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//My intro featured on the Paizo blog once upon a time.

Hello, my name is Kate Sprague. I am currently a student at Bellevue College, studying Digital Media Arts. I'm particularly interested in game design, and have pursued this internship due to my enduring love of tabletop roleplaying games.

I started playing Pathfinder a little over two years ago with a group at our local game store. Not long after that, my husband and I found our way to a weekly Pathfinder Society meetup in Redmond. Our early experiences with Pathfinder led us to assemble a weekly home game. Currently, we are following the Kingmaker Adventure Path through the River Kingdoms.

My most played class is hands down the Druid. Currently, I have five pathfinder society Druids. My favorite is Dr. Chrysanthemum Moonbeam; an elderly aasimar practitioner of gnomeopathy whose day job is representing the ‘Make a Limited Wish Foundation.' Her animal companion, Tasha, is a sabertooth tiger who unfortunately suffers from a terminal case of gigantism.