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Full Name

Khaddar Khaggan


Five Kings Dwarf


Unchained Rogue (Makeshift Scrapper) 2, Unchained Monk (ManMaster) 2







Special Abilities

Rock stepper, Defensive training, Hardy, Stability, Lorekeeper, Giant hunter, Darkvision, Shadowhunter, Improvised Weapons, Finesse Training, Evasion, Rogue Talent 2 - Ninja Trick - Pressure Points, Flurry of Maneuvers, Stunning Fist, Unarmed Strike


Lawful Good


Dwarven Pantheon


The gaems


Common, Dwarven


Adventuring Yaburi

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

About Khaddar Khaggan

Stonecunning → Rock Stepper: Dwarves with this racial trait can skillfully negotiate rocky terrain. They can ignore difficult terrain created by rubble, broken ground, or steep stairs when they take a 5-foot step. This racial trait replaces stonecunning.
Defensive Training: Dwarves gain a +4 dodge bonus to AC against monsters of the giant subtype.
Hardy: Dwarves gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
Stability: Dwarves gain a +4 racial bonus to their Combat Maneuver Defense when resisting a bull rush or trip attempt while standing on the ground.
Greed → Lorekeeper: Dwarves keep extensive records about their history and the world around them. Dwarves with this racial trait receive a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (history) checks that pertain to dwarves or their enemies. They can make such skill checks untrained. This racial trait replaces greed.
Hatred → Giant Hunter: Dwarves with this racial trait gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls against humanoids with the giant subtype. Furthermore, they gain a +2 bonus on Survival checks to find and follow tracks made by humanoids with the giant subtype. This racial trait replaces the hatred racial trait.
Weapon Familiarity → Shadowhunter: Characters with this trait deal 50% weapon damage to incorporeal creatures when using non-magical weapons (including natural and unarmed attacks), as if using magic weapons. They also gain a +2 bonus on saving throws to remove negative levels, and recover physical ability damage from attacks by undead creatures at a rate of 2 points per ability score per day (rather than the normal 1 point per ability score per day). Dwarves can take this trait in place of weapon familiarity.
Darkvision – Dwarves have 60' Darkvision

Zest for Battle: When receiving a morale bonus to attack, also gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls.
Giant Harried: You were robbed by giants or nearly killed by a giant’s prank, and the experience gave you a keen instinct for outmaneuvering bigger creatures. You gain a +1 trait bonus on combat maneuver checks against creatures larger than you and a +1 trait bonus to CMD against such creatures.

Improvised Weapons (Ex)
Gains catch off guard and throw anything as bonus feats.
Finesse Training (Ex)
At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat. In addition, starting at 3rd level, she can select any one type of weapon that can be used with Weapon Finesse (such as rapiers or daggers). Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. Whenever she makes a successful melee attack with the selected weapon, she adds her Dexterity modifier instead of her Strength modifier to the damage roll. If any effect would prevent the rogue from adding her Strength modifier to the damage roll, she does not add her Dexterity modifier. The rogue can select a second weapon at 11th level and a third at 19th level.
Evasion (Ex)
At 2nd level, a rogue can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If she succeeds at a Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the rogue is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless rogue does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Rogue Talent (2): Ninja Trick: Pressure Points: A ninja with this trick can strike at an opponent’s vital pressure points, causing weakness and intense pain. Whenever the ninja deals sneak attack damage, she also deals 1 point of Strength or Dexterity damage, decided by the ninja. Unlike normal ability damage, this damage can be healed by a DC 15 Heal check. Each successful check heals 1 point of damage caused by this trick. A ninja with this trick receives a +10 insight bonus on this Heal check.

Bonus Feat: In addition to normal monk bonus feats, a maneuver master may select any Improved combat maneuver feat (such as Improved Overrun) as a bonus feat. At 6th level and above, he may select any Greater combat maneuver feat (such as Greater Grapple) as a bonus feat. At 10th level and above, he may select any maneuver Strike feat (such as Tripping Strike) as a bonus feat.

Flurry of Maneuvers (Ex): At 1st level, as part of a full-attack action, a maneuver master can make one additional combat maneuver - regardless of whether the maneuver normally replaces a melee attack or requires a standard action – at his highest attack bonus. At 8th level, a maneuver master may attempt a second additional combat maneuver, at a -3 penalty, and at 15th level, a maneuver master may attempt a third additional combat maneuver at a -7 penalty. A maneuver master loses this ability when wearing armor, using a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load. This ability replaces flurry of blows.

1)Agile Maneuvers: Use Dex to CMB instead of strength
MB1)Improved Trip: +2 CMB and CMD to trip, do not provoke AoO
M1)Stunning Fist: Fort DC 15 or be stunned for 1 round; 3/day
3)Mantis Style: +2 DC to Stunning fist attempts, +1 attempt per day
MB2) Improved Grapple: +2 CMB and CMD to grapple, do not provoke AoO

24 skills (8/8/4/4)

Acrobatics (Dex) 4+3+3=10
Appraise (Int)
Bluff (Cha)
Climb (Str) 3+1+3=7
Craft (Int)
Diplomacy (Cha)
Disable Device (Dex) 1+2+3=6
Disguise (Cha)
Escape Artist (Dex)
*Heal (Wis) 3+2+0=5
Intimidate (Cha)
Knowledge (dungeoneering) (Int) 1+0+3=4
Knowledge (history) (Int) 1+0+3+2=6
Knowledge (local) (Int) 1+0+3=4
Knowledge (religion) (Int) 1+0+3=4
Linguistics (Int)
Perception (Wis) 3+2+3=8
Perform (Cha)
Profession (Wis)
Ride (Dex)
Sense Motive (Wis)
Sleight of Hand (Dex)
Stealth (Dex) 4+3+3=10
Swim (Str) 1+1+3=5
Use Magic Device (Cha) 1+0+3=4

AC: 16 (Flat 13, Touch 16)
HP: 32/19
*NL: 1
THP: 0

CMD: 20 (+6 vs Trip, +4 vs Bullrush, +3 vs Grapple) ((+3 BAB, +3 Wisdom, +3 Dex, +1 Strength)) (CMD = 19 while grappling)

Fort: 5
Ref: 9
Will: 3

Unarmed Strike: +6, 1d6+1 (b)
Sneak Attack 1d6 (and 1 str or dex damage)

CMB: +6 (Trip +8, Grapple +11)

+2 dmg penetrating hardness of stone or metal

GP: 42
SP: 10
CP: 10
Monk's Outfit x2 (5)
Dan Bong (1sp)
DWARVEN Cleats (5)
Sparring Gear (35)
Rogue's Kit (50)*
Alchemist's Kindness x10 (10)
Antiplague (50)
Anti Toxin (50)
Wand of CLW – Charge: 50 (750)
Armbands of the Brawler (500)
Hip Flask (1) & 2 cups whiskey (2sp)
Bottle of Common Wine (2sp)
Empty 1 gallon cask (It floats!)

*This kit includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, caltrops, chalk (10), a flint and steel, a grappling hook, an iron pot, a mess kit, a mirror, pitons (10), rope, soap, thieves’ tools, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.