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The story begins after the five of you have already received your summons and now find yourself gathered together in the antechamber leading to Giovanni Falisci's private suite of rooms. The room is lavishly decorated and aside from the five of you, there are only two sets of guards in the room, one set at each door.

Looking around, the five of you realize that though you may recognize a couple of the faces present, none of you commonly spend time in the others company and you wonder what you could possibly have been summoned together for.

You aren't kept waiting for very long before the inner set of doors are opened and another guard enters the room and requests that you follow him into Giovanni's private study. He leads you through yet another lavishly decorated room that serves as Giovanni's sitting room, which is oddly empty, and leads you through a door into Giovanni's private study. By comparison to the others, this room is quite plain and it is obvious that its purpose is solely for business.

Giovanni Falisci sits behind his desk with one of his ever present bodyguards standing off slightly to his left. At your entrance, he looks up from the papers on his desk and addresses you. Thank you all for answering my summons so promptly. Now, as I am sure you may well be wondering the purpose of my summons and what the five of you may have in common, I will give you your answers. First, what the five of you have in common is that I am secure in your loyalty to me and that I feel I can trust you in this matter. As to what your purpose is, it is a rescue and fact finding mission that I want carried out with the utmost concern for discretion and with great speed.

My oldest son, Lorenzo, has been kidnapped and I wish the five of you to locate him, bring him back to me and to find me proof of who ordered his kidnapping. The reason that I am using the five of you and not my regular guards is because I believe the mastermind behind the kidnapping is here in my own household and I need the utmost secrecy maintained so that she does not suspect anything. I will share with you that it is my mistress whom I believe ordered the kidnapping in the hopes that without another trueborn son to inherit my lands and title that I would elevate the status of the son I share with her and name him as my legitimate heir.

I do not wish to raise suspicion by having you ride out after a private meeting with me. So please, enjoy dinner tonight and direct any questions you have to my trusted valet Casius. He is waiting outside my rooms now to escort you to the main dining room and will then see you to quarters for the night. He may be able to arrange you to question any individuals that you deem necesary, save of course for my mistress. He will also wake you all before dawn that you may ride out at first light, hopefully without the notice of any spies.

If you have any questions now is your only chance to ask them of me for I do not want to see any of you again until your mission is complete.


How old is the son? I'm assuming he's a child, still?

Giuliana curtsies before her lord. She looks outraged that somebody would step so low as to involve a child in the Great Game. Her lord's child at that!

I am most honored by your trust, my lord. We will see that your son is returned to you unharmed and this traitors brought to justice. I understand that Casius can answer our questions regarding the matter at hand, so shall we report to him, too?

With your leave I will say my good bye to your wife, too. Perhaps it's time I had a holiday, yes?

With a nod towards her new companions she moves towards the door, waiting for them to follow. Despite the circumstances, she is looking forward to dinner.


I did forget that. It is common knowledge that his oldest son is 11 years old and the son of his mistress Seraphina is 9 years old, all of his other children are female.


When you go to visit her, Lorena (Giovanni's wife) is unavailable. Instead, her elderly nurse meets you at the door begging your pardon for her Lady's illness and hands you a letter before sending you on your way. It reads, "I am sorry my friend, but I know the reason my Lord husband summoned you and I don't trust myself not to blurt out your mission where others may hear. I will pray day and night for your mission to be successful and for your safe return. Please find the ones responsible for this."

What, if anything, do we know about Giovanni's wife? And how their relationship is (or at least appears to be)?

Search far and wide? Sounds good. Hopefully you think this kidnapping may give us cause to move around? I appreciate the hospitality, don't get me wrong, I really, really do...but I'm also more than a little bit excited to have an excuse to keep on the move.

When outside with Casius Olivier will speak to him.

Uh...does the mistress have any friends outside of Vodacce that you know about? And hopefully the next couple of words out of your mouth won't be "Yes, she has friends in Montaigne."

I understand the task. I am sorry to learn of your son's disappearance, but I will fulfill my duty to you and your family. With your leave, my lord.

Luciano bows, politely, and exits the study, joining the others at the dinner table. After a moment, he places Olivier. I know that man. Luciano gazes at the Montaigne until he catches his eye. He smiles, but says nothing.

