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FYI- The year on this post is 2020, not 2021

Looking for a room for Friday Sat and Sunday nights. I had a reservation at the SeaTac motor inn. But it was the worst most uncomfortable stay. Looking to get out of there asap! I just need a safe place to put my traveling stuff and a place to sleep!

What are peoples thoughts on the latest updates to Proficiency?

Jason Bulmahn announced Prof and DC changes during a Twitch Stream (which is now on YouTube as of Jan 2nd 2019)

Pathfinder Playtest Update with Jason Bulmahn! (Pathfinder Friday #26)

Relevant times:
-DC 26:26
-Prof. 32:16

It was announced that the Table of DCs will be addressed "1 level line, 1 list of numbers"

Additionally Proficiency looks like this:
Untrained: 0
Trained: 2 + Level
Expert: 4 + Level
Master: 6 + Level
Legendary: 8 + Level

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Not sure If I've missed something in my absence, but I just want some clarifications on rules updates.

Should I only be looking at the latest updates and ignoring the previous ones? [ie. do the most recent updates contain the the entire set of updates that I need to address as a Game Master?]

Additionally I've seen posts regarding updates to Resonance that include a link to a new set of rules, but you must find the post, and download from there instead of from the bundle.

Honestly I would like to see the updates to be address in the Rulebook as they come out, versioning the rulebook downloaded from the homepage of Paizo to stay up to date.

As it currently stands, as a GM I need to download the latest rules updates and distribute those to my players, and then when we meet, I need to check every Ancestry/Class/etc option with them to ensure they have addressed it on their character. What I really want to do is to say, "Go on Paizo, download the Rulebook again, and it will have all the updates in it" currently it's a nightmare to review and ensure I've addressed all the updates into the rules. Especially with Doomsday Dawn, I printed out the updates to the DC's etc, but I completely forgot about them during play.

Can anyone address why the base Rulebook, bestiary, Doomsday Dawn PDFs aren't updated when the Update notes come out? There's bound to be someone at Paizo already doing this to ensure their documents stay up to date. All's I'm asking for is a copy of that.

Okay, so I know that I need to appeal to everyone's play style, and that I need to speak with the players about what they are expecting from the game. Players that like story will not like a dungeon crawl and vice versa, blah blah blah.

My question is that even knowing these things, my players still seem like they would rather do something else. I've got them interested enough to get to the table, but that's it. Most don't know the specifics of their own characters let alone combat maneuvers or other actions in combat, Enough so that I had typed up my own document as a summary of almost every condition, or action that they could do in combat.

It just burns me out when I spend time building this game from the ground up, stating out monsters, building encounters and developing plot, and once we get into game, no one else has put any effort into the game.

I know this probably wont be a quick fix, but I'm just looking for some advice or hand on experience with players such as these, on some sort of game plan for getting more involvement out of my players.

Also with this, motivating myself to plan for sessions, because of the limited involvement of my players, I'm the one setting up the game times, and pushing for play, I even host out of my house, but if I'm not asking my players, no ones asking, meaning no one is pushing me to run a session. AND if I do run, I'm expecting about a 50% turn out. AKA I dont plan, meaning we're not playing

Any advice suggestions etc would be helpful.