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Full Name

Karnog Kegmeister


Dwarf Cleric 16 Initiative +1, Darkvision 60', Perception +29


HP 141/141 |AC 26 / T 11/ FF 25 | Fort +17, Ref +10, Will +21|


Treasure Spreadsheet





Special Abilities

Channel Positive Energy (8d6, 8/day, DC 20), Deflection Aura (1/day, 20' aura, +2 Deflection to AC/CMD), Artificer's Touch (1d6+8 damage to constructs & objects 10/day, bypasses DR 16 & hardness 16), Protective Aura: 2/ day, +3 Deflection, Resist 10






Dwarven, Common, Orc, Undercommon, Goblin, Infernal, Abyssal


Adventurer, Blacksmith, Priest, Village Elder

Strength 21
Dexterity 12
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 24
Charisma 16

About Karnog Kegmeister

Karnog Kegmeister, LG Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Dwarven Cleric of Torag 16

Init +1 Senses: Darkvision 60’, Perception +28
Speed 20, Languages: Common, Dwarven, Orc, Undercommon, Goblin, Infernal, Abyssal
Height: 4’6” Weight: 214 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 64

AC 29 Touch 11 FF 28 (Armor +11, Shield +4, Dex +1, NA +3)
HP: 141 (16d8+56)
Saves: Fort +17 Ref +10 Will +21 (+2 vs. poison, +2 vs spells, spell-like-abilities)
Aura: Overwhelming Law / Good


Melee: +2 flaming warhammer +19/+14/+9 (1d8+7+1d6 fire 20/x3)
Ranged: masterwork light crossbow +14 (1d8 19-20/x2) range 80’ Ammo 20 Normal, 80 Adamantine
Ranged: lasso +13 (entangle), range 10'
BAB 12/7/2 CMB 17 CMD 28 (30 Bull Rush/Trip)


Abilities: Str 15 (21), Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 20 (24), Cha 16

SQ: Slow and Steady, Defensive Training (+4 Dodge AC vs Giants), Craftsman (+2 Craft on metals/stonework), Hatred (+1 attack vs. Orcs & Goblinoids), Hardy, Stability, Stonecunning, Favored Class (Cleric, HP), Second Wind ( 2/day; 1d4+2 HP healing) (2/2 remaining)

SA: Channel Positive Energy (8/day, 8d6, DC 20)8/8 remaining, Deflection Aura (1/day, 20’ aura, allies gain +2 Deflection AC & CMD), mending at will, Artificer’s Touch (10/day, 1d6+7 damage to constructs or objects, bypasses hardness 15 & DR 15), Dancing Weapon ([][][]), Protective Aura (16/16 rds, 30', +3 Deflection, Resist Energy (All) 10)

Traits: Militant Merchant (+1 Perception to determine surprise + class skill)

Feats: heavy armor proficiency, weapon proficiency (lasso), extra channel, sacred summons, spell focus:conjuration, augment summoning, extend spell, spell penetration

Skills: Diplomacy +7, Heal +11, Knowledge (geography) +3, Knowledge (planes) +4, Knowledge (religion) +7, Linguistics +5, Perception +29, Craft (armorsmithing) +9, Craft (blacksmithing) +9, Craft (stoneworking) +9, Craft (weaponsmithing) +8, Craft (woodworking) +9, Profession (Cartographer) +11, Sense Motive +14

Scrolls: CLW (8), scroll of ant haul (3), scroll of comprehend languages (2), scroll of detect undead, scroll of endure elements (2), scroll of hide from undead (2), scroll of magic weapon, scroll of obscuring mist, scroll of remove fear, consecrate (8), spell immunity (CL 16)

Potions: CLW (3; 1d8+3) ,CMW (2; 2d8+6), magic weapon, anti-toxin

Wand: CLW (43 charges), Lesser Restoration (3 charges), CMW (17 charges), CSW (48 charges), rod of resurrection (5 charges, CL 15)

Combat Gear: Tanglefoot Bags (2), Rod of Extend, Lesser [x][][], Pearl of Power (1st lvl), silver dust (250gp), holy water (10)

