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Art is literally one of the best GMs I know, which is saying something, and has been that good since the early '90s when he was running games for the RPGA. Congratulations, Art!

- Kevin


Stegger wrote:
Kevin Kulp wrote:
Brief comment: I playtested part of the module this weekend and it was the best game I've run in six months. Now, to polish!
Great advertising!!!

Well, you never know. This was "take an aspect of "City of Seven Spires" and use it in a four hour one-shot that I otherwise pulled out of my butt over lunch, but which turned out to have just the feel I was hoping for." So my ideas are good, but ideas are a dime a dozen; time to turn it into text and get the same feel.

Rule #1: never playtest your own adventure.


Brief comment: I playtested part of the module this weekend and it was the best game I've run in six months. Now, to polish!


Brutal Ben wrote:

I hope this adds a little more flavour than the warrior gets stoned bit that some think about.

Sure! And thanks for the ideas. This thread has been really useful.

Historically people will pay a premium for something that gives them pleasure - whether it tastes good, makes them feel better about themselves, or gives them some other sort of advantage. I'm taking a look at some of the power groups in Golarion who either need or thrive on money, and it's good to understand whose hands those drugs flow through. There are a whole mess of plot hooks there.


Fergie wrote:

Nah, there are no drugs in Golarion. Don't be silly!

Pssst! Meet me in the alley behind the tavern in five minutes, bring gp.

"Quick, Yorrgash! Get the lads and the largest clubs you can find, and be out back in six minutes. And this time? Fewer witnesses."

I mean... perfect! You already have yourself a satisfied customer. I'll be there in just a jiff, as soon as I acquire my funds from my mercantile lockbox.

And thanks.


Awesome. Thank you!


I'm writing a Pathfinder module (woot!) for the upcoming Serpent's Skull adventure path, and it'd be useful to know if there are any established addictive or illegal drugs in the campaign world of Golarion. Anyone know?



Heh. I have a deep and abiding love for the froghemoth that probably isn't entirely healthy. It's fair game for City of Seven Spears, of course; I just need to get farther along in building the city before I see if it fits. I wouldn't want to include it unless it makes an encounter ridiculously fun.

I like flumphs, too. But they probably won't make an appearance. I have some standards.


My current biggest regret: that there's no easy way to slip in a froghemoth.



Of course!

I usually MC the Ennie Awards at GenCon, and it's always been fun watching Erik try to think of new things to say when he has to come up to the mic for the umpteenth time. Here's hoping I help contribute to something that does equally well. :D


DaveMage wrote:

Of Sound Mind 2 is even better....

You'll laugh, Dave; someone has just commissioned me to write OSM2... for OD&D! I'll bet you can guess who. :D

I'm tremendously excited to be writing this. I have a huge love for jungle adventures, and this one plays to a lot of my strengths. You'll have to decide for yourself how well I do.


Thanks, Jeff! You guys normally do an excellent job, so I was understandably confused. I appreciate the explanation and the quick resolution.

My apologies for overstating my 1/27 email to Dave as "two weeks." I try to be fair about these things. It felt like two weeks. :D

- Kevin


Hi, guys. Piratecat here, Admin over at EN World.

I'm a (generally very happy) subscriber, but I never received Dungeon issue #118. Okay, problems occur - so I emailed customer service. No response. A month later, I emailed a specific person in customer service. No response. It's two weeks after that.

If I can, I'd really like the following:

- A replacement issue #118
- An explanation of why the heck I'm being ignored. I figure if it's happening to me, it's happening to other folks as well.

The first is more important. :D

Many thanks,

Kevin Kulp