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In addition to the bounty paid for the capture of the werewolf, you were all given three free nights stay at the town's best inn to rest up and recoup from your fight. Complete with free dinner and several rounds of drinks being bought for you by grateful locals who kept requesting stories of the beasts capture.

The morning after you collected your bounty, you are all woken up by the sound of a fleet of circus wagons arriving, complete with performers parading around the moving wagons to gather up attention. All of Ilsurian becomes aware of the carnival as they make their way through the town, the sounds of music, singing and animals roaring from the wagons as the colorful carnival performers shout our the coming attractions as they head toward the empty fields on the other side of the town.

A few townspeople wander out to the fields where the Umbra Carnival sets up, hoping to nose around and get a sense of this year’s attractions—a common event tolerated by the circus as long as the locals stay out of the way. When you all make your way down to the common room of the inn for breakfast, the serving maids tell you how lucky you are that you happen to be in town at the just the right time to catch the carnival and throughout the meal they'll chat with each other and any of you about the wonderous attractions and performances they witnessed over the past years. If any of you choose to wander by the fields, you'll get the same treatment as the locals, tales of what is to come during the carnival's stay in town, sharp instructions to stay out of the way as they put up tents and warnings to not sneak any peeks as the performers warm up.

The following day, circus folk hold a parade that marches through town in a spectacle of sights, music, and drumming. Banners and streamers herald a procession of clowns, stilt walkers, and tumbling acrobats, all of whom wave to the townspeople. Carnival barkers call out to people on the streets, promising thrills, chills, and delights for people of all ages (at the modest price of a few copper coins). The entire procession is a formal declaration of the carnival’s opening, and seeks to draw out the curious and idle to follow along to the procession’s end, the parade grounds.

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Welcome to the discussion page for the Murder's Mark Module. Once everyone checks in we'll get the gameplay started.

For my posting times, I'm on Eastern Standard time and post at various times during daylight hours.

Hi all, I'm gauging interest in a Murder's Mark module.

Description of the module:

Everyone in the fishing town of Ilsurian is excited when the legendary Umbra Carnival rolls into town—even if the show is run by members of the much-maligned Varisian ethnic group. With strange and exotic beasts, scandalous performances, games of chance, and all the other fun of a traveling fair, who could resist such an opportunity for entertainment?

Unfortunately for both the town and the circus, however, entertainment isn’t the only opportunity the carnival presents. Hidden within Ilsurian, a guild of thieves and scoundrels has been waiting for just such an occasion to launch a campaign of theft and murder—leaving the strangers from the circus to take the blame. With tensions mounting between locals and performers, and the body count rising on both sides, it’s up to the PCs to uncover what’s really going on and clear the circus’s name before the entire town erupts in a firestorm of ethnic violence.

If enough interest, I'll post up creation guidelines.

Greeting all, I'm interested in running the Module: Murder's Mark. A tale of murder and mystery at a carnival in a small town.

Character Creation will be:
-Level 1 characters.
-20 point buy.
-All Paizo races considered.
-Most Paizo classes considered (excluding Gunslingers, Summoners, Monks, Ninjas and Samurai).
-No 3rd Party anythings allowed.
-2 Traits, you may take a Drawback for a 3rd one.
-Max Gold to start.
-Max HP to start.
-No Evil Alignments.

I do have a few other Modules in mind to advance to once this one is completed. Instead of awarding xp, I would simply have all PCs interested in continuing simply advance to the starting level requirement for the next Module.

Any questions, ask away.

Guidelines for Character Creation are:

- Start at 4th level
- 25 point buy
- Evil preferred, but Neutral allowed.
- Max hp at first level, after either roll or take average.
- Classes allowed: All Paizo approved.
- Races allowed: Core races will get preference, but any that are appropriate to the Riverlands are allowed. If questionable, just ask.
- Starting Wealth: 4th level, 6,000 gp. No one item should cost more than half your starting gp.
- Traits: 3 total, one must be a campaign trait
- No 3rd party material allowed

We are currently in Down Time between the first and second books and looking for a replacement for our Slayer. We need a character with some survival skills and ranged would be preferred.

Also, I'd like applicants to go ahead and post which of the Kingdom roles they are interested in.

