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Durgan Far-Walker wrote:

Durgan sees the young man getting angry.

"Kesten, if you gain a prominent role, then an accusation could appear, true or not. Spread by our enemies, or your relatives resentful of your rise, or just the distortion of whispered stories over time.

Unlike some militaries, we will not give our soldiers leeway to rape, so there cannot be a whisper that an officer had done that. I do not believe it to be the case. I believe the 'scandal' was only that she was a commoner. And I would like that assurance from you directly. I use no magic here. I trust you to be honest. Tell me the truth, and if a false accusation ever does arise, I will hunt down those responsible and demand a public retraction and apology.

And you loved her, perhaps we can help."

Just to be clear, it sounds like Durgan is inferring that Kesten might be the sort of man who one might suspect of rape.

Kesten draws himself up to parade-ground attention. "No, sir. There was no force involved." He says stiffly, trembling with barely contained anger.

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
Yes, Durgan gets Fly as a Travel domain spell. So it's a "reliable means of flying every day."

Carry on.

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
Okay so with either a Guidance or Zokon jogging his memory, Durgan knows the other rumor.

Yeah just remember that you can always use guidance when doing research where you have a bit of time to study up on a subject. In cases where you are confronted suddenly by something and need to make snap decisions about what it is you are seeing you either need to loudly cast your spell/ask for divine guidance on the spot (rather than doing other things) or not do it at all and just rely on the dice as they are.

Generally, I make Wisdom checks (with a DC between 8-12) to retcon actions that might seem tactically unwise to a layman watching from outside, but in this case it is such an easy fix that we can just hand-wave it. That said:

Wis: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (2) + 4 = 6

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:

"There is one matter we should discuss, Kesten. Walk with us a bit."

Durgan leads Zokon and Kesten some distance away from Tokin and Platzholdur. He speaks gently but firmly.

"This rumor of the weaver's daughter. I don't need to know all the lurid details, but just two things: was it with her consent? And was there a child?

If you took her by force, that would be a problem. That is not the rumor as I have heard it. I just want to be certain. Abadar grants me magic to compel the truth. I do not use that now. I ask you to be truthful."

As Durgan speaks Kesten's expression goes from contemplative, to shocked, and then to something bordering upon livid.

"General, huh? Well, I could lead the land's army." He looks around at the pair of men he commands now--guardsmen Tokin, and Platzholdur; down by half since the bombing and the deaths of corporal Paun and guardsman Pease.

"Seeing how I am leading it now." he laughs.

While indifferent at first, Kesten seems to like the idea of being a General.

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
+1 circumstance bonus for dwarf connections or Lodovka gossip or something else, to get that other spoiler?

Durgan could always pray for guidance before approaching the subject. ;)

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
"I have heard of the Garess family. There are some of my dwarven brethren in their ranks. Evan Garess is your father? You may not be close to the line of succession, but I imagine their regard for you would increase if you had an important position in this new realm. I would like to meet with them and tell them of your new role."

"Maybe...." Kesten frowns and looks away. "Maybe one day."

Durgan Far-Walker wrote:
@GM - Durgan does want to talk to Kesten Garess. He is looking to establish stronger ties with the man's family anyway, because of the dwarf connection, and is interested in what role Kesten might prefer.

"ME!? I'm just a soldier now. Maybe a captain but that's about all."

Scarlet Scarab wrote:
Scarlet turns to Garess. "Remind the men of the fort that they have another chance at legitimacy. If they get any wild ideas, I'll skin them myself." She gets serious. "I'm quick to give a second chance, but I don't give thirds."

"I'll send Chick and Wilbur tomorrow."

Zokon Santyev wrote:
"Yes Kesten please explain what happened here in detail, including the departure of Svetlana." Zokon waits for ze words

"Well, after the burial and you left, some of the nobles left as well to head back to Restov, and she went with them. She said that there wasn't much of anything left for her here. She was frontier bride you know. Probably doesn't come from much, and she probably went back to it." There's a pause before he continues. "Don't don't go chasing Sneeg on my acount--he's a tricky one and more dangerous than he looks, especially when he's cornered, but by the sounds of it he won't be sticking around. And you all have done enough."

Alia of the Blade wrote:
As Alia heads to the back, she notices Nakpik: "Mister Garess, what is the meaning of this?" The Kobolds were here as envoys of their tribes. It is obvious relations deteriorated to the point of open hostility, but that does not mean we are savage brutes who ignore diplomatic immunity. Or would someone imply we are no better than them? Please have this pitiful creature released instantly so it can return home to its burrow."

Kresten hesitates then looks to the Magister of Restov.

Kesten looks a bit dejected at the news of Sneeg's escape.

"It's alright, I'm sure you did your best."

