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| SP 0/117 HP 1/83 | RP 7/10 | EAC 26; KAC 31 | Fort +13; Ref +10; Will +7 | Init: +3 | Perc: +15, SM: +0


| Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (average) | Entropy 0/6 | Reactive 1/1 | Size: Large | 1 Reroll | Active conditions: Stable, Haste, Dimension Door 3/3


Male CG halfling vanguard (power armor jockey) 9

About Kneepuncher

Vanguard (Power Armor Jockey) 9
CG Medium humanoid (halfling)
Init +3; Senses Perc +15, SM +0

EAC 26, KAC 31
SP 117 HP 83 RP 109
Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +7

Speed 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (average)
Melee Entropic Strike +14 vs. EAC (3d6+15 A &or B; force, magic, operative; critical knockdown)
Melee Liquidator Disintegrator Lash +12 vs. EAC (1d6+13 A; living, reach; critical corrode 1d6)
Ranged Corona Shoulder laser +12 vs. EAC (1d8+4 F; integrated; critical burn 1d6)
Ranged Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol +12 vs. KAC (1d6+4 P)
Space 10 ft. (5 ft. outside armor); Reach 5 ft.

Str 18 (13 outside armor), Dex 16, Con 23, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14

Acrobatics +4, Athletics +15, Culture +6, Diplomacy +14, Intimidate +16, Life Science +6, Medicine +4, Mysticism +4, Perception +15, Profession (Courtesan) +19, Sleight of Hand +1, Stealth +6

-5 to DC of Life Science checks for consumables
-5 to DC of Culture checks for artistic traditions and innovations

If hireling is slotted, Computers +17, Engineering +17, Physical Science +17

Starship-Combat Version of Skills Gunnery +12

Weapon Proficiency: Basic Melee, Advanced Melee, Small Arms
Armor Proficiency: Light, Heavy, Shields
Weapon Focus: Advanced Melee
Improved Combat Maneuver (Bull Rush, Trip)
Weapon Specialization (Basic Melee, Advanced Melee, Small Arms, Entropic Strike)
Multi-Weapon Fighting
Powered Armor Proficiency
Grab Attention

Languages Brethedan, Common, Dwarven, Halfling

Other Abilities
Halfling Luck
Entropic Pool
Entropic Strike
Vanguard Aspect: Exergy
Friendly Fire
Aspect Embodiment
Entropic Attunement
Charming Curiosity
Uncanny Agility
Second Aspect: Momentum
Perfect Fit

Combat Gear Hover Suit, Field Tactical Shield, Liquidator Disintegrator Lash, Tactical Semi-Auto Pistol, Small Arm Rounds (30), Battery (2), Mk 3 Ring of Resistance, Wyrmling Dragon Gland (Cold)
Other Gear Professional Tool Kit (Courtesan), Professional Clothing (Courtesan), Mk 2 Ability Crystal (Con), Mk 1 Synergizing Symbiote (Cha), Everyday Clothing (5), Gear Maintenance Kit, Hygeine Kit, Binders (Restraints), Flashlight, Starfinder Backpack, Field Rations (1 week), Mk 1 Serum of Healing (2); 14345 credits

Boons Slotted this Adventure
Ally: Master Hireling Access
Faction: Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Champion
Personal: Possessed Augmentation
Promotional: Promotional Reroll
Social: Fusion Guild Contact
Starship: Field Upgrades
Slotless: AbadarCorp Endorsement, Flower of Celebration, Year of the Scoured Stars, Memories of the Past, Data Scourge Savior, Psychic Resilience

How to Bot Me

If Kneepuncher is adjacent to an enemy, he will make two entropic strikes, splitting damage between acid and bludgeoning unless one type if known to work better. Any hit is followed by Grab Attention, which makes the victim off-target against anyone but Kneepuncher for 1 round.

[dice="Entropic Strike"]1d20+14-2[/dice] vs. EAC
[dice="Acid and Bludgeoning Damage"]3d6+15[/dice] (force, magic, operative; critical knockdown)
[dice="Intimidate"]1d20 + 16[/dice] vs. {10 + Intimidate} or {15 + 1½ × CR}

[dice="Entropic Strike"]1d20+14-2[/dice] vs. EAC
[dice="Acid and Bludgeoning Damage"]3d6+15[/dice] (force, magic, operative; critical knockdown)
[dice="Intimidate"]1d20 + 16[/dice] vs. {10 + Intimidate} or {15 + 1½ × CR}

Success on the Intimidate check makes the target off-target against anyone other than me until my next turn.

Otherwise, he is likely to move once and attack, using guarded step, regular move or charge based on how far he has to go.

[dice="Entropic Strike"]1d20+14[/dice] vs. EAC
[dice="Acid and Bludgeoning Damage"]3d6+15[/dice] (force, magic, operative; critical knockdown)

He has a reach weapon for attacks of opportunity from enemies 10 feet away.

[dice="Liquidator Disintegrator Lash"]1d20+14[/dice] vs. EAC
[dice="Acid Damage"]1d6+13[/dice] (living, reach; critical corrode 1d6)