Be it so known that the bearer of this charter has been charged
by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and
authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the
Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel
within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration
should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and
west and sixty miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post. The carrier of
this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful
behavior to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry
remains, as always, execution by sword or rope. So witnessed on this
24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov
and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of
the Dragonscale Throne.

These are words written upon the charters you all now hold in your hands. Looking around the town square, you see several other small groups like yours, each clutching their own charters and making plans. Children play sword lords and bandits in the open spaces between the groups, wishing they were old enough to go on adventures too. Their parents look from the edge of the square where their parent are either running or shopping at the many stalls that have been set up around the square. The passing out of the charters has proven to be a wonderful excuse for the populace of the town to take the day off work and have an impromptu fair day.

Looking about at the other charter groups, you see that one is already starting to leave, two are taking the time enjoy the ale stall, one is deep in argument and the last is buying additional supplies.

You may head straight out on the road, discuss any plans, buy gear or chat with other groups.

Welcome my fledgeling tyrants to the not so nice version of Kingmaker.

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Greetings all. I am planning to run the variant of Kingmaker for those of a less goodly bent.
So welcome to my recruitment thread for Tyrantmaker.

Guidelines for Character Creation are:
- 25 point buy
- No Good alignment allowed
- Max hp at first level
- Classes allowed: All Paizo approved.
- Races allowed: Core races will get preference, but all may apply
- Starting Wealth: Max
- Traits: 3 total, one must be a campaign trait
- No 3rd party material allowed

Other things to note:

Your characters are supposed to be building a kingdom together, so your character should be able to get along with the rest of you party to accomplish the goals set for the group.

I am altering the Bastard campaign trait and allowing anything half human to take it.

I would like for anyone interested to be able to post at least once a day.

I will likely keep this recruitment open for a weeks time, though if I get a lot of interest I may close it a day or two early.

After receiving a summons requesting your immediate presence by the Baron Viktor Dorumand, each of you arrive at his very spacious and elegant manor house. Upon your arrival, you are each shown into his personal study and invited to sit down and help yourselves to something to drink. As soon as the last of your group arrives, a clearly distraught Baron enters the room and moves to stand by his desk.

"I cannot thank you all enough for coming and I sincerely hope that all of you will accept my offer. I know that what I am about to ask isn't exactly in line with what some of you normally do, but I find myself in a desperate position and am in need of people with your various skills. You see, three nights ago my only daughter was abducted from her room in this very house. My whole family and her intended husband's family are all incredibly distraught by this whole situation and by the inability of the authorities around here to locate her. I fear that she may have already been spirited out of the city."

The Baron now begins to pace across the back of the study as he continues to speak. "Now, seeing as how I have absolutely no faith left in the locals here, it was my hope to once again procure your services and have all of you track down whoever took my daughter and bring her back to me. I can promise you that you will all be well rewarded for your efforts. I will even throw in a bonus if you bring me the head of the scoundrel responsible for her abduction. As for exactly who that scoundrel is, I believe it to be a fellow by the name of Lucian Redgrave. He had been frequenting my opera house trying to pick up any female he ran across. He hasn't been seen at the opera house since the night of my daughter's disappearance."

Welcome to the discussion thread. After everyone has checked in, I will start up the in game thread.

If there are any last minute questions about the game and/or setting, please feel free to ask now.

Hello, this is my module for a campaign set in Ustalav. (Though you may have guessed that last bit from the title of the thread.)

The game will begin with the Baron Viktor Dorumand summoning each of you to his manor house located in Karcau, Ustalav. A merchant baron and patron of the arts, each of you have done jobs for him in the past. He is now begging your group to help locate and retrieve his daughter who was stolen away in the middle of the night.

Character creation rules are:
- All PCs start at 2nd level and start with 1,000 gp
- 20 point stat buy (no stats below 8)
- 2 traits, one of which must be one of the Campaign traits listed below
- Max hit points for both levels (after this they will be rolled)
- Classes are allowed from Core and APG books
- Races allowed are any that fit the setting (No custom or 3rd party allowed)
- Any alignments will be allowed

Campaign Traits:

Lost and Found:
In the past, you have come to the Baron's aid when a valuable object was either lost or stolen from him and needed to be retrieved.
You recieve +1 to Perception and this trait is always a class skill for you.

Less than Legal:
In the past, the Baron has asked you to perform a less than legal task. It could have been anything from stealing a screenplay of a rival opera house or liberating a priceless musical intrument from someone unable to fully appreciate its value.
You receive +1 to Disable Device and this trait is always a class skill for you.