As the others talk, Luciano's mind begins to drift to thoughts of his sweet Yvette. How long will this business take?

EDIT: Added in a note for Joy.

Luciano's mind tends to drift towards the woman he loves. Right now, that is unquestionably Yvette Deneuve du Surlign. That can all change nigh instantaneously, however, via his Star-Crossed hubris. His daydreams will be almost exactly the same, save the woman they feature. He's not intending to womanize, he simply is a romantic with a very fickle heart.

And for that matter, what is common knowledge about the mistress? (Since apparently her existence is.)

Gaspar avoids commenting on the matter of the mistress, and listens as the gentleman with the Montaigne accent asks the questions that are needed.

Gabriele stands idly by while Giovanni and the others speak. He doesn't appear at all interested in being here. When they're finished he speaks,

That's terrible news, Uncle. I am, of course, so glad to help. His monotone delivery indicates he's not even the least bit thrilled with this turn of events, nor his part in them. He frowns and seems about to say something else, then shakes his head slightly and remains silent.


Common knowledge - Lorena and Giovanni were betrothed when he 15 years of age and she 12 years of age and the first time that they met was at their betrothal ceremony. It is rumored that their marriage is and has always been devoid of love and that they both stay in the marriage out of a sense of duty to both of their families and to maintain their own honor. Giovanni has openly kept a series of mistresses and is known to indulge in affairs when out of town on business. There is much speculation on the topic of whether Lorena has ever had any lovers, but such talk is kept very quiet for Giovanni does not wish to hear such things.

Common knowledge - Giovanni met Seraphina on one of his business trips in Villanova. He was quite smitten with her and brought her home with him and gave her a suite of rooms on the opposite side of the palace from his wife. She is rumored to be a very passionate and clever woman and has born Giovanni two children (a boy of 9 and girl of 5). Though he has become tired of her and no longer sees her exclusively, he dotes on their children as much as he does the children borne to him by his wife and so he provides her with anything she wants for herself and for the children.

Despite their positions, it is not known that Lorena and Seraphina have ever quarreled. At the very least they have never done so in public.

Casius responds to Oliver's questions: Seraphina made quite a number of friends during her years as a courtesan in Villanova before my Lord Giovanni became enamored of her and made the poor decision of bringing her home. By the way that Casius say's her name, you can tell that he has never thought highly of her. Whether or not many of them would be the kind of friends that would assist her in such a serious matter, I am not sure. Regardless, I will have a list of known friends compiled along with maps that show where her family still lives. The lists and maps will be placed in the gear that will be waiting for you with the horses that will be provided for you. Should you need any additional gear, please inform me before I retire for the evening and I will have it waiting with the horses as well in the morning.


Giuliana looks up from her plate.

Before you retire, would you be so kind and tell us how Lorenzo was abducted? When and where was he last seen? In whos company? How do you know he was abducted? Do you expect him to be alive still? We will need something to start from and it ought to be here, not in Villanova I'd say.

She looks at Casius expectantly.


For dinner, the five of you are seated with Casius at one of the several private tables in the main dining hall. As long as you keep your voices at a normal tone, those at the other tables won't be able to make out what you saying over the general noise in the room.

Young Lorenzo was abducted during his morning ride. With him were his manservant, one stableboy, two guardsmen and a riding companion who happens to be my own grandson, Alberto, who is the same age as young Lorenzo. It was Alberto who first alerted us to what happened. The poor boy ran back to the stables so hard and fast that he was barely able to get out what had happened before he passed out. Casius grows quiet for a moment as a serving girl comes by and refreshes your drinks. It seems that a group of six masked men came upon them when they were in the middle of their ride and at the farthest point on the trail from the stables. The bodyguards were overpowered, rendered unconscious and then tied up. Both are still alive, though are still recovering from wounds they received during the fight. They are currently in the infirmary section of the guards barracks and I have made arrangements for you to talk to them there after everyone has retired from the dining hall and have had their after dinner walks so that you might ask questions of them.

Casius's face takes on a more somber look as he continues: We have no reason to believe he is alive or dead. All we know is that he has been abducted and that there have not been any ransom demands or any notes sent from his captors.

Luciano listens, sniffing the wine before tasting it. He smiles. Not the Falisci best, but worlds better than the swill in Paix.

