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Influence on: Alexandra, Alexis, Bronwyn | Influenced by: Alexandra, Bronwyn


Conditions: Angry, Insecure | Potential: 1/5 | Team: 3


Danger -2 | Freak +3 | Savior +1 | Superior +3 | Mundane 0


English, Japanese

About Kaoru Miyamoto

Hero Name/Hacker Name: Apocalypse or "Cal" for short

- Text messages
- SCA Files/Notes

Mary Contrary (Delinquent): When someone tries to pierce your mask, comfort or support you, or provoke you, you can interfere. Roll + Superior. On a hit, they take a -2 on their roll. On a 10+, you also take Influence over them or clear a condition. On a 7- 9, you expose yourself to retribution, cost, or judgment. On a miss, they get a 10+ no matter what they rolled and you mark a condition of their choice.

I don't care what you think! (Delinquent): Whenever you reject others' influence, add +2 to your roll.

Are you watching closely? (Delinquent): When you mislead, distract, or trick someone, roll + Superior. On a hit, they are fooled, at least for a moment. On a 10+, choose three. On a 7- 9, choose two.
- You get an opportunity
- You expose a weakness or flaw
- You confuse them for some time
- You avoid further entanglement
On a miss, you're hopelessly embroiled in it and under pressure; mark a condition.

Kirby-craft (Outsider): You have a vehicle, something from your home. Detail its look, and choose two strengths and two weaknesses. When you are flying your ship, you can use it to unleash your powers, directly engage a threat, or defend using Superior.
- Chameleon plating
- Size-shifting
- Susceptible to electricity
- Unarmed

Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if they think you’re cool. If they say yes, give them Influence and take Influence over them. If they say no, mark a condition or spurn them immediately. If they’re a teammate, then either way, add a Team to the pool.

When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, give them Influence over you, and ask them who they’d like you to be. Mark potential if you show them that person. If they’re a teammate, add a Team to the pool no matter what

- Add +1 to any two Labels
- Take a move from another playbook (Kirby Craft/Outsider)

- Take another move from your playbook
- Take another move from your playbook
- Take a move from another playbook
- Someone permanently loses Influence over you; add +1 to a Label
- Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label
- Unlock your Moment of Truth

When you've taken five advances from the top list, you can take advances from the list below.
- Unlock your Moment of Truth after it's been used once
- Change playbooks
- Take an adult move
- Take an adult move
- Lock a Label, and add +1 to a Label of your choice
- Retire from the life or become a paragon of the city


誰 - Cassie
美/賢 - Alexandra
死 - Wingblade
痴 - Shaun
劇 - Alexis
大 - Bran
Not yet acquired - Bronwyn

Miyamoto Family (宮本: 宮 = shrine or temple, 本 = origin, root, base of)
Hideo Miyamoto (偉雄 = excellent male child): Kaoru's dad. Trained as an electrical engineer with a strong interest in mechanics and building things. From a very young age, included Kaoru in many of his 'projects' which ranged from building model gundams and repairing old run down hunkers to helping out at a bake sale for charity and rescuing a feral street kitten.
Where they are now: Deceased
What Kaoru thinks of them: Kaoru idolizes her father. More so because he died before she had grown up enough to see any of his flaws.

Naomi Miyamoto (直美: 直 = straight, 美 = beautiful): Kaoru's mom. She's a consulting software engineer who tends to work long hours. Even when she doesn't, she's often called away to go on business trips to meet with clients in person or she will work odd hours to match up with clients on the other side of the globe. This has gotten worse since she and Kaoru had to move; their relationship is much more strained, so as a result, she dove into work even more. She's saddened, confused, and rather worried by Kaoru's complete 180 in both personality and appearance, but isn't sure how to help or what to do about it.
Where they are now: At home a little more often while they get moved and settled into their new house in Halcyon City
What Kaoru thinks of them: Kaoru feels conflicted about her mother. She loves her dearly but feels trapped by her expectations and perceptions about who she is.

Shadow (シャドー): Kaoru's black cat. Her father took him in when he was just a feral kitten on the street. He was pretty feisty at the time and tried to lash out at everyone (admittedly his attempts were both ineffectual and absolutely adorable). Kaoru was initially devastated that he wasn't a cuddly, affectionate kitty, but her dad told her to be patient, just keep loving the cat, and eventually he would come around. It's only thanks to his guidance that she kept trying to win over the cat's heart. She managed to get Shadow into a neutral relationship (instead of downright hostile) when her dad died. As if by magic, that's when Shadow really started to warm up to her.
Where they are now: Probably curled on up Kaoru's bed, sleeping.
What Kaoru thinks of them: He's the best! And possibly Kaoru's only real friend right now. He comforted her after her father's death and is a reminder of him (as one of the last 'projects' the two of them worked on together). The fact that she had had to be patient and work hard to get his love also places him in a special place in her heart.

