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Full Name

Kesko Chu Ordox


Shirren Priest Mystic 4 | KAC 16, EAC 16 | HP 19/30, SP 28, RP 6 | F+3,R+2,W+8 |


Init+1, Perception +11 | Blindsense (Vibration 30') (SPELL USED: 2of #1 1of 2#)

About Keskochu Ordox

Shirren Priest Mystic 4
Worships Pharasma
NG Medium Humanoid (Shirren)
Init. +1; Senses: Blindsense (Vibration 30'), Perception +11


KAC: 16, EAC: 16
HP: 30, SP: 28, RP: 6
Fort: +3, Ref:+2, Will:+8



Speed: 30'.
Melee: Battle Staff +3, (1d4+4 B; critical knockdown; analog, block)
Ranged: Thunderstrike Sonic Pistol +4, (1d8+2 So; critical deafen (DC 13), or
Shock grenade I -1 (explode 15', 1d8 E, DC 7)
Spell Like Abilities: (caster level 4th)
0 (at will)- Mindlink
Mystic Spells Known: (CL 4th; ranged +5)
2nd (3/day)-Fog Cloud, Mind Thrust*, Mystic Cure*
1st (4/day)-Command, Disguise Self, Lesser Remove Condition, Reflecting Armor, Share Language
0 (at will)-Detect Affliction, Detect Magic, Fatigue, Psychokinectic Hand, Stabilize, Telekinetic Projectile

Feats: Harm Undead, Spell Focus



Str 10, Int 12, Wis 18, Dex 13, Con 12, Cha 8


Skills & Languages:

Trained Skills:
Computers +5
Diplomacy +8
Life Science +8
Medicine +9
Mysticism +13
Perception +11
Pilot +5
(Reduce the DCs of a Culture and Mysticism checks by five when recalling knowledge about religious traditions, symbols, and famous leaders)
Feats: Harm Undead, Spell Focus
Common, Celestial, Shirren, Vercite, Vesk, limited telepathy 30'.
Other Abilities: Healing Channel, Healing Touch, Lifelink.


Combat and other Gear:

Mk 1 serums of Healing (2), shock grenades 1 (2)

Other Gear: defrex hide, battle staff, thunderstrike sonic pistol with 2 batteries (20 charges each), mk 1 Ring of Resistance, basic Medkit, everyday clothing, field rations (1 week), hygiene kit, personal comm unit, credstick (44 credits)


Class Abilities:
Connection: Healer. Bonus spell: Mystic Cure. Healing Channel: spend 1 RP to heal 2d8 damage. To self, move action. To ally, standard action. All allies in 30' as a full action.
Healing Touch:1/day, can spend ten minutes to heal an ally 5 HP per Mystic level.
Lifelink: select one ally within 30'. If it has taken damage, can restore 4 HP to that ally and take the same amount of damage to his HP. Doesn't take an action. Can't be reduced by any means.