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Special Abilities



Chaotic Good




All Languages

Strength 24
Dexterity 26
Constitution 16
Intelligence 32
Wisdom 18
Charisma 26

About Kezzin

Kezzin stands 3'9" tall and weighs in at a staggering 75 pounds. He is very heavily muscled for a kobold, and his skin is covered in thick, dark red scales with translucent highlights. His eyes have slitted pupils with a pale blue iris. He has large wings of a translucent red, and a magnificent crest of translucent red spines extend from the top of his head, down his spine, all the way to the tip of his tail. His teeth are obviously not just for eating, and his very sharp claws also seem like more than what a kobold would have. All his features are significantly more feral and vicious-seeming than would be expected on a kobold, even discounting the wings.

Kezzin is tired. He is tired of not being believed. He is a dragon. Not a Kobold, not a half-dragon, not a Dragon Disciple (whatever that is). He is a True Dragon. One of the Mighty.

But no one believes him.

He does not remember from whence he comes. He was found in a clutch of new Kobolds, but there was one extra young Kobold. His wings, his dragon-mottled skin, and his features all bespeak one of the very rare dragonwrought Kobolds.

But his arrogant attitude and his insistence that he is a dragon eventually wore very thin on his clan. And his very odd 'lost time' is disturbing at best. They have decided to let Avalon make what they can of this "dragon" in their midst.

Init +9(+9 Dex)
Senses: Perception +16, See In Darkness, Low-Light Vision

AC: 33, touch 20, flat-footed 24. (+9(dex) +1 (size) +13(natural armor))
HP: 85 (3d12+48+1)
Fort: +13 (0(class) +13(con) +3(racial HD))
Ref: +14 (2(class) +9(dex) +3(racial HD))
Will: +13 (2(class) +8(wis) +3(racial HD))
Spd: 40 ft, Fly 80 ft. (good)
Base Atk +0; CMB +16; CMD 35

Claw: Melee +17, 1d6+19 (19-20/x2)
Bite: Melee +17, 1d4+13 (x2)
Breath Weapon: 3d6 Force damage, Reflex save for half damage (DC: 24(10 + 1/2 HD + Con modifier), usable three times per day)

Immune to Sleep, Paralysis, and Force effects.


Level 1: Skill Focus: Perform(Composition)
Level 3: Skill Focus: Perform(Stringed)

+15 Acrobatics: 3(ranks) +9(dex) +3(class)
+13 Bluff: 3(ranks) +7(chr) +3(class)
+19 Climb: 3(ranks) +13(str) +3(class)
+18 Craft(trapmaking): 3(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)+2(racial)
+13 Diplomacy: 3(ranks) +7(chr) +3(class)
+15 Escape Artist: 3(ranks) +9(dex) +3(class)
+21 Fly: 3(ranks) +9(dex) +3(class) +2(size) +4(maneuverability)
+14 Heal: 3(ranks) +8(wis) +3(class)
+13 Intimidate: 3(ranks) +7(chr) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Arcana): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Dungeoneering): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Engineering): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Geography): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(History): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Local): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Nature): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Planes): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+14 Knowledge(Religion): 1(ranks) +10(int) +3(class)
+16 Perception: 3(ranks) +8(wis) +3(class) +2(racial)
+16 Perform(Composition): 3(ranks) +7(chr) +3(class) +3(feat)
+16 Perform(Stringed Instruments): 3(ranks) +7(chr) +3(class) +3(feat)
+14 Sense Motive: 3(ranks) +8(wis) +3(class)
+14 Survival: 3(ranks) +8(wis) +3(class)
+19 Swim: 3(ranks) +13(str) +3(class)
+19 Stealth: 3(ranks) +9(dex) +3(class) +4(size)


Special Abilities/Rules:

Light Sensitivity:
Kobolds are dazzled as long as they remain in an area of bright light.

Class Schedule:
1st: PE
2nd: History of Warfare
3rd: Free
4th: Basic Mechanics
5th: History of Agartha
6th: Religion