While I am never one to rely on guesswork, I doubt that he is dead. There are a host of cleaner ways to accomplish that. And if that were the case, I do not think the guards would have been spared. This seems a message more than a murder. Do any of you disagree? Luciano tips back his glass of wine, finishing it. Lovely bouquet. My compliments to the vintner.

I hate to ask, Olivier says as he eats, but how much do you trust the bodyguards? I'm assuming a lot since you had them guarding the heir, but I'd be irresponsible not to ask.

He eats in a polite manner, but doesn't bother to hide the fact that he wasn't raised as a noble and his mannerism reflect that.


I guess I know the guards, yes?

Relieved, she nods at Mondavi, before looking at Olivier.

I do trust them, Signore. Nonetheless I suggest we question them and you will be able to come to your own conclusions afterwards. I have some questions of my own.

Casius, has the island been shut down? Is every ship leaving searched for the boy?



Yes, you know the guards and believe them to be loyal to Lorena

Casius replies: Two vessels left port before we got out the word to search every ship. One was returning back to the Falisci mainland after delivering the latest batch of wine. The other picked up a shipment of olives, wine and silk to the city of San Felipe in Castille.

At least that means we have likely narrowed our search. While we don't know what else might have slipped through the cracks, it seems more likely that the boy was taken on one of the vessels not subject to even a cursory search.

Olivier takes a drink.

Oh, and for those that I have not met, I am Olivier du Paix. As I'm sure you can tell I've been a friend of the family though not exactly located here in Vodacce for long.

Luciano locks eyes with Olivier for a moment before speaking in Montaigne. Olivier, that's right. Strange chance running in to you again here. Strange indeed. Does he follow me? I hope you find Vodacce to your liking, though perhaps you will discover it to be a different sort of playground than your homeland.

Luciano looks across the other diners, his face dour but for the faintest curl of a smile. Returning to his native tongue, he speaks again. I am Luciano Mondavi. Another humble friend of the Falisci family. It is a pleasure to meet you all.

Gabriele looks bored as the dinner goes on, or at least he's making great pains to pretend to be. Until someone questions the state of the boy, to which he responds,

Of course he's still alive. Otherwise they'd have just left the body.

He continues eating as if he spoke an obvious truth. When he realizes that introductions are in order, he halfheartedly responds, Gabriele Fausto Falisci, but doesn't seem interested in expanding upon that. Or perhaps he's just fishing for attention. He certainly seems the type.

Gaspar is quiet as the others speak, but always attentive. He responds to Gabriele, though.

Perhaps you will have to explain the politics to someone less steeped in the politics than a member of the Falisci family. I understand what Lord Falisci's...mistress (he manages to sneer a bit on the word) would have to gain from killing the young lord, but what has she to gain from kidnapping him alive?

Oh, and in the name of introductions, I am Father Gaspar Rodriguez de Avila.

Gaspar always makes sure to roll the 'r's in his name a little bit longer.


Environmental note: It is currently late Spring.

Gabriele chuckles, Perhaps she has no taste for murder. Even the guards were left alive. He pauses a moment and continues.

I'm not an expert in such things, but perhaps she wants the child alive until she is sure she received what she wants. If Giovanni doesn't make her child the heir, then she'd have committed murder for nothing. Keep the boy in secret until Giovanni has to acknowledge another, then dispose of the boy. And if Giovanni refuses she can always send him pieces of the boy until he does. It's more difficult to do if the child is dead. He pauses again and takes a drink from his wine glass. But, of course, I do not know much about such clandestine affairs.

Pleased to meet you gentlemen, my name's Giuliana.

She nods at the others.

I'm sure she has a good reason, not just to leave his body. After all she is Villanova, they all but invented the game. That is, if she is responsible for this coup. We should not forget, that it's only conjecture and guesswork so far.

I'm glad to see you found the time to help your family, Gabriele.

Turning back to the valet, she asks,

Casius, you do not by chance happen to know who chartered those two ships?


Both were merchant ships and neither had a passenger manifest left with the dockmaster. The ship heading back to the Falisci mainland belongs to the Falisci family. The ship heading to San Felipe was registered in the name of Benito Torres.

