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Full Name











Common, Orc



Strength 19
Dexterity 12
Constitution 13
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Kraull

Half-orc Brawler 5/Warrior 2 - HP: 53/53 - AC 18/T: 13/FF: 16 - Perception: +7, Darkvision 60 ft - Fort: +10, Ref: +6, Will: +2 - CMB: +11, CMD 23 (+3 vs. Trip) - Speed: 30 ft - Init: +3


Left at an orphanage while a baby, Kraull has no idea of who his parents were nor does he really care. After all, they abandoned him so why should he waste a moment worrying about them?

As a child, Kraull had to endure much bullying due to being being both a half-orc and an orphan. To compensate, he became the bully. He spent much of his time skipping out of any education and living off what he could take from others.

Once he was old enough to emancipate himself from his orphanage, he immediately looked for easy work that could capitalize on his core skills: being big and ordering people around. Unsurprisingly, he found work as a Bouncer.

Kraull is a simple half-orc with simple desires. He just wants an easy life of ordering smaller folk around, getting paid to do it, and enjoying the occasional fight that he instigates breaks up. He doesn't desire a life of adventure, but if the money is good, he could be convinced to leave the lucrative world of bouncing behind.

Game Statistics
Initiative: +3 (+1 Dex + 2 trait)
Senses: Perception +7 ; Darkvision 60 ft.
Speed: 30 ft.

AC: 18 (10 + 4 armor + 1 Dex + 1 Dodge + 1 Natural Armor + 1 Deflection)
Touch: 13 (10 + 1 Dex + 1 Dodge + 1 Deflection)
Flat-footed: 16 (10 + 4 armor + 1 Natural Armor + 1 Deflection)
Hit Points: 53 [7x(d10 + 1 Con)]
Current hp: 53
Fort: +10 Ref: +6 Will: +2

Base Atk: +7/+2; CMB: +11; CMD: 23 (+3 vs. Trip)

Unarmed Strike: +11/+6 to Hit; Dmg 1d8+4 (B); crit 20/x2
Unarmed Flurry: +9/+9 to Hit; Dmg 1d8+4 (B); crit 20/x2
+1 Falchion: +12/+7 to Hit; Dmg 2d4+7 (S); crit 18-20/x2
Greatclub: +11/+6 to Hit; Dmg 1d10+6 (B); crit 20/x2
Dagger: +11/+6 to Hit; Dmg 1d4+4 (P or S); crit 19-20/x2

Sling +8/+3 to Hit; Dmg 1d4+4 (B); crit 20/x2; range 50 ft.
Dagger: +8/+3 to Hit; Dmg 1d4+4 (P); crit 19-20/x2; range 10 ft.

Mithral Shirt: +4 AC, Medium Armor, 0 ACP
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Brawler Dodge Bonus: +1


2 x [Skill Ranks Per Warrior Level: 2 – 1 Int] + 5 x [Skill Ranks Per Brawler Level: 4 - 1 Int]
Acrobatics +6 (2 ranks + 3 class + 1 Dex)
Appraise -1 (0 ranks -1 Int)
Bluff +1 (0 ranks + 1 Cha)
Climb +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 4 Str)
Diplomacy +1 (0 ranks + 1 Cha)
Disguise +1 (0 ranks + 1 Cha)
Escape Artist +1 (0 ranks + 1 Dex)
Heal +0 (0 ranks + 0 Wis)
Intimidate +17 (7 ranks + 3 class + 1 Cha + 4 Str + 2 racial)
Knowledge (local) +5 (3 ranks + 3 class -1 Int)
Perception +7 (4 ranks + 3 class + 0 Wis)
Perform +1 (0 ranks + 1 Cha)
Profession (Bouncer) +4 (1 rank + 3 class + 0 Wis)
Ride +1 (0 ranks + 1 Dex)
Sense Motive +0 (0 ranks + 0 Wis)
Stealth +1 (0 ranks + 1 Dex)
Survival +0 (0 ranks + 0 Wis)
Swim +4 (0 ranks + 4 Str)
Languages: Common, Orc


