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Wizard required. Also keep the party face alive.


6 hours, 5 deaths out of five. Seems to require the wizard to cast scrolls that are found on pretty mich everybody. With bbeg slow-chainlightning 3 out of 4 remaining (magus was brutally murdered previously) pcs out of action in the second round at the 6 hour mark I found myself not having fun pushing my mini towards his death six squares at a time. The previous encounter came close, with only two deaths due to things and diplomacy of +7 being the highest for the other things.

With a dead pregen you can pay for resurrection by selling all the junk however the corpse retrieval still costs prestige points. Which a new 1-level does not have.

Might have been fun, but with so many character-specific things it's hard to enjoy those characters outperforming or being more important. So far I haven't found a reason for the brawler - except for bbeg fight against things. Otherwise just a gimmicky character that is outperformed by everyone. Even the healer (who heals).

Our Price: $3.99

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Very nice scenario with a possible roll-or-lose


I ran the scenario for a group last evening. The final choice took the party two hours to decide. The choices are both bad with one having a possible roll-or-lose situation.

This is not a scenario for a party of 4 CHA 7 characters. Or at least not those without Diplomacy.