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
"I know we won't have the gate back up right away, but maybe see about assembling some kind of barricade out of the debris. It doesn't have to be pretty."

"Um, yeah. We'll get right on that."

sense motive DC 15:
Did Kesten's eyes just roll?

Illthir Winlowe wrote:
Illthir will also cast Gallant Inspiration if it looks like it will help!

Illthir can't cast and ready in the same round, so I am going with the more strongly stated "readying".

Some of the people in attendance step backward a bit, but then stop at the mention of moving the horse out of the bailey and look at one another.

"Right. You heard the man, let's take it out of here before anything else happens."

Map updated.

Illthir's Perception: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (12) + 9 = 21
Numalar's Perception: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28
Zokon's Perception: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (16) + 7 = 23

"Oh my gods.... What's that?" Kesten says.

Trying to get at the ropes binding the rider he pulls the cloak away to reveal the struggling, animate corpse of Fat Norry! His skin is grey with dirt and death. His eyes fogged over and his neck is slit from ear to ear. A small slate placard has been tied around his neck with a bit of cramped chalk scrawl upon it followed by a the chalk outline of a stag's skull.

Illthir, Numalar, Zokon:
More disturbing still someone has hollowed out his prodigious guts and stuffed a wooden cask in their place.

Numalar Auritonius wrote:

Numalar throws a coat on and rushes outside.

"So what's all this then?" he asks nobody in particular. He looks around the courtyard to see who might have just arrived.

"We're about to find out."

Alia of the Blade wrote:
Instead, she headed to Kesten to report about the murder scene they had encountered, and what took place there.

Kesten takes Alia's report.

"That's bad for Oleg. The South Road is the only real road into the area. If traffic dries up...." Kesten notes. "Any idea who the victims were?"

"Um, I'll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing." Kesten says moving off. "Remember, if you find him be careful."

"I wanted to ask since you are out in the wilds looking for bandits and all if you might keep your eyes out for someone." Kesten begins. "I'm looking for a Varisian named Falgrim Sneeg. I was working a job a few months back in Restov with Sneeg and some others when he up and left us cleaning us out in the process. Word is he fled into the Greenbelt and might be involved with the bandits there. I would go looking for the bastard myself, but I'm stuck here. If you could bring him back--alive--I could make it worth your while."

New Quest! Retrieve Falgrim Sneeg!

"He's a tall rangy guy with hair the color of iron. He's thin but wiry. Don't let his calm appearance fool you, the man is dangerous."

Zokon hears from guardsman Pauns that Naleksa is in the bunkhouse. Zokon finds the door to the bunkhouse guarded by a few other guardmen. "Sorry but you will have to wait your turn." says the man.

Just then, Kesten Garess arrives on the scene and asks if you could go somewhere and talk for a minute.

"Um, are those kobolds?"

None of the guardsmen, magisterial or otherwise seem willing to let Mikmek and Nakpik (or Erevenywg, who is standing by them) in.

"Everyone stop! Lower your weapons!"

Your call.

"Wilbur and Chick, the bard, even that crazy sewer cat--why do this to yourself? Why do you bring these people here?"

"Can I ask you a personal question?"

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
Numalar goes over to Sir Kesten, and addresses him quietly at a time when Fan Auric and the others are amusing each other. "Sir Kesten, perhaps you can help me. This man has a remarkable story to tell that I, frankly, don't quite buy. He says he was waiting at that stone yonder for a time and then went wandering. Did you or your men see anything out there? Did this man go by the post here? If his story is true he would have had to pass close by."

"It's possible. There are not many usable landmarks out in those rolling fields and its been overcast much of the day, so even the sun is suspect."

"We don't do much in the way of scouting. We just don't have the qualified manpower. Besides, I though that was your job." Kesten leans back and sighs, looking back as Paun and Pease vie for Naleksa's attention. "How was your trip to Restov? Is the Lord Mayor or the Magister sending any more aid?"

Numalar wrote:
After the other conversations have died down, Numalar takes Kesten aside again, and asks, "By the way, how are Chick and Wilbur doing? Any problems?"

Kesten's frown deepens. "Well, they nearly burned down the outpost after accidentally lighting the middens on fire. Does that answer your question?"

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
"Hmmm..." Numalar turns to Sir Kesten. "What do you think of Alia's proposal? Would you be willing to watch over this one?" (If Kesten doesn't know, Numalar fills him in on what the situation regarding Faeria.)

"I'm no wizard, and quite obviously, neither are any of my men."

"Well lemme know when you figure it out so I can make a guard schedule."

"And I'll arrange the men for the prisoner detail. When did you want to leave?