Intimidating Prowess: Add your Strength modifier to Intimidate skill checks in addition to your Charisma modifier. (1st Level Feat)

Power Attack: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls. This bonus to damage is increased by half (+50%) if you are making an attack with a two-handed weapon, a one handed weapon using two hands, or a primary natural weapon that adds 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier on damage rolls. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every 4 points thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the bonus to damage increases by +2.(3rd Level Feat) [-2 att, +6]

Improved Unarmed Strike: You are considered to be armed even when unarmed—you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when you attack foes while unarmed. Your unarmed strikes can deal lethal or nonlethal damage, at your choice. (Free Brawler Feat)

Combat Expertise: You can choose to take a –1 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class. When your base attack bonus reaches +4, and every +4 thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 and the dodge bonus increases by +1. You can only choose to use this feat when you declare that you are making an attack or a full-attack action with a melee weapon. The effects of this feat last until your next turn. (Bonus 2nd level Brawler Combat Feat) [-2 att, +2 dodge to AC]

Improved Trip: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity when performing a trip combat maneuver. In addition, you receive a +2 bonus on checks made to trip a foe. You also receive a +2 bonus to your Combat Maneuver Defense whenever an opponent tries to trip you. (5th level Feat)

Greater Trip: You receive a +2 bonus on checks made to trip a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by Improved Trip. Whenever you successfully trip an opponent, that opponent provokes attacks of opportunity. (7th level Feat)

Felling Smash: If you use the attack action to make a single melee attack at your highest base attack bonus while using Power Attack and you hit an opponent, you can spend a swift action to attempt a trip combat maneuver against that opponent. (Bonus Brawler 5th level Combat Feat)


Life of Toil: +1 to Fortitude Saves [Social Trait]

Reactionary: +2 to Initiative checks [Combat Trait]

Half-Orc Racial Traits:

Darkvision: Half-orcs can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Intimidating: Half-orcs receive a +2 racial bonus on Intimidate skill checks due to their fearsome nature.

Orc Blood: Half-orcs count as both humans and orcs for any effect related to race.

Orc Ferocity: Once per day, when a half-orc is brought below 0 hit points but not killed, he can fight on for one more round as if disabled. At the end of his next turn, unless brought to above 0 hit points, he immediately falls unconscious and begins dying

Weapon Familiarity: Half-orcs are proficient with greataxes and falchions and treat any weapon with the word “orc” in its name as a martial weapon.

Languages: Half-orcs begin play speaking Common and Orc

Warrior Abilities:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The warrior is proficient in the use of all simple and martial weapons and with all types of armor and shields.

Brawler Abilities:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
A brawler is proficient with all simple weapons plus the handaxe, short sword, and weapons from the close fighter weapon group. She is proficient with light armor, but not with shields.

Brawler’s Cunning (Ex)
If the brawler’s Intelligence score is less than 13, it counts as 13 for the purpose of meeting the prerequisites of combat feats.

Martial Flexibility (Ex)
A brawler can take a move action to gain the benefit of a combat feat she doesn’t possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. The brawler must meet all the feat’s prerequisites. She may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 her brawler level (minimum 1) [4]. The brawler can use this ability again before the duration expires in order to replace the previous combat feat with another choice.

If a combat feat has a daily use limitation (such as Stunning Fist), any uses of that combat feat while using this ability count toward that feat’s daily limit.

Martial Training (Ex)
At 1st level, a brawler counts her total brawler levels as both fighter levels and monk levels for the purpose of qualifying for feats.

Unarmed Strike
At 1st level, a brawler gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A brawler may attack with fists, elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a brawler may make unarmed strikes with her hands full. A brawler applies her full Strength modifier (not half) on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

Usually, a brawler’s unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but she can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on her attack roll. She has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.

