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Jared Rascher


Human . . . ish . . .




Large (oh, wait, this is probably for RP purposes, right?)



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Vast Storehouse of Trivial Knowledge (Ex): Any time knowing something would be of no use to anyone, you may make a check to see if you know a given answer.


Obsessive Compulsive


Central Illinois (near Champaign)


English, Geek


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About KnightErrantJR

I've been playing D&D for over 25 years at this point. I first encountered the game when I swiped my sister's poor neglected Basic Set when I was in grade school. It took me a while (and watching a friend's brother run a game) before I figured out what I was doing, but once I did, I was hooked.

The Dragonlance novels fed into my obsession, but I entered a whole new realm of Geek when the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting came out (the infamous Old Grey Boxed Set).

For years I ran games in the Forgotten Realms, and ran a few side campaigns in Dragonlance from time to time, as well as delving into Star Frontiers, Marvel Super Heroes, Mechwarrior, DC Heroes, and even WEG's Ghostbusters game system.

I also developed an Alternity habit that I never really got to fully explore, but I spent a TON of money on the system.

I had a multi year hiatus from gaming, and missed the beginning of 3.0, but when I got back into gaming shortly before 3.5 hit, I dove back in hard, and also took to playing d20 Star Wars as well. Since I've gotten back into gaming, I've had the pleasure of running into a lot of really great gamers.

I taught my kids to play D&D and have some great "war stories" from my son and daughter's characters across several mini campaigns and even the regular campaigns that some of them were a part of for a while.

I've kind of come full circle, realizing that one game system wasn't really going to be the best option for being a well rounded gamer, and expanded out from Pathfinder to Savage Worlds, and the Warhammer 40K RPGs.