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Full Name

Kavor Doan




CORE Ftr1/Wiz5/EK1 | AC17 T13 FF14 | HP 62/62 | F+9 R +6 W +7 (all +2 vs spells, SLA, poison) | Init +6 | Perc +8 | CMD 20 (24 vs bull rush, trip) | Reroll 1/1 | Active: Shield, Haste| Armor: Off







Special Abilities

Telekinetic Fist, Physical Enhancement (Dex +2), Spells, Stonecunning, Darkvision, Hardy




Cayden Cailean


Highhelm or Absalom


Common, Dwarven, Giant, Terran, Elven, Aklo, Undercommon, Hallit



Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 8

About Kavor Doan

Kavor Doan's great strength and stamina set him apart from most other Society wizards. Should they comment that his vast intellect is not quite as vast as theirs, he will challenge them to Trial by Cayden (i.e., a drinking contest). Most refuse.
He considers it unmanly and vile to use magic directly against mundane opponents, preferring to resort to his axe in such cases. Diplomacy is an even better solution, but the dwarf is not quite as charming as he thinks he is.

Character Sheet:

Kavor Doan
Dwarven Fighter 1/ Wizard 5/Eldritch Knight 1 (Transmuter; opposed Conjuration, Enchantment)
NG Medium Humanoid
Init +5; Perception +8
AC 12, touch 12, flatfooted 10 (unarmored, with floating bonus to Dex)
AC 21, touch 11, flatfooted 20 (armored, with floating bonus to Str; +10 armor, +1 Dex)
HP 62 (2d10+5d6+26)
Fort +9, Ref +4, Will +7
Speed 20ft.
Melee +2 Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe +11 (1d10+10/x3) (counting +2 Arcane Strike) (PA -2/+6)
Ranged Dagger +5 (1d4+4/19-20) or Bola +1 (1d4+4 nonlethal, trip)
Str 16 (18), Dex 13, Con 16, Int 14 (16), Wis 12, Cha 8
BAB +4; CMB +8; CMD 19
Feats Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe), Step Up, Arcane Strike, Spell Focus (Evocation), Power Attack (-2/+6), Still Spell, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Improved Initiative
Traits Upstanding, Magical Knack
FCB Wizard +5 Hit Points
Skills (5 per level)
Profession (Merchant) 5 +9
Spellcraft 4 +10
Diplomacy 7 +13
Knowledge (Arcana) 1 +7
Climb 1 +8 (+3 with ACP)
Knowledge (Planes) 1 +7
Knowledge (History) 1 +7
Linguistics 3 +9
Swim 1 +8 (+3 with ACP)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 1 +7
Knowledge (Religion) 1 +7
Knowledge (Local) 1 +7
Knowledge (Nature) 1 +7
Perception 7 +8
Languages Common, Dwarven, Terran, Giant, Elven, Undercommon, Aklo, Hallit
Special Physical Enhancement (+2 Str), Telekinetic Fist 5/day (30' ranged touch, 1d4+2 bludgeoning)
Spells Known (Concentration +10, DC 13+Spell Level):
Resistance, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Dancing Lights, Flare, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Bleed, Disrupt Undead, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Arcane Mark, Prestidigitation (17 pages)

Air Bubble (non-Core, from Chronicle), Alarm, Burning Hands, Comprehend Languages, Detect Undead, Endure Elements, Enlarge Person, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Protection from Evil, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, True Strike, Vanish (non-Core, from Varian Jeggare) (16 pages)
Alter Self, Bear's Endurance, Blur, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Command Undead, False Life, Gust of Wind, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Mirror Image, Resist Energy, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility, Shatter, Spider Climb (34 pages)
Blood Biography (non-Core, from Chronicle), Daylight, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Fireball, Fly, Gaseous Form, Haste, Protection from Energy, Seek Thoughts (non-Core, from Chronicle), Tongues (33 pages)
"Fighter Mode" Spells Prepared (4/5/4/3) Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Light, True Strike (x3), Feather Fall, Endure Elements, Still Shield, Blur, Still Burning Hands, Still Enlarge Person, Still See Invisibility, Still Alter Self, Still Resist Energy
"Wizard Mode" Spells Prepared (4/5/4/3) Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mage Hand, Disrupt Undead, True Strike, Magic Missile (2), Burning Hands, Feather Fall, See Invisibility, Resist Energy, Bull's Strength, Invisibility, Haste, Fireball, Dispel Magic
Equipment +1 Fullplate (ASF 35%), +2 Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe (arcane bond), 2 daggers, bola, backpack, waterskin, traveler’s outfit, 1 flask acid, holy water, spellbook, spell component pouch, 50' silk rope, grappling hook, wand CLW (41), wand of Shield (20), Wand of Ill Omen (25; non-Core but from Chronicle Sheet), furs, cleats, snow shoes, Cloak of Resistance +2, Wand of Disguise Self (49), Headband of Int +2, Scroll of Remove Blindness, Scroll of 2*Heroism, Potion of Barkskin, Scroll of Blood Biography, Scroll of Seek Thoughts,
Scroll of Air Bubble
Current encumbrance: 80 lbs (medium)
Money: 11,511 gp

Bought spells: False Life, Hold Portal, Comprehend Languages, Floating Disk, Gust of Wind, Knock, Levitate, Resist Energy, See Invisibility, Shatter, Command Undead, Alter Self, Magic Missile

20.5 XP, 32 Prestige, 38 Fame

New Purchases:

For 8-99D: Headband of Int +2 (Perception) (4,000)
Cloak to +2 (3,000)
Adding Magic Missile to spellbook (15)
Earned for 8-99D: 2500+50
For Mysteries Under Moonlight:
Scroll of 2*Heroism (2 pp)
Potion of Barkskin (300)
Scroll of Remove Blindness (375)
Scroll of Blood Biography (375)
Scroll of Seek Thoughts (375)
Scroll of Air Bubble (25)
Scribing (190)
Earned: 3314+50
New total: 4945
For The Howling Dance:
Scribing (450)
Earned (3,284 +50)
New total: 7,829
For Jarlsblood Witch Saga:
Scribing (370)
Earned (4,002 +50)
New total: 11,511

Fighter-Mode Botting Instructions:

Typically have waraxe and Wand of Shield out.
Round 1: Cast Shield (for AC 25) and sheathe wand.
Round 2: Move to melee, Arcane Strike, and 2-handed attack with axe.
Power Attack if in flanking or vs DR for -1/+3
For very tough foes: Cast True Strike then use bola to trip.