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Full Name

Karish (from Ku'ryss, Infernal for "Unknown")


Hellbred Human


Binder/Hellreaver | Oracle/Paladin






Unknown; estimated to be early thirties

Special Abilities

Binder Abilities, Oracle Abilities, Paladin Abilities, Hellreaver Abilities; Dreamtelling


Lawful Good


Kestal (~Sarenrae)


Aklo, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Infernal, Sylvan; Telepathy 100 feet


Retired Hero and Adventurer, Teacher/Instructor

About Karish Conway

"Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread." ~ Alexander Pope, "An Essay on Criticism" Part III

RACE/SEX: Female Human Hellbred
AGE: Early Thirties
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 158 lbs.

Link to Character Sheet (under construction!)
Vestiges Typically Bound: [Sup]=Suppressed sign
Chupoclops (DC: 25; Sign: Underbite and Fangs [Sup]; Influence: Pessimism and Fear/Morale failure; Abilities: Aura of Despair, Ethereal Watcher, Ghost Touch, Poison Bite, Pounce, Soul Sense)
Naberius (DC: 15; Sign: Gravelly voice [Sup]; Influence: Take the Stage; Abilities: Disguise Self, Faster Ability Healing, Naberius’s Skills, Persuasive Words, Silver Tongue)
Tenebrous (DC: 21 Sign: Cloaked in Shadow; Influence: Loss, detachment, and delay; Abilities: Deeper Darkness, See in Darkness, Touch of the Void, Turn/Rebuke Undead, Vessel of Emptiness)
Andras (DC: 22; Sign: Vestigal Wings [Sup]; Influence: Apathy and battle fatigue; Abilities: Weapon Proficiency, Mount, Saddle Sure, Smite Good or Evil, Sow Discord, Sure Blows)

Amazing art by Ruloc!

Karish had probably been considered beautiful once, before whatever had happened to her occurred; her appearance looked to have once been fair and strong, if perhaps a little shorter than some might have preferred. Her hair is slightly wavy, full and long, hanging down to the middle of her shoulderblades, and of a deep blood red so dark it seems almost black. Her skin is a dark brownish red in shade, visibly scarred and burnt over all, riddled with breaks and cracks, the whole of it reminiscent of a barren wasteland, scorched and broken by the heat of a relentless desert sun; her face bears the reddish shade and scalded texture of the rest of her body, but has been spared the riddling cracks and breaks that much of the rest of her suffered. Her teeth are black, and not at all human in shape, seeming more like fangs. The top of her head is oddly shaped: where her forehead should end it instead rises in a row of small yellowish bony spines, forming a natural crown of horns that holds her hair up and away from her face, though a few stray locks have managed to find their way down regardless. Her ears come to slight points, and have scars that suggest they had been pierced, despite lacking any adornment now. The sclera of her eyes are entirely black, veined with pale yellow rather than the expected red, with irises of a darker yellow-gold that seems to glow slightly on its own and pupils that are not the expected empty black but rather orangish-red like her eyes had been filled with fire. She seems to be somewhat stronger than she appears - short, slightly stocky, with very prominent curves and a general build that looks far softer than the warrior she clearly appears to be.. Her appearance is for all other purposes that of a human traveler in her late twenties or early thirties, save her hands - her fingers end in short, bony white claws each approximately half an inch long and slightly sharp.