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Full Name

Josef Orlovsky




Fighter (Aldori Defender) 5/Aldori Swordlord 1 | HP37/46 | AC20 T14 F17 CMD21+ | F+6 R+6 W+2 | 20) | I+5 | Perc+0




5' 8", 140#






Taldane, Hallit, Varisian


Noble's Son / Duelist

Strength 12
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 11
Charisma 14

About Josef Orlovsky

Josef is a very easy man to look upon. His thick blond hair and still youth-scraggly beard are both cut short, as is common amongst combatants in order to prevent providing an enemy with something to grab. His green eyes sparkle from atop his thin nose, that has one strange crook in it. His well-tailored clothes highlight his slender form while not restricting his ability to move. His thick, brown leather jerkin, knobbed with bronze tokens, shows obvious signs that attacks have previously pierced his defenses, but the single wing image engraved over his heart stands unblemished. The wing image is duplicated on the similarly knobbed brown bracers which both protect his forearms and hold the end of his yellow shirt sleeves in place. The left side of his pants are a brown cloth to match the color of his armor. The right side of his pants are a deep maroon, matching the stain on the leather of his boots, gloves, scabbard, belt, pouch and pack. His hat is the same deep maroon, but he has attached a spray of feathers in brown and yellow. His confidence and swagger are far more obvious accouterments than his gear, though.

Josef Orlovsky was born to power and wealth. Being the second son of the third son of the second son didn't leave much expectation for getting to wield much of the family power. The family tried to get him to learn the merchant's arts, but he found little interest in manipulating people. They tried to get him to join the church, a fate typical for those destined not to inherit much of the family's power. Instead, he explored and investigated. He got into trouble. He even picked fights with the servants' children, most of which he lost.

His aunt Mariah recognized something of her father in Josef's behavior. She encouraged him to follow a very nontraditional path for the Orlovsky, but it was the path her father, Mikael, had taken, that of a Swordlord. She wrote a letter of introduction and provided Josef with Mikael's original dueling sword, before sending the 12 year-old to a training facility in Restov that Mikael had helped run for a while. Those kinds of connections carry an amazing amount of weight, and so the instructors accepted Josef as a student without questioning his inherent abilities. As his training progressed, they were pleasantly pleased with his native talent.

During his 14th year, Josef began experimenting with girls, finding himself quite fond of them fairly quickly. He eventually made the mistake, as so many young men do, of getting close to the girls closest to him, other students at the Sky Academy. Surah, a young peasant student, managed to take his interest far more than appropriate. He even started thinking about taking a merchant's position within the family, if she would go with him. Since we know he couldn't have followed that path, something must have happened. It was a training accident. Francith, one of the other students, failed to maintain proper control of his blade and accidentally severed the artery under her left arm instead of pulling the shot. As Francith stood there in shock, looking at what he had done, Josef leapt onto the field and drove his sword between the boy's left ribs and out through his right armpit. Surah's death was reported as an accident. Francith's was reported as the result of a matter of honor.

He claimed Surah's scabbard, replacing it with Mikael's scabbard, decorated with gilt and gems, so that her family would have a chance to get something from her death. Her scabbard had a cuirboilli cow-hide interior to protect the blade and a thin, soft, deep maroon-stained kid leather outer skin to make it attractive.

Josef found his life at the Sky Academy much harder after this event. His family name had kept him from the worst possible consequences of his actions, but it did not protect him from all of them. The other students no longer trusted him. He did find that he had a much easier time intimidating his dueling opponents, whether from his school or one of the others. He also discovered that despite his refusal to actually get close to another girl that quite a few were happy to have his attention temporarily. He had gained a reputation for being dangerous, of course.

Since he had already been blooded, Josef was graduated from the Sky Academy in fairly short order. He returned home to find that Mariah had died while he was gone. She had left him a book written in her own hand, detailing the stories of Mikael's adventures as a swordlord. That was the most welcoming thing he found at home, though. He had chosen a path of constant open confrontation. One where his name and presence would ATTRACT trouble to whatever family holdings he was near. Only three days after his return home, he was informed that the family would be sending him to represent their interests in the King's efforts to claim wild lands for Brevoy.

The wild, unwanted son of the Orlovskys was being sent to either die or increase the family wealth and power.