Mundane Folk
Jack Liu: Kaoru's ex-boyfriend and the only person she's ever 'dated'. The two of them had known each other for a while and were friends prior to dating. Despite never having romantic feelings for him, Kaoru ended up asking him out due to peer pressure and a desire to fit in. When Jack's rising football stardom went to his head and he started trying to make their relationship more physical, she ended the relationship. Hurt and angry, he started a rumor she dumped him because she was gay. She got her revenge digitally by, among other things, putting him on a government terrorist watchlist.
Where they are now: Back in Kaoru's old town, playing football. As a kind of golden boy, the whole debacle with Kaoru had the town villainizing her as he played the victim, resulting in relatively little lost for him and Kaoru moving away.
What Kaoru thinks of them: He's an entitled ass. Though somewhere she refuses to acknowledge, she knows what she did to him was wrong. Or at least, that dating him when she wasn't actually interested in him was wrong. She stands by her retribution for spreading 'false' (but kind of actually true even if he didn't know it) rumors about her.

Chloe Gates: Kaoru's ex-bff. She had long suspected that Kaoru was gay and had spent months trying to subtly encourage her to come out to her. When Jack told her about their breakup and the 'cause,' she was hurt that her best friend had told Jack before her and confronted her about it. Since Jack's story about Kaoru's reasoning was a lie, Kaoru got angry and the two had a big fight. Afterward, she tried to reconcile with Kaoru, but Pinky's influence left Kaoru too angry for it to succeed
Where they are now: Back in Kaoru's old town. How things ended between her and Kaoru never really sat right with her, so she keeps trying to reconnect. Unfortunately, Pinky's managed to block the most 'damaging' of the texts she's sent, and Kaoru has ignored the rest.
What Kaoru thinks of them: She tries not to. The hurt and betrayal she felt has dulled but is very much still there. She masks it with anger fueled by Pinky's words.

Heroes and Villains
Pinky: A mysterious hacker villain. Noticed Kaoru when she put her ex-boyfriend on a government terrorist watchlist. Thought this was funny if rather sloppily executed, so started teaching her how to hack better in the hopes that she would continue to be entertaining. Cares for nothing except for his own amusement and thinks of others as his playthings.
Where they are now: Currently blocked from all contact with Kaoru by Delphi
What Kaoru thinks of them: She thinks they're one of her only friends

Pinky is actually a rogue AI created by a Brain hero. Said Brain was a big fan of Saturday morning cartoons whose slapstick comedy is what got Pinky started on its dark path of entertainment.

Dephi: A mysterious hacker hero. Noticed Kaoru when Pinky started getting her to pull more elaborate cyber 'pranks' that might have resulted in someone getting hurt or killed.
Where they are now: Blocking Pinky from all access to Kaoru while trying to undo the damage his influence did.
What Kaoru thinks of them: They're a know-it-all, sanctimonious ass, but at least they got some serious skills to back up their attitude

Delphi's mundane identity is known by only a few trusted heroes. This is because her physical body is rather frail, so if her hacker activities were connected with her meat-space body, it would be relatively easy for a villain to have her taken out.

Misc Notes/Details:
Kaoru's computer
Any time an incorrect password is entered on her computer, a picture is silently taken using the computer's built-in camera and sent to Kaoru's cell phone. Kaoru can then use her phone to remotely wipe her computer if necessary (which is fine as anything really important she has backed up to an external hard drive that she keeps hidden in her room. Except when backing up her stuff, the external isn't connect to anything to prevent someone remotely hacking into it). 3 failed attempts in a 5-minute span will lock the computer for the next hour. In addition, she's got two dummy passwords that have some custom behavior if you type them in.

password - Runs photo recognition software on the picture taken against the DMV database. If a match is found, tries various combinations of the person's name and the password "password" to see if it can hack into their email account. If successfully, promptly sends an email out to everybody listed in the email's contacts saying, "Lol, I'm so dumb my password is 'password'."

im!Nid10t - (Note: This is written on a post-it note stuck to the laptop) Turns the volume up to max and begins blasting the song American Idiot by Green Day, starting at the first line: "Don't want to be an American Idiot" At the same time, the login screen goes completely black with only a No Face mask smiling at the user. This continues until either the laptop is forcibly shut down or an authentication signal is sent from Kaoru's phone.

