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Mortagon wrote:

For my next installment i decided to go a little experimental adding a template and archetype of my own creation. Both are detailed below. Please tell me what you think.

** spoiler omitted **...

I greatly appreciate you working on these. I just got the module for Carrion Hill and I'm going to be fitting it in between 3 and 4, possibly within the next week. Having these stats is a blessing.

Being a first time GM, I'm realizing the pros and cons to running a game and I really feel that, to have a good game, I need to prepare as much as possible (taking notes, highlighting the module for DC's and dialogue and researching spells and affects...)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated.

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So, how far are you in Broken Moon? I'm just getting ready to start and was having trouble keeping things organized in my mind but I found your diary and like what you have for BM. I'm going to go through it tonight. Thanks for posting.

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I just finished running book two and I've got some good ideas regarding book three. I wanted to run them by you guys(and girls) to see what you thought.

I've never been much for voices but I know that this book is full of NPC's so I decided to print out a picture for each of them, full color glossy, so I can put them on the outside of my GM screen when they begin to talk to that NPC. I might not do much with voices but I'll change the tone, making it softer for females, arrogant for the educated or more home-spun for the common man. It's not much but I'm hoping it'll work.

This is where my question comes from:

What I need to concentrate on is having little notes available for each NPC, fearing that the players will ask a question and I'll give the wrong answers. I'll have to write down if they were at the lodge when the Whispering Way came through, what their motivations are or their attitudes towards the party.

Is this how you guys do it or am I just getting old and prone to forgetting too easily?

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I would like to understand "Shackle" as well. Anyone able to help?

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I absolutely love your recaps. I'm planning on running this AP and it'll be my first time running pathfinder. I've heard that Carrion Crown is very difficult but reading your posts has given me some relief and I'm really glad you're taking the time to do this.

I've read and re-read the first book several times but I'm still working through some issues.

Anyway, keep it up. Great work!