Through the Woods:
In the past, you have helped escort the Baron and his troupe of singers/actors through the dangerous wilds of the land as he made efforts to share the musical genius that Karcau is known for.
You receive +1 to either Survival or Knowledge Georgraphy and this is always a class skill for you.

Smooth Talker:
In the past, the Baron has called upon you to help settle a dispute between himself and his business rivals.
You receive +1 to either Diplomacy or Sense Motive and this is always a class skill for you.

In the past, your knowledge of a certain topic proved invaluable to the Baron and helped either his standing in the community or his business interests.
You may pick any knowledge to have in class and you have a +1 in it.

In the past, your ability and moving about unseen and fast-talking has proven to be useful to the Baron either in the business realm or the social one.
You receive +1 to either Stealth or Bluff and this is always a class skill for you.

Recruitment will last until next monday with the party being announced on Tuesday.

Background that your characters will already know
For five years, the faithful of Sandpoint have attended church in smaller wooden structures rebuilt after fire destroyed the previous temple, and while their new pastor Abstalar was helpful, kind, and wise, church wasn’t the same. Now, the new cathedral is finally done. All that remains is for the Swallowtail Festival to renew the site’s blessings from the gods and it will be as if the Sandpoint Fire had never occurred.

The Swallowtail Festival begins promptly, as scheduled, on the first day of autumn. The square before the church quickly becomes crowded as locals and travelers arrive, and several merchant tents featuring food, clothes, local crafts, and souvenirs are there to meet them.

The turnout for the opening speeches is quite respectable, and the four keynote speakers each deliver short but well-received welcomes to the festival. Mayor Deverin’s friendly attitude and excitement prove contagious as she welcomes visitors to town and jokes about how even Larz Rovanky, the local tanner (and notorious workaholic) managed to tear himself away from the tannery to attend, much to everyone’s but Larz’s amusement. Sheriff Hemlock brings the crowd down a bit with his dour mood, his reminder to be safe around the evening’s bonfire, and his request for a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives in the fire that claimed the town’s previous church five years ago. Fortunately, Cyrdak Drokkus is more than up to the challenge of bringing the crowd’s mood back up with his rousing anecdotes as he delivers a not-completely-irreverent recap of the long process the town went through to finance and construct the new cathedral. He throws in a bit of self-promotion at the end, as is his wont, inviting everyone to stop by the Sandpoint Theater the following evening to check out his new production of “The Harpy’s Curse,” revealing that the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen will be played by none other than the famous Magnimarian diva Allishanda! Finally, Father Zantus steps up give a short speech thanking everyone for coming before declaring the Swallowtail Festival underway.

As the cheering in response to Father Zantus's declaration dies down, the general volume of talking goes up as the assorted vendors begin hawking their wares and the crowd clumps into smaller groups of conversations. You find your attentions being drawn in different directions as you listen to the various conversations going on around you while the vendors are calling out loudly as you notice that a few of the available young women are clearly looking around for men to honor with their attention, all the while avoiding the small children that are running around underneath everyone feet.

It is into this chaos of a festival that you find yourself. Wander where you will.

Welcome to my Rise of the Runelords campaign. I'd like everyone to check in so I can make sure everyone chosen is still interested in playing.

I am looking for 5-6 players for the Rise of the Runelords AP. Submission guidelines are:

22pt buy
no stat below 8
2 traits
1 campaign trait (page 330 in APG)
list your name/race/class
explain why you are in Sandpoint

I am looking for players that can post at least once a day (and yes, that includes weekends). Don't worry about RP in this thread, if I like your concept I'll check you out under your aliases. If there is something specific about your character that will cause it to not be chosen, I will let you know so that you may change it to stay in the running.

Recruitment will run until Friday.


The story begins after the five of you have already received your summons and now find yourself gathered together in the antechamber leading to Giovanni Falisci's private suite of rooms. The room is lavishly decorated and aside from the five of you, there are only two sets of guards in the room, one set at each door.

Looking around, the five of you realize that though you may recognize a couple of the faces present, none of you commonly spend time in the others company and you wonder what you could possibly have been summoned together for.