While Luciano has ignored much of his family's mercantile pursuits in recent years, it's possible that he has heard that name. Could a Wits check tell me if he knows of Benito Torres?


@Luciano, yes you may. Roll and keep you Wits.

Olivier nods to Luciano and responds in Montaigne. He motions to Giuliana as he speaks.

Doesn't seem that different. I mean you've gotten women with swords who apparently know bodyguards. It might not be like the rest of Montaigne, but that seems par for the course in Paix.

Going back to Vodacce, he addresses everyone.

Do you know the captain of the ship heading back to the mainland? Is he loyal to Giovanni or could he be in league with the mistress? I know that may be difficult to answer, but anything we can do to narrow down the likeliest method of taking the boy will help expedite this search.

Wits roll regarding Benito Torres: 4d10 ⇒ (4, 8, 6, 6) = 24

That was a 4k4 roll, so the total is 24.

Luciano smiles at Olivier, addressing him this time in Vodacce. Indeed, my friend. I did say 'perhaps'.


Thinking for a moment, I have met with Captain Aldofo on several occasions. A portion of the wine that he transports is meant for my Lords personal reserve and it is part of my duty to see that it reaches his palace safely. I can't say that I have ever noticed anything that speaks of disloyalty, but then my dealings with him were purely business related.


Assuming it is the same Benito Torres, then you believe you have actually met him once before. It was during a trip that your father had dragged you along on to oversee the loading of a large shipment of rice. Though from the short conversation that you listened too between him and your father, you seem to recall that he mentioned his homeport and being Malaca.

Gabriele looks briefly annoyed at the conversation taking place in a foreign language, but he quickly tries to cover this with an air of indifference. Those two sound like women gossiping.

He seems to be contemplating something amusing, and then speaks. I know a man that works on the mainland docks where our wine is delivered. He handles shipments. Gabriele pauses to chuckle and sips a bit of his wine. He is discreet, and can almost certainly find out if the Captain is smuggling a boy instead of just...well, just delivering wine. I'm sure he can convince a couple of guards to help him retrieve the boy if I send him enough money. The Castillian ship, on the other hand, is more problematic.

Well, I speak Castillian, and I'm assuming that he does, Olivier says and motions to Gaspar.

If you can check up on the ship delivering wine, that would be wonderful. How long do you think the information will take to gather? If you can send someone after the captain to ask questions...I can ensure that the return message reaches us quickly. As long as we have an agreed upon time that it must be written by of course. That way we do not have to worry about waiting here for the message or avoiding travel to be at some agreed upon location to receive it.

Gaspar frowns slightly at Olivier's comment about getting the message back quickly. We can only hope he's an expert with pigeons.

For what it's worth, my aunt has a cousin in San Felipe. I think I've met him, though that might have been her cousin in San Eliseo. If a fast ship can be arranged, we could likely beat the merchant there.

I thought I'd include a quick note on how I imagine Luciano fitting into the structure of the Mondavi family. Antonio Mondavi, Luciano's father, is cousin to the prince, Alcide Mondavi. Antonio is older, and years ago, many expected him to be heir to the Mondavi princedom. That possibility evaporated, however, when the prince of the time was finally able to produce a son (Alcide Mondavi had four sisters born before him). Antonio still resents this, but he is unquestionably loyal to his cousin.

Antonio holds little power in the affairs of state, but he is deeply involved in the grain trade of the Mondavi family. He has tried unsuccessfully to pull Luciano into the fold, but his son has resisted ever since learning of the Falisci favor promised of him. There is little love lost between Luciano and Antonio, but both share the understanding that some day, Luciano will take his father's place. Antonio may feel differently about this depending on how Luciano handles his arranged marriage.

Technically, if all of Alcide Mondavi's sons were out of the way and had no heirs of their own, Luciano would be considered as a possible heir to the princedom. He has put this possibility out of his mind, however, and would rather that rule be taken on by the eldest of his second-cousins. He has no intention of betraying his family and intends to find his own path to greatness.

