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Full Name

Jules Stonecutter




Rogue (Level 4)

HP23 /23, NN, AC=17, T=14 , FF=13 | CMD=17, CMB=3 | F=1 , R=8 , W=1 | Init +4 | Perc= +6 | (Rapier+6/1d6+2/18-20/X2 , Short Sword +6/1d6+1/19-20/X2, Short Bow +7/1d6 +1/20/x3) + 2d6 Sneak attack




5' 3"








Jewel Crafter

Strength 14
Dexterity 19
Constitution 10
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Jules Stonecutter

Grand Lodge


hit points 18
Initiative 4 Speed 30
AC 17 Touch 14 FF 10
Fort 1 Reflex 7 Will 1
Base attack 2 CMB 4 CMD 18

Rapier = Attack +7(-2 two-weapon fighting) Damage 1d6+2 Crit 18-20x2
Short Sword = Attack +7(-2-two-weapon fighting0 Damage 1d6+1 Crit 19-20x2
Shortbow = Attack +7 Damage 1d6 Crit 20x3

Sneak attack 2d6

Two-Weapon Fighting (Only -2 when two handed fighting)
Weapon Finesse (use Dex for attack instead of Strength)

Sneak attack 1d6

Trapfinding: A rogue adds 1/2 her level to Perception skill checks made to locate traps and to Disable Device skill checks (minimum +1). A rogue can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

Evasion (Ex): At 2nd level and higher, a rogue can avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If she makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if the rogue is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless rogue does not gain the benefit of evasion.

Rogue Talents:

Trap Spotter (Ex): Whenever a rogue with this talent comes within 10 feet of a trap, she receives an immediate Perception skill check to notice the trap. This check should be made in secret by the GM.

Stand Up (Ex): A rogue with this ability can stand up from a prone position as a free action. This still provokes attacks of opportunity for standing up while threatened by a foe.

(Number of skills Class=8 + IQ=2+ Human=1 + Main Class=1 total 12
Acrobatics = 10 (Ability 4 + (AC -1) + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Appraise = 9 (Ability 2 + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Bluff = 8 (Ability 0 + Class 3 + Trait 1 + Rank 4)
Craft - Jewel Crafter = 9 (Ability 2 + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Disable Device = 12 (Ability 4 + Class 3 + (AC -1)+ 2
Masterworks tools + Rank 4)
Diplomancy = 1 (Ability 0 + Class 0 + 1 Rank)
Shadow's Last Stand Part II +5 for Government officials in Andoran
Escape Artist = 10 (Ability 4 + Class 3 + (AC -1) + Rank 4)
Knowledge Local = 9 (Ability 2 + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Knowledge Nobility = 6 (Ability 2 + Rank 3)
Perception = 7 (Ability 0 + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Sense Motive = 7 (Ability 0 + Class 3 + Rank 4)
Sleight of Hand = 10 (Ability 4 + Class 3 + Rank 4 +(AC-1))
Stealth = 10 (Ability 4 + Class 3 + (AC -1) + Rank 4
Languages: Common, Goblin, Sylvan


Fast talker = +1 Bluff

Skeptic = +2 Saving Throws against Illusions


Leather Studded Armor
Short Sword
Short bow
39 Arrows

Thieves' Tools
grapple hook
folding ladder
5 Caltrops
Rope - hemp 50'
Tent Small
Masterwork thieves tools
Belt Pouch
Belt Pouch
Compass + 2 survival
Cooking Kit (iron pot, Iron skillet, ladle, skewer, wooden cutting board, cutting knife, Iron Tripod for pot
Crowbar + 2 strength checks
Ear Trumpet - reduce penalty by 5
Flint & Steel
Glass Cutter - with dc 15 stealth check then need dc 15 perception to hear glass break
Glue Paper x5
Iron Spikes 10
Mess Kit
Potion of Invisibility
5 alchemist fire
3 holy water
5 acid
2 Cure Light Wounds Potion
Cure light wounds wand (charges 28)
Wand of disguise self - (charges 5)

"items for this module"

XP and Gold:

Gold = 1,801.45
Experience Points = 7
5-08 Confirmation
First Steps
Master of the Fallen Fortress
2-23 Shadow's Last Stand Part I -Shadow's Door
2-24 Shadow's Last Stand Part II - Web of Corruption
5-22 Scars of the Third Crusade
4–21: Way of the Kirin
purchases Noble outfit 75 gd

Prestige = 7
Fame = 9

Jules was born in Almas to Ruby and Galmax Stonecutter. She is very average for a human; brown hair, hazel eyes, not too tall or to short and she has is usually seen with a bright smile on her face.