HA,t4ho->cb4. - (Heralding Apocalypse, the 4 horsemen come before.) The correct password. A 2 factor authentication code paired to a waterproof key Kaoru keeps around her neck at all times must then be entered to complete login.

Kaoru's house
- General empty feeling, making it seem larger than it actually is. The only rooms that are really used are the kitchen, garage (has a workbench for Kaoru's mechanical projects), and the bedrooms.
- One room still has unpacked boxes. They're all labeled in Japanese, but they include some of Kaoru's old dresses that her mom couldn't bear to throw out and a bunch of various trophies/awards Kaoru's won over the years (One way to out her as a girl)
- There are framed pictures scattered about various surfaces, but nothing hanging on the walls yet (goes back to the not-lived-in feeling of the place). Any picture that has a relatively recent picture of Kaoru (AKA is clearly Kaoru and is clearly of a girl) has been placed face-down by her (Another way to out her as a girl). Any picture containing her father has been recently dusted.

Other notes
- All Kaoru's accounts are secured using 2FA
- She currently has biometric unlocking set up on her phone, but that's it
- Kaoru plays piano and violin and has taken voice lessons. She stopped taking lessons when her life metaphorically blew up
- 薫 means "fragrance"
- Kaoru thinks in Japanese. In case it ever comes up (like someone with telepathy shows up)
- Birthday is July 2nd (Cancer, a water sign)

Appearance and Personality:
Appearance: Before moving to Halcyon, Kaoru dressed as your typical preppy kid. Slacks, plaid skirts, pastel blouses, the occasional sweater vest. But recently, due to the whole unpleasantness that she hopes to escape from, she's cut her hair short and switched to a decidedly more goth/punk look (I have a vague image in my head, but I'm not sure if it's more of a light goth or punk-ish look). Ripped black pants, some black nail polish, one of those belts with the silver studded holes in them. And definitely no skirts or dresses. Nothing that would give away that she's a girl. She could, in fact quite easily be mistaken for one of those pretty Asian boys. Especially if she didn't actually ever tell anyone anything to the contrary.

So using the playbook descriptions: Ambiguous/male gender, Japanese ethnicity, untrusting eyes, rebellious clothing. Costume is basically a long black cloak and a mask.

Personality: Kaoru doesn't care what you think of her. Or at least, that's what she'd have you believe. Really, it's just a way to keep others at arm's length; she was burned in the past by people she thought were friends and has no desire to repeat that mistake. So the best way to protect herself is to keep others from knowing who she really is. Because if they don't know her, they can't really reject her. But like most people, all she really wants deep down is to be loved and respected. As such, she typically only provokes others if confronted rather than going out of her way to get in someone's face. She'd really much rather be left alone to do her own thing or silently throw judgmental looks at people from the outskirts.

Delinquent Backstory:
Abilities: Gadgetry and hacking, power negation
Initial Labels: Danger 0, Freak 0, Savior -1, Superior +3, Mundane +1

How did you get your powers?
Gadgetry and hacking: A combination of inherited intelligence and spending time with her parents (father [deceased] was an electrical engineer with an interest in mechanics, mother is a software engineer)
Power negation: Unbeknownst to her, when Kaoru started to befriend Pinky, they sent a robot to her house that injected her with an unknown substance while she slept. After the stunt she pulled with her ex-boyfriend, Pinky wanted to nurture her hacking ability because they thought her prank was entertaining and was eager to see what more havoc she could reap with better skills. Instead of enhancing her ability to hack computer systems, this gave Kaoru the ability to hack into people and shut down their powers. Kaoru is currently unaware of this ability.

What do you do for fun?
Play any and all video games. Build gadgets (currently working on building a mini-gundam model with working flight). Sometimes reads, mostly manga or sci-fi/fantasy novels. Hacking into random websites to prank them or just to see if she can.

Who, outside the team, thinks better of you than you do?
Depends on your definition of "better". Pinky sees the potential for great mischief in Kaoru. Kaoru's mom Naomi sees the wonderful girl she used to be and knows that's still inside of her (she's generally confused/sadden by this sudden drastic change both in appearance and personality. But she's also very busy and kind of out of touch with Kaoru, so there was definitely an element of seeing what she wanted to see there). Delphi thinks she's better than who Pinky is trying to turn her into, but they are likewise busy and is working more because they know Pinky isn't to be trusted than because they really know or want to protect Kaoru. Depending on how long Kaoru is supposed to have been at Halcyon High when the game starts (I picture her as being a new kid at school, having only recently moved to the area), she has probably endeared herself to the shop teacher.