The situation with the Faliscis is very interesting to Luciano, as he knows how close his father came to being named heir of the Mondavi family and has perceived Antonio's frustration. He relates his feelings on that matter to virtually any dispute over succession. Even though this complication is entirely different from the Mondavi question years ago, he feels that Seraphina's son most closely represents his father, imagining the boy to be envious that he is not the rightful heir. For that reason, he greatly wishes to rescue Lorenzo and to deny the privilege to the illegitimate son, vicariously slighting his own father in the process. Backwards as it may be, he thinks he will enjoy the favor he owes.

I may be able to learn something of Benito Torres. If is the same man I think it is, my father knows him. I will send a request to my estate for information, if that seems a viable course of action.

Would Luciano already know that Olivier is a Porte mage? Are his blood red hands visible, or does he hide them?

Gabriele nods in response to Gaspar. I agree, a fast ship should be able to beat any merchant vessel to port.

He sits back and drinks more wine, I expect that if the boy is on the other ship, he'll be returned before we make it back from Castille one way or another. But I can arrange for the details to be sent to us, I suppose. Just tell me whatever it is that you need to ensure delivery. He waves his hand idly towards Olivier while he sips his wine.

Luciano Mondavi wrote:
Would Luciano already know that Olivier is a Porte mage? Are his blood red hands visible, or does he hide them?

Olivier would have regularly caught bullets with reality holes. He does wear gloves/clean his hands/etc. when in polite company, but anyone that has known him for any length of time (and particularly fought with him would know he's a Porte mage).


After dinner has concluded and everyone else has taken their leave, Casius will take the five of you on a walk around the grounds. Forgive me if we don't head directly to the barracks, but to avoid undue attention we shall simply appear to be taking an after dinner walk, the course of which will take us near the left side entrance to the barracks where the infirmary wing is located.

The grounds are of course beautifully tended with carefully trimmed hedges, decorative flowering trees and multiple flower beds all in the bloom of late Spring. No one seems to be paying your group any undue attention. Those that you see appear to be out enjoying their own after dinner strolls. Some of a more romantic nature than others as you pass couples either walking hand in hand or taking a moment to sit together on one of the many little benches alongside the paths.

Once you reach the barracks, Casius knocks on the door and has a quiet conversation with the guard that opens it. He then turns back to you and motions to continue to follow him. You are led down an unremarkable hallway to a room containing four beds, only two of which are currently in use. Gentlemen and lady, may I introduce you to Giulio and Marcelo, they were the guardsmen with young Lorenzo during the time of his abduction.

Luciano takes in the scenic gardens, but his eyes avoid the lovers enjoying the evening air. When he reaches the infirmary and sees the two guards there, he greets them with a wan smile, then leans against the doorway, eager to watch how they interact with Giuliana.


Giuliana is deep in thought during their stroll through the park. There are just too many options at the moment. The two ships, the possibility of an unknown third, a porte mage, they could even still be on the island! Neither does she share the easy confidence the others seem to feel. Had she organized this, she would have made sure the vessel the boy used never to reach port.

Still her eyes habitualy scanned the ground and every face they walked past, looking for undue attention to them. And she tried to get a feeling for her companions. Would they be of help? Or more of a hindrance? Only time would tell.

Hello Giulio and Marcelo. Glad to see you are alright. Would you be so kind as to tell us what happened?

Olivier seems far more interested in the people milling about, but grudgingly steps into the barracks with the others. He looks around the room as Giuliana speaks, seeming rather bored with the lack of current excitement. He then moves to Gabriele, speaking softly.

Just get me a small box or something that the messenger can leave a letter in. Two if you want them to be able to send the first message requesting a delay in sending the second.


Marcelo speaks: I guess I'll be the one doing the talking. Poor Giulio over there had his jaw broke. The morning started off the same as every other. After breakfast Lorenzo went to the stables, requested his favorite mount and the rest of us prepared the horses and then rode off with him. We took our usual trail that led up to an overlook that had a nice view of the ocean and Lorenzo had just dismounted and handed the reins over to his groomsman when five men suddenly came out of hiding and attacked us. Two had been hiding behind large rocks near the overlook and grabbed Lorenzo, we had just dismounted, drawn our steel and were ordering them to release him when we were attacked from behind by another three men. All of them were dressed in black clothing with no recognizable markings and all armed with a sword. A blow from a pommel is what broke Giulio's jaw and knocked him clean out. I went down when they stabbed through my thigh, that's when they were able to disarm me and tied me up. After that they took off with him on our own horses. Throughout the retelling of events, both men look clearly embarressed and ashamed at failing in their duty and at being defeated so quickly in combat despite being outnumbered.