Gear: ring of telekinesis, +3 full plate, mithral chain shirt, phylactery of faithfulness (not worn), +3 buckler, +2 flaming warhammer, lasso (25'), masterwork light crossbow, 20 bolts, 80 adamantine bolts, MWK dagger, morningstar, silver holy symbol, belt pouch, candle (5), bandolier, masterwork backpack, handy haversack, cleric's vestments, everfull mug, rations (10), waterskin, mining pick, shovel, 100’ hemp rope, bedroll, iron spike (5), compass, blank map book, scrivener’s kit, 50’ silk rope, grappling hook. +4 headband of wisdom, +6 belt str, amulet NA +3, eyes of the eagle, bag of holding II (25lbs/500lbs/70cu.ft.), coin purse of holding, masterwork blacksmith tools, masterwork carpentry tools, masterwork stonemason tools, traveler's anytool

Coin: 1,453gp, 56sp, 15cp
Gems: Diamonds (10000gp)

Carrying Capacity: Light 173lbs Medium 346 lbs Heavy 520 lbs Lift 1040 lbs Drag 2600 (all values include mwk backpack, all values x3 when ant haul is cast)

Carried Weight: 83 lbs (11 lbs backpack, 72 lbs weapons & armor)

Spells Prepared (Caster Level 16, Concentration +22, Save DC 16+Spell Level)
Domains: Artifice/ Defense (Protection)
Orisons: create water, purify food & drink, resistance, spark
1st (4+1+2): ant haul, bless, comprehend languages, divine favor, protection from evil, shield(d), shield of faith (b)
2nd (4+1+2): barkskin(d), consecrate, lesser restoration, resist energy(b), silence, spiritual weapon, weapon of awe
3rd (4+1+1): dispel magic, stone shape, resist energy (communal), invisibility purge, protection from energy(d), searing light
4th (4+1+1): restoration, blessing of fervor, divine power, freedom of movement, holy smite, spell immunity(d)
5th (4+1+1): breath of life (b)(2), fabricate (d),righteous might, wall of stone, spell resistance (SR 28)
6th (3+1+1):blade barrier, heal (b), hero's feast, antimagic field (d), animate objects
7th (2+1): wall of iron (d), summon monster VII (2)
8th (1+1): greater angelic aspect, mind blank (d)

Generalist Spell Loadout:

1st (4+1+2): ant haul, bless, remove fear(b), protection from evil, comprehend languages, shield(d), shield of faith (b)
2nd (4+1+2): bull's strength, bear's endurance, barkskin(d), lesser restoration, silence, consecrate, resist energy(b)
3rd (4+1+1): dispel magic, stone shape(d), resist energy (communal), align weapon (communal), remove blindness/deafness,, invisibility purge
4th (4+1+1): restoration, air walk, spell immunity(d), lesser planar ally, blessing of fervor
5th (4+1+1): summon monster V, wall of stone, angelic aspect, fabricate (d), breath of life (b)
6th (2+1+1):heal (b), hero's feast, major creation (d), planar ally, animate objects
7th (2+1): wall of iron (d), control weather, holy word, regenerate
8th (1+1): fire storm, greater angelic aspect, mind blank(d)

Back Story
Karnog knew from an early age that he wanted to help others. His clan-mates, friends, and even business rivals grew to know this and eventually expect him to go out of his way to see their needs met. Soon after his coming-of-age, he began to hear the voice of the Creator, Torag, and realized his decades of selfless service and tireless work had been noticed.

Now granted power by the Father of Dwarves, Karnog has taken up the mantle to adventure and bring the ideals of Law and Good into the wilds. Hearing about a potential hive of evil, he was naturally attracted to the area surrounding the dungeon of Rappan Athuk. Undeterred by the rumors and whispers about the place of doom, he is ready to test his mettle against whatever he encounters.

You are flooded with visions and and stern narration of great story. Many, many years ago, the last great army of Tsar was locked in battle with the goodly forces in the army of Light. Untold numbers fell on both sides, and as the army of Light saw victory within their grasp, the fallen soldiers on both sides began rising up to continue the warfare for the forces of Evil. Redoubling their efforts, bolstered by the fact that if they lost, Good would be expunged from the earth and eventually from existence, the army of Light summoned their full might and threw themselves at the citadel of Tsar in an attempt to crush the evildoers once and for all.

The forces of light and Good brought all their power to bear, and it was enough, for as the army of Light neared exhaustion, the last of the army of Twilight fell in defeat. But total victory was not to be had. The Grand Cornu, high priest of Orcus in Tsar, had foreseen the fall of his army, and made arrangements to transport his remaining forces to a place of safety and security, so that he may rebuild, and plan a counterattack to destroy the holy warriors and regain control of the surrounding areas. However, the Grand Cornu’s plan was not without flaws…

You are to lead your companions below and search for the fallen angel, LORD NAPHRATHOTH, FALLEN EMPYREAL COMMANDER. Rid this plane of his vileness and save Orctown. As a special gift to the fallen angel, Orcus has granted him unique abilities, twisting those abilities naturally possesses by his race into ones more useful in his current calling."