Why do you try to be a hero?
At this point, out of fear of Delphi cutting off her access to the internet/taking her life completely offline.

Why do you care about the team?
Without knowing the team, hard to say. I imagine initially she won't. Then it'll be because it provides another way of escaping/keeping her mind occupied. And eventually, it'll be because she cares about the other members and wants to protect them.

When our team first came together...
We totally broke some major rules to win the fight. What rules did we break? Whose rules were they?

You keep trying to impress Alexandra with your antics.
You and Alexandra pulled an awesome (if illegal) stunt together.

Life before Halcyon City:
You wanna know about me? Well, my story is dumb. Like, tv trope, stereotype dumb. Your typical popular girl has an epiphany turns social outcast dumb. Or, I guess it's not quite that bad; at least I wasn't head cheerleader or anything. God, that would be embarrassing. But I was your typical top of the class, on track to get a full-ride scholarship to any Ivy league of my choosing preppy good girl. Oh, and I was dating the rising star of the JV football team Jack Liu, so there was that. But I mostly only did that because all my so-called friends kept telling me what a catch he was and what a cute couple we'd make and yadda yadda yadda. Based on some of the things they said, I'm pretty sure they didn't realize he's Chinese and I'm Japanese. Because all us Asians look alike. Obvs. But I just wanted to shut them up; they had started to look at me weird. Plus me and Jack had known each other for forever even though he's a year older, and he wasn't exactly subtle about his feelings for me (though I'm sure he thought he was). I liked him well enough and he was a nice guy, so eventually I gave in and asked him out (I know, scandalous that I didn't wait for him to ask me, right?).

Things were...ok I guess. For a while. Then he started his junior year, got promoted to the varsity team, got a taste of the stardom that offered, and he started to get kinda...well...handsy. I laughed it off at first, but he didn't stop. When it became clear that that was what our relationship was going to be -- him trying to move further around the bases and me attempting to fend off his advances -- I broke it off. I mean, that's what you're supposed to do, right? It was no big deal 'cause we had never been that serious in the first place, right?

Of course, I was wrong. He took it pretty poorly. I think some of the other guys kept giving him s!+# about it or something? Well anyway, he started this rumor that I broke up with him because I had a thing for this super smart girl with the most amazing green eyes you've ever seen: Lena. But no way could a rumor like that actually take hold, right? I mean, there was no evidence or anything. Wrong again. Next thing I know, my "friends" are pretty much all yelling at me for no reason. Some are pissed that I didn't tell them. Some were convinced I was perving on them all these years. Some thought I was trying to play the minority card for college applications. None of them believed that it was all Jack trying to get back at me.

So what's a girl to do in this kind of a situation? Well, obviously hack into all of Jack's accounts, expose his embarrassing emails and pictures to the rest of the school, change all his grades, and put him on a government terrorist watchlist for good measure, what else (I did mention that I'm super smart, right? Especially when it comes to computers)? Never mind the fact that the accusation maybe sorta kinda had some truth to it. Never mind the fact that you broke the kid's heart. It was a scorched earth policy: leave no survivors.

Things only went downhill from there. There were parent-teacher conferences, yelling, and other crap. The one good thing to come out of all of this was -- and don't laugh -- Pinky. Yeah, like that dumb kid's show. S/He (They?) even had the dumb icon to go along with the name as their avatar (oh yeah, they're an internet friend). They had found the government watchlist hack and thought it was hilarious that some nobody teen from Podunk, Nowhere was on it. They started giving me tips on how I could have covered my tracks better, made it more believable, and what other things I could have done to get my revenge.

It was pretty cool. My skills were growing in leaps and bounds. I mean, I thought I was good before, but I was nothing compared to what I was becoming. It was like I was directly talking to servers, able to literally see the vulnerabilities laid out before me like missed stitches in a quilt or whatever. I could feel my anger and frustration slipping away, replaced with this resplendent view of the grand tapestry of pranks and digital manipulations I was making with Pinky. All my problems at school, at home, just didn't bother me anymore.

Until some a!~%#&% calling themself "Delpi" stepped in. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to completely block all my interactions with Pinky. Said something about it being for my "own good," so obviously it's some know-it-all who really knows nothing adult. On the bright side, all this crap with my school means we're packing up and moving, so maybe that will help me get around whatever block Delpi put up. I think they're detecting my IP spoofing, so maybe if I actually have a new location I can more easily slip around their defenses. Plus Halcyon is a city so there might be actual things to do there. I can't wait to get away from everybody here.