focus: fly.
Some of these feats are in Libris Mortis or bestiary.