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Hey All!

I recently started a Jade Regent AP with some friends, but our Cleric of Erastil had to drop out pretty quickly due to life reasons; so we’re looking for someone who wants to play with us!

We’re looking for someone who may be new when it comes to play by post as we are all new, including me.

Character Creation Rules:
-Start at 1st Level
-Any Paizo Class, no third party, archetypes are ok!
-20 Point buy, nothing higher than 18 or lower than 8 before racial adjustments
-2 Traits, one must be from the Jade Regent Player’s Guide, can taker one drawback if you want
-Average Gold of class or roll for it

A little bit about me, I have been playing Pathfinder for about 7 years now and have been GM’ing most of that time, so I’ve got some Pathfinder experience. I try to encourage character driven story and role playing.

We will be going first come first serve since we are only filling one party spot.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have!

Jade Regent

Not starting the campaign yet, but starting the gameplay thread, once the last two characters are made and everyone has made a dot post (just post here staying “dotting”) then we will begin.

This is a game for some friends who live out of state and the recruiting is closed.

Jade Regent

So here is where we can discuss

A.) What AP we want to do

B.) Character Creation

In terms of AP, I am really open to any AP at all, are there any that anybody has been dying to play? I know that I would love to GM or go through Iron Gods.

So during the fight with Erylium, our Samurai had Enlarge Person cast on him. He was able to roll a high roll on a CMB check to grapple Erylium. One of the other PC's knows Abyssal and was able to interrogate her and also rolled above a 30 on a Diplomacy check.

During the interrogation they asked her how long she's been here, she told them that she's been here since the Thassalonian empire. She also name-dropped the Runelords--just that title no other information--, which I realize now may have been showing my cards too earlier.

So here's my question, would Erylium have known about the Runelords since she lived during that time? So the general Golarion public, at least the scholars, are aware of the Thassalonian Empire do they also know about its seven rulers or is that a secret that was lost during Starfall?

One thing that has happened is that I think I've got a nice bait and switch going where the party thinks that the main bad guy of the entire Adventure Path is Lamashtu. So I'm wondering if using that and eventually, books later, pull the rug out from under them and reveal the real main bad guy.

Just looking for thoughts on ways that I can rectify this blunder.