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Full Name

Kanire Faine




Ninja 9










Common, Aklo

Strength 10
Dexterity 22
Constitution 10
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Kanir Faine

A mop of black hair frames the ashen face of this wiry fetchling. He stares dully through eyes that have clearly witnessed many horrors. On his lean arm, he bears an intricate tattoo of a black widow spider.

Kanir Faine
Level 9 Fetchling Ninja (Web Walker)
Neutral Evil

AC 21 (Touch 17)
CMB +6, CMD 21
Fort +3, Ref +12, Will +3
Cold resistance 5, electricity resistance 5

Speed 30 ft, Initiative +6

HP 57 (Max 57)

Ki pool: 8 (Max 8)

BAB +6/+1

+1 agile wakizashi: +13/+8, 1d6+7 (18-20/x2)
+1 crossbow: +13, 1d8+1
MW dagger (melee): +13/+8, 1d4
MW dagger (thrown): +13/+8, 1d4

Race and Class Abilities:

Shadow Blending (Su): Attacks against a fetchling in dim light have a 50% miss chance instead of the normal 20% miss chance. This ability does not grant total concealment; it just increases the miss chance.

Spell-like abilities: Disguise self 1/day, Shadow walk 1/day

Darkvision 60', Low-light vision

Ki poison: At 1st level a web walker can coat a weapon in her possession with a spider poison she secrets from her own skin once per day as a swift action. This poison acts as medium spider venom:
Poison (injury); Save Fortitude, Frequency 1/round for 4 rounds, Effect 1d4 Str, Dex, or Wis damage; Cure 1 save
except the DC is 10 + 1/2 the web walker’s level + the web walker’s Charisma modifier, and the web walker is immune to her own poison. [DC 18] Regain use of this ability by spending 2 ki points.

Web walk: At 3rd level, a web walker learns to move through weblike terrain, walking along narrow ledges and ropes, and ignoring sticky terrain. The web walker can move 5 feet as a move action through webs that would normally entangle or immobilize her, and along walkways as narrow as one inch. Every three levels thereafter, the distance a web walker can cover as a move action under such conditions increases by 5 feet, to a maximum of the web walker’s normal move rate. This ability replaces the no trace ability.

Sneak attack: +5d6

Ki pool: 10

Uncanny dodge, Improved uncanny dodge

Light steps: At 6th level, a ninja learns to move while barely touching the surface underneath her. As a full-round action, she can move up to twice her speed, ignoring difficult terrain. While moving in this way, any surface will support her, no matter how much she weighs. This allows her to move across water, lava, or even the thinnest tree branches. She must end her move on a surface that can support her normally. She cannot move across air in this way, nor can she walk up walls or other vertical surfaces. When moving in this way, she does not take damage from surfaces or hazards that react to being touched, such as lava or caltrops, nor does she need to make Acrobatics checks to avoid falling on slippery or rough surfaces. Finally, when using light steps, the ninja ignores any mechanical traps that use a location-based trigger.

Ninja tricks:

Spider climb: The web walker can cast spider climb as if she was a sorcerer of the same level. Each use of this ability uses up 1 ki point.

Vanishing trick: As a swift action, the ninja can disappear for 1 round per level. This ability functions as invisibility. Using this ability uses up 1 ki point.

Shadow clone: The ninja can create 1d4 shadowy duplicates of herself that conceal her true location. This ability functions as mirror image, using the ninja’s level as her caster level. Using this ability is a standard action that uses up 1 ki point.

No-Shadow Strike: The ninja can move with such sudden speed that even her shadow can’t keep up with the motion. The ninja may make a Bluff check to feint as a swift action. Each use of this ability uses up 1 ki point.

Feats and Traits:

Shadow Walker: You can expend one use of your shadow walk spell-like ability to use dimension door as a spell-like ability. Your start and end locations for this ability must be in dim light or darkness.

Combat Expertise

Improved Feint

Weapon Finesse

Extra ki

Traits: Fast talker, Acrobat (take only -2 penalty for accelerated climbing)


Acrobatics +19 [9 ranks] [trait]
Appraise +5 [2 ranks]
Bluff +17 [9 ranks] [trait]
Climb +7 [5 ranks]
Diplomacy +8 [1 rank]
Disable Device +18 [9 ranks]
Disguise +12 [5 ranks]
Escape Artist +16 [7 ranks]
Handle Animal
Intimidate +13 [5 ranks]
Knowledge (Local) +5 [2 ranks]
Knowledge (Planes) +2 [racial bonus]
Perception +8 [5 ranks]
Ride +10 [1 rank]
Sense Motive +7 [4 ranks]
Sleight of Hand +14 [5 ranks]
Stealth +20 [9 ranks] [racial bonus]
Swim +5 [2 ranks]
Use Magic Device +10 [3 ranks]


+1 agile shortsword
+1 crossbow
2 masterwork daggers
Ring of ki mastery
Ring of protection +1
Belt of dexterity +2
+2 Leather armor

Group Loot:

Kanir Faine was born to a family of smugglers and thieves in one of Argoan's largest cities. Their considerable success allowed them to live comfortably, but always in danger of apprehension by the law.

All of that came to an end when Kanir was scarcely 10 years old. An ambitious and disloyal tiefling in the organization hatched a plot to eliminate the leadership and usurp the operation. Kanir's parents fell to the assassin's blade, but he managed to flee into the alleys and dark corners of the city.

Kanir grew up, sustained by bitterness and dreams of revenge. He studied the assassin's art, learning to use his guile and the natural abilities of the fetchlings to earn his keep as a blade for hire. To the disenchanted young man, mortals were nothing but feckless and unworthy offerings to his spider goddess - the contract killings only a means to an end.

Kanir eventually managed to get revenge upon those who wronged his family, but that did not sate his thirst for revenge upon mankind. He continued to take contracts, becoming a notorious and wanted criminal. It took a team of Argoan's keenest detectives, seers, and investigators to track Faine down for his crimes and bring him to the Black Tower. He was convicted on eight counts of murder, but it is generally accepted that his actual murder count is more than double that. Even to the end, Kanir never gave up any details of the clients who funded his many bloody contracts.

There in the tower he waits, content that his goddess will guide him to freedom when the time is right and give him the opportunity to bring her more souls with his thirsty blade.