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
Scarlet Scarab wrote:
"Cyrielle said she would take her and her cronies back to Brevory to receive their punishment."
Is that what's happening? Perhaps we should escort Cyrielle as far as the nearest fort, in case any of these miscreants gets loose.

This would probably be Restov. There are perhaps closer places (semi-fortified hamlets and noble estates and such), but most would take as long or longer to get to given the lack of good roads. There are guardsmen here who could also go, or someone could head to Restov and get guardsmen to come to the trading post. If you would like to go that is fine as well.

"I can lend you a couple of men for prisoner detail if you need them. Also you might want to get word to Magister Lebeda about your routing a significant band of outlaws. I'm sure once the Magister sees your results he, and his accountant, will shine the blessings of Abadar upon you."

"Good luck." Kesten says with a brief smile as you pass out of the gate.

Sense Motive DC 12:
He seems concerned for you.

"I think someone mentioned bandits." The tall Kesten says pulling off his boots and preparing for bed. It looks like you are the only two in the bunk room (though anyone is welcome to walk in, maybe to grab Posh). "But if you're out looking for things to do there's always exploring and keeping an eye out for bounties (the Quest spoiler on the campaign page). Say, Poshment, you wouldn't happen to know a grizzled-looking Kellid by the name of Falgrim Sneeg, would you?"

Kesten shakes his head. "Well, maybe it is for best we call it a night."

An aside to Numalar otherwise Perception DC 22 and possibly a Bluff check:
"Your companion comes from the River Kingdoms? I assume the Lord Mayor or whomever knows what they are doing, and you of course know your friend, but I've traveled those lands and there is little good comes from that place. What is his tale?"

Numalar Auritonius wrote:
Kesten Garess, wrote:
"I've heard about the bandits in these parts, and the Levetons mentioned your brush with a gang of them here the other day. There's rumor of a self-styled bandit chieftain named the Stag Lord organizing the brigands throughout the Stolen Lands. His lieutenants wear a silver stag's head emblem as a token of their fealty. Tell me, what do you know of him?"
You didn't really answer my question about titles, so I'll just ask.

Before (if rumor holds true), he was a landed lord and could be addressed as either 'Lord' or 'Sir.'
Numalar Auritonius wrote:
"So tell me, I am embarrassed but I am not familiar with your branch of the family. Is it 'Lord Kesten,' 'Sir Kesten,' 'Captain Kesten,' or just 'Kesten?'"

"Kesten's a fine enough a name, I suppose and has suited me well for a long while. I use the family name more out of habit than affiliation."

Zokon Santyev wrote:
As a sort of cover for his examinations Zokon speaks"Good to see that the Levetons will have some protection, this will allow us more effectively eliminate the various barriers to civilisation and not have to worry about this place being waylaid."

"We're not many, as you can see, but we'll keep watch on the trading post, while you scout the land."

"I've heard about the bandits in these parts, and the Levetons mentioned your brush with a gang of them here the other day. There's rumor of a self-styled bandit chieftain named the Stag Lord organizing the brigands throughout the Stolen Lands. His lieutenants wear a silver stag's head emblem as a token of their fealty. Tell me, what do you know of him?"

"Alas, I do not remember him. My branch has never been very close to the bough of the family and I've not been to the mountains since I was a boy no taller than you. I can say though that the name, 'Garess' is still in abundance. Most of my years have been spent in the south, twixt Restov and Silverhall, and abroad as well in among the River Kingdoms. This is most excellent wine though. What is it's vintage?"

Kesten is in his mid-late 20's you would guess by looking at him though his demeanor seems a tad older.

About Kesten: Knowledge Nobility 20:
Kesten Garess is indeed a member (if only barely, the third son of a third or fourth cousin of the Duke) of House Garess. His father is Evan Garess. Other than that he doesn't stand out from the rest of the court.

About Kesten: Knowledge Nobility 24:
There was some rumor of Kesten getting into some youthful indiscretion with a weaver's daughter about four years ago. The story goes that his father disowned him over the dalliance and he's been selling his sword about Brevoy ever since.

"Poshment wrote:
"I have heard a few whispers about this Stag lord. Have any of you seen this man-beast yet? From what I hear he is somekind of unnatural creature." he states with a smile as he looks over the group, taking part in having a large pile of food piled on his plate.

"Bella is it?"

”You don’t look Kellid, you must be Valeska.” Kesten says addressing Cyrielle. "An honor, my lady."

The man, who is dressed like the others though perhaps not so shabbily, slides nimbly down the ladder. ”Ah well met!”
He shakes hands gladly with anyone that will meet his firm grip.
”I’m Kesten Garess, and these-” He waves a bit sheepishly to them. “Are my men.”
When they do not immediately respond he glares at them and they all snap to attention.