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Full Name

Kannic Orefinder




Rogue 9/Ranger 3









Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8

About Kannic Orefinder

Scout for the Three Stones Clan, one of Kannic's jobs is to search for new veins of ore. He works mostly freelance, combining adventuring with his scouting, or 'finding' as he calls it.

Quick with a joke and always ready to indulge in life's pleasures, Kannic can flip on a dime into a deadly foe.

His eyes are unique for a dwarf, sometimes looking like glittering of gems. This magical effect sometimes performs a variety of detect spells, but only when Kannic deems it necessary.

Male dwarf Ranger 3/Rogue 9
CG Medium humanoid
Init +7 (+8 in caves); Senses Perception +16 (Spells on sight, Detect Magic/Secret Doors/Evil
AC 21, touch 14, flat-footed 21 (+7 armor, +3 dex)
hp 129 (9d8+3d10+50)
Fort +13, Ref +16, Will +11
Spd 20 ft./x4
Melee Mwk Greataxe +14/+9 1d12+6 20/x3
Ranged +2 Crossbow, heavy +14/+9 1d10+2 19-20/x2
Ranged Mwk Dagger, thrown +13/+8 1d4+4 19-20/x2
Ranged Mwk Hammer, light +13/+8 1d4+4 20/x2
Ranged Mwk Dwarven Pistol, light, +14/+9 1d8+3, 20/x3
Str 18, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 8
Base Atk +9, Cmb +13Cmd +13
Feats Alertness (PFCR 117), Armor Proficiency (Light) (PFCR 118), Armor Proficiency (Medium) (PFCR 118), Blind-Fight (PFCR 118-119), Dodge (PFCR 122), Endurance (PFCR 122), Improved Initiative (PFCR 127), Iron Will (PFCR 129), Mobility (PFCR 130-131), Penetrating Strike - Crossbow (PFCR 131), Point Blank Shot (PFCR 131), Quick Draw (PFCR 131), Shield Proficiency (PFCR 133)
Skills Acrobatics +8, Appraise +13, Bluff +4, Climb +13, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +18, Disguise +5, Escape Artist +6, Handle Animal +3, Heal +6, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +12, Knowledge (engineering) +12, Knowledge (geography) +7, Linguistics +8, Perception +16, Profession (cartographer) +8, Sense Motive +16, Sleight of Hand +10, Stealth +14, Survival +8, Use Magic Device +13, Use Magic Device +13
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Goblin, Ignan, Terran
Combat Gear +2 Repeating Crossbow, heavy, Mwk Dagger, Mwk Greataxe, Mwk Hammer, light, Mithral Chain shirt +3
Other Gear Armor & Shield, Weapons
Class Abilities • TRAP SENSE (+3) - +3 bonus on Reflex saves made to avoid traps and a +3 dodge bonus to AC against attacks made by traps. (PFCR 34).
• IMPROVED UNCANNY DODGE - Cannot be flanked. This defense denies a rogue the ability to sneak attack by flanking, unless the attacker has at least four more rogue levels than the target has levels in classes that offer Uncanny Dodge. (PFCR 34).
• FAVORED ENEMY - You have bonuses to Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks as well as weapon attack and damage rolls used against the following creature types: Elemental (+2). (PFCR 64).
• RANGER WEAPONS AND ARMOR - All simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor and shields (but not tower shields). (PFCR 64).
• RANGER WILD EMPATHY - Change animal attitudes in a way similar to Diplomacy. Check bonus equals 2. Animal must be within 30 ft.. (PFCR 65).
• TRACK - Add half ranger level (min. 1) to Survival checks made to follow tracks. (PFCR 64).
• RANGER COMBAT STYLE - Point Blank Shot (PFCR 65).
• FAVORED TERRAIN - The ranger gets bonuses to Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, Survival and Initiative checks in Underground (caves) (+2) terrain (PFCR 65).
• RANGER ENDURANCE - A ranger gains Endurance as a bonus feat at 3rd level. (PFCR 65).
• ROGUE WEAPONS AND ARMOR - All simple weapons, hand crossbow, rapier, sap, shortbow, and short sword. All light armor, but no shield. (PFCR 68).
• TRAPFINDING - Add +4 to Perception checks to locate traps and Disable Device checks. Can disarm magic traps. (PFCR 68).
• ROGUE EVASION - A successful Reflex save for half damage results in no damage. Must be in light armor or no armor and not helpless. (PFCR 68).
• ROGUE TALENT - You have chosen the following rogue talents: Combat Trick, Quick Disable, Minor Magic, Major Magic.
- Combat Trick - You have selected the combat feat Penetrating Strike. (PFCR 68).
- Quick Disable - It takes a rogue with this ability half the normal amount of time to disable a trap using Disable Device (minimum 1 round). (PFCR 68).
- Minor Magic - You can cast Prestidigitation (PFCR 325) 3/day. Caster level 9. Save DC 11. (PFCR 68).
- Major Magic - You can cast Feather Fall (PFCR 281) 2/day. Caster level 9. Save DC 12. (PFCR 68). (PFCR 68-70).
• SNEAK ATTACK - Deal +5d6 sneak attack damage in addition to weapon damage any time the enemy is denied a dexterity bonus to AC or is flanked by the rogue. Ranged attacks must be within 30 feet to do sneak attack damage. (PFCR 68).
Traits • Dangerously Curious (Magic) - +1 to Use Magic Device checks. Use Magic Device is always a class skill for you. (PFCT 5)
• Deft Dodger (Combat) - +1 reflex saves (PFCT 4)

Magic Items
Ring of Lockpicking
Ring of Invisibility
Amulet of Proof Against Detection/Location
Rod of the Thief Lord (similar to Rod of Lordly Might)
Boots of the Whispering Stone
Belt of Many Pouches
other secrets