You aren't kept waiting for very long before the inner set of doors are opened and another guard enters the room and requests that you follow him into Giovanni's private study. He leads you through yet another lavishly decorated room that serves as Giovanni's sitting room, which is oddly empty, and leads you through a door into Giovanni's private study. By comparison to the others, this room is quite plain and it is obvious that its purpose is solely for business.

Giovanni Falisci sits behind his desk with one of his ever present bodyguards standing off slightly to his left. At your entrance, he looks up from the papers on his desk and addresses you. Thank you all for answering my summons so promptly. Now, as I am sure you may well be wondering the purpose of my summons and what the five of you may have in common, I will give you your answers. First, what the five of you have in common is that I am secure in your loyalty to me and that I feel I can trust you in this matter. As to what your purpose is, it is a rescue and fact finding mission that I want carried out with the utmost concern for discretion and with great speed.

My oldest son, Lorenzo, has been kidnapped and I wish the five of you to locate him, bring him back to me and to find me proof of who ordered his kidnapping. The reason that I am using the five of you and not my regular guards is because I believe the mastermind behind the kidnapping is here in my own household and I need the utmost secrecy maintained so that she does not suspect anything. I will share with you that it is my mistress whom I believe ordered the kidnapping in the hopes that without another trueborn son to inherit my lands and title that I would elevate the status of the son I share with her and name him as my legitimate heir.

I do not wish to raise suspicion by having you ride out after a private meeting with me. So please, enjoy dinner tonight and direct any questions you have to my trusted valet Casius. He is waiting outside my rooms now to escort you to the main dining room and will then see you to quarters for the night. He may be able to arrange you to question any individuals that you deem necesary, save of course for my mistress. He will also wake you all before dawn that you may ride out at first light, hopefully without the notice of any spies.

If you have any questions now is your only chance to ask them of me for I do not want to see any of you again until your mission is complete.


Welcome to the out of character discussion list for my 7th Sea campaign.

We will be discussing and tweaking our concepts and then actually build the characters. Remember that if your character is not a Vodacce he/she will need a reason to be here.

First topic will be how much politics you want to deal with.

Hello all, I've been thinking of starting a pbp 7th Sea campaign and I'm trying to gauge interest in such a thing before I commit to setting up storylines for it. I would prefer players who have experience with the game or have at least read the book since I do not want to keep taking time-outs during the game to explain relevant bits of the world to them.

Welcome to the out of character discussion list for my campaign. Please sound off to confirm your desire to play.

Welcome to the in character list for the game. First post to come after I've gotten player confirmations.

To anyone interested, I am looking to recruit 3-4 players for a PbP seafaring campaign that I plan on running. Two spots are already reserved. I would like players who can post daily or at least every other day.

Character creation will be as follows:

• Races: All standard races from the PFRPG (Core Rulebook) will be allowed. Racial options from the Advanced Player's Guide (APG) will be allowed. (Also, I will allow a half-elf to be half-aquatic elf.)
• Classes: All classes (Base and Prestige) from the Core Rulebook and the APG will be allowed. Any Archetype for these base classes from the APG will be allowed. Material from Ultimate Magic may be allowed, with DM approval and compelling character backstory.
• Favored Class: The favored class options from the Core Rulebook and APG will be acceptable.
• Alignment: Characters can be any Good or Neutral alignment. No evil alignments will be allowed. (Though I do recommend against playing lawful good.)
• Abilities: Characters will be based on the Epic Fantasy (25 point buy) found in the Core Rulebook. No ability can be raised higher than 18 (prior to racial modifiers). Only one ability can be lowered below 10 and that ability cannot be lowered below 8 (after racial modifiers).
• Feats: Any feat from the Core Rulebook or APG will be acceptable.
• Traits: Character's will start with two traits.
• Hit Points: Characters will start out with Maximum hit points for their class at 1st level.
• Starting Gold: Characters will start with Maximum Starting Gold for their base class.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Please post at the minimum a character synopsis and short back story as a resume.

About the campaign:

It will start out with your characters being hired by a Lord in the city of Corentyn in Cheliax. His seaside holding have recently been raided by pirates and a number of his people taken as slaves, including his youngest and most favored daughter. Since the Shackles is the most likey destination of the ship, he wishes to hire you help crew a ship he wishes to send there in search of her. You will be posing as smugglers so any characters with a high moral code may not be recommended for this adventure.

I will be accepting applications until noon next Sunday.