We swear that we tried our best to save Lorenzo. We were just outnumbered by those bastards. He sighs. Is there anything else I could tell that may be of help?


I know it's been a stressful situation and you didn't have the leasure to get a good look of them, but perhaps you might remember something more? Did they say anything? If they did, did they sound like native speakers? What weapons did they use? Rapiers, sabres, broadswords? Did you notice anything about their clothing beside the colour? Was it made from wool or silk? Did it look foreign or familiar to you? Did they wear open jewelry, a cross perhaps? Was their hair and beard clean or greasy?

I know, that's a lot of details and you were fighting for your life, but any little detail may be of help to us.

Gabriele takes a glass of wine as they leave the dinner table. During the walk he nurses it until they near the barracks, at which point he finishes the wine quickly. He places the glass on a bench, heedless of whomever might have also been sitting there, or whatever it is that they might be doing.

As Olivier tells him what is needed, Two boxes it is then. He looks around and seems annoyed that there isn't anyone he can send to get the boxes at the moment.

As the guard speaks, Gabriele absently looks around, still seemingly bored.


Marcelo is silent for a few moments, clearly lost in thought. Hesitantly, he speaks: Well, I can't say that they even spoke at all, let alone with what accent. All I can remember hearing is the ringing of our swords as we fought. We didn't recognize any of them, that's for sure. He motions over towards Giulio. Giulio got the closest look at their weapon when he took that hit to his jaw with the basket hilt of ones sword. I don't remember seeing anything in their offhands though. I'm sorry, but I couldn't even try to makes a guess what material their clothing was made from. All I can say is it was plain, dark and unadorned.

Luciano watches intently as Giuliana converses with the guards, but he cannot resist a comment.

Masked men? Sounds Castillian to me. He smiles at Gaspar. I jest, of course. Do not take offense.

Luciano returns his attention to the guards. They must be schooled in swordplay if they guard Lorenzo Falisci. They talk of weapons and their hilts, but I wonder if they would recognize another school in an opponent. That could be very useful information.

Still seemingly distracted, Gabriele idly asks, Lorenzo's manservant, the stableboy, and young Alberto. What were they doing when you were fighting? He pauses a moment, And the one that stuck you through the leg...what was the style of attack?


Alberto went to get help, sadly that help did not come in time. Looking disgusted for a moment Marcelo continues: The manservant proved to be a coward. He was frozen with fear and easily tied up after we were defeated. I don't remember seeing the stableboy during the fighting.

Looking down at his leg: From the lack of an offhand weapon and how he attacked, I'd have to say it was Aldana.

Gaspar smiles and responds to Luciano: Why should I take offense? If I wished to defeat a Vodacce guard, I too would hire Castillians.

Luciano lets out a short laugh. I am outdone, and with so few words. Well said, friend. Well said. Luciano turns his attention from Gaspar and addresses the group. I am no expert on Aldana, but I know it to be widespread. It rules out nothing, but it is useful to know.


Casius will interrupt the conversation for a moment. The loyalties of the manservant and Alberto have been verified. However, the stableboy has not been seen since that day. All attempts to find him have failed. Before you ask, he was Vodacce with no known ties to any other nation. We can only assume that if he assisted in this, he did it for whatever gold they offered.

It seems unlikely that the captors took the boy with him. Even with a little money, he cannot have gone far. Perhaps catching him quickly would save us more time chasing after the wrong ship.


We can look for him, but if he was involved, I'd wager he's dead by now. I agree with you, Mondavi, everything seems to point towards Castille. CAsius, do we know of any ties Seraphina might have with Castille and the Torres family in particular?

On the other hand, we must not forget that Seraphina is Villanova. All this clues have been very obvious and easy to find. Too easy for a Villanova, don't you think so?

Giuliana kicks at the leg of a bed in exasperation.

It seems so. Luciano shifts his weight and leans towards the door. I have heard enough here. Ask more information from them if you wish, but I if I am to pen a letter to my estate regarding Benito Torres, I would begin immediately. I suppose I will need a box or two as well.

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