A brawler’s unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that modify either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Brawler's Flurry
Starting at 2nd level, a brawler can make a brawler’s flurry as a full-attack action. When doing so, a brawler has the Two-Weapon Fighting feat when attacking with any combination of unarmed strikes, weapons from the close fighter weapon group, or weapons with the “monk” special feature. She does not need to use two different weapons to use this ability.

A brawler applies her full Strength modifier to her damage rolls for all attacks made with brawler’s flurry, whether the attacks are made with an off-hand weapon or a weapon wielded in both hands. A brawler can substitute disarm, sunder, and trip combat maneuvers for unarmed attacks as part of brawler’s flurry. A brawler with natural weapons can’t use such weapons as part of brawler’s flurry, nor can she make natural weapon attacks in addition to her brawler’s flurry attacks.

Maneuver Training (Ex)
At 3rd level, a brawler can select one combat maneuver to receive additional training. She gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks when performing that combat maneuver and a +1 bonus to her CMD when defending against that maneuver.

First Maneuver Chosen: Trip

AC Bonus (Ex)
At 4th level, when a brawler wears light or no armor, she gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC and CMD. This bonus increases by 1 at 9th, 13th, and 18th levels.

These bonuses to AC apply against touch attacks. She loses these bonuses while immobilized or helpless, wearing medium or heavy armor, or carrying a medium or heavy load.

Knockout (Ex)
At 4th level, once per day a brawler can unleash a devastating attack that can instantly knock a target unconscious. She must announce this intent before making her attack roll. If the brawler hits and the target takes damage from the blow, the target must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 the brawler’s level + the higher of the brawler’s Strength or Dexterity modifier) [16] or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds. Each round on its turn, the unconscious target may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect as a full-round action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Creatures immune to critical hits or nonlethal damage are immune to this ability. At 10th level, the brawler may use this ability twice per day; at 16th level, she may use it three times per day.

Brawler's Strike (Ex)
At 5th level, a brawler’s unarmed strikes are treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 9th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as cold iron and silver for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. At 12th level, she chooses one alignment component: chaotic, evil, good, or lawful; her unarmed strikes also count as this alignment for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. (This alignment component cannot be the opposite of the brawler’s actual alignment, such as a good brawler choosing evil strikes.) At 17th level, her unarmed attacks are also treated as adamantine weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction and bypassing hardness.

Close Weapon Mastery
At 5th level, a brawler’s damage with close weapons increases. When wielding a close weapon, she uses the unarmed strike damage of a brawler 4 levels lower instead of the base damage for that weapon (for example, a 5th-level Medium brawler wielding a punching dagger deals 1d6 points of damage instead of the weapon’s normal 1d4). If the weapon normally deals more damage than this, its damage is unchanged. This ability does not affect any other aspect of the weapon. The brawler can decide to use the weapon’s base damage instead of her adjusted unarmed strike damage—this must be declared before the attack roll is made.

Favored Class:

5 x 1/4 to the brawler’s effective level to determine her unarmed strike damage = +1 level + 1/4


+1 Falchion [8 lbs]
Greatclub [8 lbs]
2 Daggers [2 lbs]
10 Sling Bullets [5 lbs]

Mithral Shirt [10 lbs]

Cloak of Resistance +1 [1 lb]
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Belt Pouch [.5 lb]
Hemp Rope {50'} with Grappling Hook [2 lbs]
MW Backpack [4 lbs]
--In Backpack
--Potion of Enlarge Person
--2 Alchemist Fire [2 lbs]
--1 Acid Flask [1 lb]
--1 Liquid Ice [2 lbs]

Gold: 209.1 gp

Total Weight carried: 44.5 lbs (Light)
Carrying Capacities: 116 lbs / 117–233 lbs / 234–350 lbs
[Masterwork Backpack increases carrying capacity to +1 Strength category]