You can not battle and destroy everything, use your resources wisely, the armies you encounter are a not your main concern but their leadership is. Seek and destroy the fallen angel and his leadership structure, beware the dwarf graveknight barbarian, he's no longer a kin in race or spirit."

"The entire area is shielded, even from me, and no means of magical transport such as teleport, dimension door, plane shift, ethereal jaunt, and so on functions beyond the Black Garrison that lies below, except in very specific areas and the stage bearing the High Altar. The information washes over you mind. "More importantly, no divine spells involving extraplanar contact of the non-evil planes, such as summoning or commune, operate where you are going. You can choose alternative spells that your summoning. Your evil enemies are not so hindered as they can contact the lower planes of Evil, and you're goodly hearts are at a distinct disadvantage. The entire area radiates an unhallow spell.

Should you survive seek the stairs below and search for the Grand Cornu of Orcus. In the clergy of Orcus, there are many high priests, beings holding power, prestige, and above all, an affinity for death and destruction. These high priests are often the most frightening and terrible forces of their particular area, combining and leading divergent masses bent only on spreading evil and atrocity. Taking down a high priest of Orcus and thwarting their plans is often the goal of any adventuring group, whatever their party’s moral code. Evil fights evil, as well as everyone else. Only the strongest, smartest, and most ruthless reach the upper echelon of this clergy. And above all these demented individuals, sits the Grand Cornu of Orcus, the supreme authority of Orcus’s will on the material plane.

After some immediate preparation, the army of Light found where the survivors of Tsar had fled. In their haste, the army of Light split their forces; some remained in Tsar to cleanse that wicked place, while the rest pursued the refugees. Not knowing Jeravix’s plan all along was to send the army of Twilight to Rappan Athuk, the army of Light was woefully unprepared for what awaited them upon their arrival.

After the defeat of the army of Light, Lorvius celebrated as only he knew how. Always a sadomasochistic and deviant man, he did not allow
the army of Light to rest after death. Animating their bodies, Lorvius positioned many of the fallen army to posts in Rappan Athuk. Over time,
as other undead and despicable beings were drawn to the Dungeon of Graves, Lorvius lost track of the army, and now only on occasion can a
former soldier of the army of Light be recognized by a scrap of armor or a standard.

During the rebuilding, the Archbishop of Orcus, Pagonis, came to Rappan Athuk. Having attempted to create a center of worship in the city of Tercople, Pagonis was not part of the evacuation, and was looked upon as an “outsider” in Lorvius’s eyes. In the years Lorvius served Seneschal Vrrius, Pagonis had always lorded his status over Lorvius and all the other disciples. Now that Lorvius had secured Rappan Athuk, and was preparing the coronation ceremony for the next Grand Cornu, who was Pagonis to come in and take control? Lorvius planned a very clever assassination to remove his rival. Successful, Lorvius had the archbishops body brought to the Cathedral and before his body was cold, Lorvius bathed the new High Altar with the former archbishops blood, thus elevating himself to High Cornu of Orcus.
After the ceremony, and upon returning to his own personal level of the dungeon, Grand Cornu Lorvius retired to his private lounge for relaxation. Upon entering, he was horrified to find the shadowy figure of Archbishop Pagonis standing there waiting for him. Upon his death, Orcus had decided to send the archbishop back to the material plane to act as an “advisor” to the new Grand Cornu, and maintain his position as Archbishop is his “new and improved” form. The archbishop is rarely far away from the Grand Cornu, always offering advice and observing his actions.



CLW x12
CMW x34
CSW x9
CCW x2
Shield of Faith x1
Endure Elem-Fire x1
Endure Elem-Cold x1
Oil Magic Weapon +1 x4
Oil Magic Weapon +2 (CL 8) x2
Bear's End x2
Delay Poison x1
Prot Good x1
Prot Law x1
Rem Disease x2
Sanctuary x1
Fox's Cunning x1
Expeditious Retreat x1
Oil of Darkness x1
Bestow Curse x1
Inf LW x1
Eagle's Splendor x1
Remove Fear x1
Remove Paralysis x1 (really?)
Water Breathing x1
Oil of Daylight x1
Oil of Flaming Arrow x1
Invisibility x1
Barkskin +3 x1
Speak with Dead x1
Oil of Magic Vestment +3 x1