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Ilvarandin, nearly everything I liked about the Underdark in one magnificent place. Despite not being a fan of underground adventures I could run this city for decades. Only would change the color of the phosphorescent fungi to blue.

4.5 stars

Kho, expected more from the place, the choice of monsters is not at all to my liking and doesn't suite for a place inspired by African mythology. Needed more unusual magical devices like the wonderful Well of Axuma. If this was an Azlanti city the rating would be higher.

3 stars

Storasta, nicely set up border city, excellent choice of monsters opposing the demons. Poor mechanical effects of the Carrock's How.

4 stars

Sun Temple Colony, lenses again, failed to awe with the Azlanti tech. A bit cliche lovecraftian monster. Light should be pure.

2.5 stars

Tumen, great idea about the city on four ledges and about the source of water. Not enough egyptian flavor. The nerd cult has too few details to be interesting.

3 stars

Xin-Shalast, great megalithic city, monsters, template, Leng. Conquering such a place would be the highest adventurer's prize and triumph.

5 stars