At the fine age of 12 her parents arranged for her to apprentice with Lemix Goldshire, a well known jewel crafter. She studied well and soon opened her own small shop called The Rose.

Jules has always been a hard worker with a mischievious side. She realized she needed something unique to gain clientele to her new shop, and came up with an unusual way to deliver her gifts (sleight of hand). The first bracelet she delivered was far less than spectacularly; she tried to climb a trellis to sneak into Lady Wimpleton's bedroom. Lord Wimpleton had ordered a fine bracelet he wanted placed on her pillow. Jules fell in front of Officer Vanerian. The officer was definitely not amused. When Lord Wimpleton stopped laughing, he explained about the gift and offered Officer Vanerian a drink at the local pub for his trouble. After that incident, Jules always carried a note from the customer explaining the gift and money for an officer's drink at the local pub if it was needed. This went quite well and amused many customers.

Everyone except Lady Thisandre. She took exception to her husband purchasing a brooch for a mere merchant instead of her. When she arrived at the Rose she demanded to know when the brooch was purchased and by whom. Jules of course new nothing about the brooch (rolled a 1 on bluff). The next morning the Rose was burned to the ground and several of Lady Thisandre's personal guards had new jewelry. Lady Thisandre was wandering around in front of the remains of the shop with a big spot of ash on her forehead. The ash almost looked like two purple squirrels dancing on her forehead. Surprisingly no one had found a reason to inform her about the ash.

Jules decided it was time to find a new place of business. Lord Wimpleton(a pathfinder)took pity on Jules and helped her sneak out of town.

Jules is 5'3 brown hair and hazel eyes. She is pretty average, nothing about her stands out in a crowd.

Jules has an easy smile and quick to laugh. She tries to understand all sides of an augument before she decides what to do or whos side to join. She is very even tempered and understanding of others faults


Scenario 2 - First Steps I (After scenarios is finished)
Grapple Hook (cost already removed from total)
Rope 50 ft
Folding ladder (cost already removed from total)
Masterworks Thieves tools =100 gd
Bandolier = .5 gd
Belt Pouch = 1 gd
Belt Pouch = 1 gd
Compass + 2 survival = 10 gd
Cooking Kit (iron pot, Iron skillet, ladle, skewer, wooden cutting board, cutting knife, Iron Tripod for pot= 3 gd
Crowbar + 2 strength checks = 2 gd
Ear Trumpet - reduce penalty by 5 = 5 gd
Flint & Steel = 1 gd
Glass Cutter - with dc 15 stealth check then need dc 15 perception to hear glass break= 5 gd
Glue Paper x5 = .5 gd
Iron Spikes 10 = .1 gd
Magnet = .5 gd
Marbles = .1 gd
Mess Kit = .2 gd
Mirror = 10 gd
2 Achemist fire = 40 gd
2 Acid = 20 gd
Potion of Invisibility= 300 gd
Wand of disguise self - (charges 5) = 75 gd= total spent 574.8

Master of the Fallen Fortress purchases
3 Alchemist fire 60gp
3 Acid 30 gp
3 Holy water 75 gp
Cure Light wounds wand = 2 Prestige Points
Total 165

Shadows Last Stand - Part 1
Used Cure light wound charges - 2
Received gold 520

Shadows Last Stand - Part I
Purchased 2 cure light wound potions 100 gd
Received gold 553

Way of the Kirin
Noble outfit 75 gp
Raise dead donation 1,000 gp