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I'm running a homebrew world with adaptations from the Forgotten Realms. My adaptations are using the regional system. I've changed regional traits to regional feats. Every character at creation gets a regional feat as a bonus feat. In accordance, I've buffed a lot of regional traits I liked to feat level and copied a few regional feats from Eberron as well as a few of my own I've written.

I've followed the math from the rich parents trait, which gives the character 900 gold. I've turned it into a feat, at request of one of my players with limitations from his request. I wanted to see what you all think.

Ancestral Arms and Armor [regional]
You have inherited the arms and armor of an ancestor. Typically this equipment is gained from a dead father or grandfather.
Prerequisite: Nornheim or the Jade Empires
Benefit: If from Nornheim, the character starts with a masterwork throwing axe, a masterwork battle axe, longsword or warhammer, and a masterwork set of banded mail armor, a masterwork heavy steel shield and a masterwork greatsword or masterwork greataxe, and an inheritance of 315gp. If originating for the Jade Empires, the character starts with masterwork mountain pattern armor and a masterwork katana and masterwork wakizashi, he may also choose a masterwork nodachi or masterwork naginata and he starts with an inheritance of 350gp. Alternatively, a character starting from the Jade Empires can choose to start with the following set of equipment: masterwork lamellar armor, masterwork katana, masterwork wakizashi, an inheritance of 300gp, and either a masterwork kusarigama or a masterwork composite shortbow (+2).
Special: A character with this regional feat may never sell their ancestral arms or armor. The gold inheritance gained at first level replaces your starting gold. You may not select the rich parents trait and have this regional feat. You may select this feat only as a 1st-level character. You may only have one regional feat.

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I'm working on a Forgotten Realms translation to Golarion. I don't want the conversion to be 100% copy-cat, but would like to maintain some of the flavor. The race in question is the Fey'ri. Following Paizo's tradition of following modern/classical mythology, I'm calling my race the Nephilim.

For those interested, I'll post racial background information later, working them in more completely with a more "Golarion" theme ignoring most of their current FR fluff.

What I need assistance with is my template.

The Nephilim
Humanoid (elf ) 0 RP
Outsider (Native) 2 RP
Medium 0 RP
Base Speed
Normal 0 RP
Ability Score Modifiers
Advanced 4 RP
(+4 Dex, –2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha)
Standard 1 RP
Racial Abilities
Darkvision 120 ft. 1 RP
Elf immunities 2 RP
Light blindness –2 RP
Skill bonus (Perception) 2 RP
Skill bonus (Bluff) 2 RP
Spell-like abilities 6 RP
(RP cost is approximate)
Weapon familiarity 2 RP
Total RP: 20

Constant – Detect Magic
At will – Dancing Lights, Deeper Darkness, Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Levitate
1/day – Divine Favor, Dispel Magic, Suggestion

Obviously, I'm following the Drow Noble template. I felt they were closer to the Fey'ri than any other templated race. However, I do not agree with their spells available. I was thinking of the following changes, and would like input from my fellow GMs out there.

Dancing Lights and Faerie Fire is sacked for Charm Person.
Feather Fall and Levitate is sacked for Fly.
Deeper Darkness is sacked for Detect Thoughts.

Divine Favor is sacked for Darkness.
Dispel Magic is sacked completely. It just doesn't fit.

What would the RP costs involve change to for Spell-Like abilities? I think the cost should drop to 4 RP from 6 RP for the loss of Dispel Magic. I believe the other changes are comparable for the costs provided and followed from the template provided.

Many thanks. Feedback appreciated.

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First of all, my party is all relatively new to role-playing games. The party consists of a cleric/mage, a sorcerer, a fighter and a rogue. I've managed fairly well, to keep them from wandering over much and they've done a good job connecting to Saul and the Gold Goblin.

My party just finished the attack on the Foamrunner encounter. They finished off the Zincher's lackeys rather quickly. Upon returning the casks of liquor to the Gold Goblin, they decide they wanna take up what happened with Zincher himself.

Using some amazing diplomacy, the party is granted an audience with Zincher. Instead of continuing to use diplomacy, they switch tactics and attempt to intimidate Zincher. Zincher doesn't back down and lets the party leave.

At this point, I figure they should learn a lesson, don't piss off crimelords who are more powerful than you. So I pull up the trusty Riddleport Encounters sheet and the party runs across a press ganger. Before initiative is rolled, the press ganger sneers, "Zincher sends his regards."

In the ensuing fight, the whole party is knocked unconscious due to non-lethal damage. Now we enter my conundrum. What should happen to the party? Are the fed to Zincher's Arena and have to fight their way out? Are they sold to slavers?

I already had the Raid encounter scheduled to happen the next night. I'm going to have the raid continue on schedule and the party with have to deal with the consequences of the Raid going off without a hitch. Saul will be slain and the Gold Goblin burnt to the ground. But how do I redirect everything after these events?

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Based on the success of the Guide to Korvosa, Guide to Absalom and Guide to Katapesh will there be a Guide to Riddleport as a standalone book? Riddleport by far is one of my favorite cities in all of Golarion, let alone Varisia.

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I've scoured Gods and Magic and the campaign setting, but can't find what the priests of Zon-Kuthon's clergy are called. Is there a title? If not, what would be some good names?

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If I get a subscription, and a book is coming out I don't want, is there a way to have it not shipped? I'm curious to know before I sign up for a subscription. I.e., if I got the Pathfinder Chronicles subscription, and a map folio came out that I did not want, would I be able to cancel the shipment, but retain my subscription?

Thanks, guys.

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I'm looking to start a Pathfinder RPG game ran in the PAthfinder Campaign setting.

I for sure have two players. If you're interested and live in the area, feel free to contact me at

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Will you guys (Paizo) be updating the older APs to the final RPG rules? I just bouth some of your older PDFs and was curious about that.


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I am new to the Pathfinder setting and am quickly soaking in the setting as humanly possible. There's still a lot I haven't read yet, but I am getting ready to launch the Council of Thieves AP for my players.

My question, one of my players is wanting to play a tiefling, but he is wanting is non-demon half to be elf. His concept is his mother was captured in Cheliax by a wizard and then repeatedly raped by demons in the hopes of this bizarre tiefling. A few children were born and foul sorceries were used to increase the natural birth cycles of the elven woman.

So many random thoughts are sprouting from my mind due to his character concept. I'll limit them for now to just these:
-How would the elves of Golarion view this?
-What kind of elven repercussions would their be for when the party leaves Cheliax and eventually encounters elvenkind?
-Wanting to reward my player for a unique character concept over something than he usually plays, what kind of racial traits should I write up for him to choose from, if any?

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One thing that as always annoyed me about certain campaign settings is the four to six different kinds of elf, dwarf, halfing, whathaveyou. Wanting to do a few subraces for my homebrew, I thought about the trait system Paizo put out.

For each of my subraces, I could do a set of traits and flaws that add to the base race instead of adding a whole new race. I wanted to get your guys' opinion on the matter.

So for example, We'll call the base Elf a high elf. For a wood elf, I'd add the following:

Forest Dweller:
Replace Elven Magic with Forest Dweller.
Wood elves blah blah blah blah get +2 on survival and treat their animal companion, if they have one, as one hit die higher.