Init +5 (Dex+3, Reactionary+2)
Speed 30' (20' w abnormal load)
BAB+6 Melee+7 Ranged/Finesse+9 CMB+7/+9(+10 w/ normal dueling sword; +11 w/ MW or +1) (Str+1, Dex+3)
MW Dueling Sword +11/+6 for 1d8+5 @ 19+, S (Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Specialization, Deft Strike)
MW Composite Longbow (Str +1) +10/5 for 1d8+1 @ x3, 110', P, 20 arrows

Dazzling Display - Full-Round display with dueling sword is an Intimdate (Demoralize) check against all foes within 30' who can see the display. DC10+HD+Wis for each target. Shaken for 1 rd (+1 Rd for each 5 by which DC is exceeded).
Improved Disarm - Disarm does not provoke; +2 to Disarm
Disarming Strike - Deal weapon Damage (no Dex bonus) to target of successful Disarm

HP 46 (1x 10 + 5x 6 + [6x Con+1])

AC20 T14 F17 CMD21+ (Armor+6, Dex+3, Str+1, BAB+6, Noble Born+1, Amulet of Natural Armor+1)

Combat Expertise - take a –2 penalty on melee attack rolls and combat maneuver checks to gain a +2 dodge bonus to your Armor Class.
Defensive Parry - gains a +1 bonus to AC against melee attacks until the beginning of his next turn when taking a full attack with a dueling sword
Improved Disarm - +2 CMD versus Disarm attempts

Fort +6 (Fighter+4, Sowrdlord+0, Con+1, Cloak+1)
Ref +6 (Fighter+1, Swordlord+1, Dex+3, Cloak+1)
Will +2 (Fighter+1, Swordlord+0, Cloak+1)

Bravery - +1 bonus on Will saves against fear
Cloak of Resistance +1


2+2 Int+1 Skilled+1 Favored Class (First 5 levels, then 7 & 8 [possibly]) +2 Background Skills (for 7 or 8 per level)
Bonus Skill Attribute+Ranks+Class+Specific(+Conditional)
+13-Acrobatics +3+6+3+1 Noble Born(-AC)
+ 2 Appraise +2+0+0
+10 Bluff +2+6+3
+ 1-Climb +1+0+0(-AC)
+ 2 Craft +2+0+0
+11 Diplomacy +2+6+3
+ 2 Disguise +2+0+0
+ 3-Escape Artist +3+0+0(-AC)
+ 3-Fly +3+0+0(-AC)
+ 0 Heal +0+0+0
+12 Intimidate +2+6+3+1 Ioun Stone
+11 Knowledge (nobility) +2+6+3 (Background)
+ 0 Perception +0+0+0
+ 2 Perform +2+0+0
+11-Ride +3+5+3(-AC)
+ 9 Sense Motive +0+6+3
+ 9-Sleight of Hand +3+6+0(-AC) (Background)
+ 3-Stealth +3+0+0(-AC)
+ 0 Survival +0+0+0
+ 1-Swim +1+0+0(-AC)

Armor AC -3
Standard Load AC -0

H Dazzling Display
F Exotic Weapon Proficiency (dueling sword)
1 Weapon Finesse
F Weapon Focus (dueling sword)
3 Combat Expertise
F Weapon Specialization (dueling sword)
5 Improved Disarm
S Quick Draw

Campaign: Noble Born (Orlovsky) - +1 trait on CMD & Acrobatics
Combat: Reactionary - +2 trait on Initiative

3000 GP Budget
Free... Explorer's Outifit 8# (Worn)
.320.00 MW Dueling Sword 1d8/19+/S/Finessable/3# (Worn)
..20.00 Backup Dueling Sword (Worn)
1100.00 Mithral Chain Shirt +4/+6/-0/10%/30/12.5# (Stored)
..50.00 MW Backpack 4# (Worn)
.500.00 MW Composite Longbow (+1 Str) 1d8/x3/110'/P/3# (Worn)
...1.00 20 normal arrows 3# (Worn)
.....10 Bedroll 5# (saddlebag)
...1.00 Belt Pouch .5# (Worn)
...1.00 Flint and Steel -# (Pouch)
.....20 Mess Kit 1# (saddlebag)
......1 Soap .5# (saddlebag)
..10.00 Trail Rations (20 days) 20# (saddlebag)
...2.00 Waterskin 8# (saddlebag)
.....50 Poncho 2# (Pack)
.110.00 Horse, light (combat-trained) (228#L, 459#M, 690#H) (ridden) 50' base, 35' w/ Load
...2.00 Bit & Bridle 1# (worn)
.....20 Brush, Dandy 2# (saddlebag)
..20.00 Saddle, Military, 30#/75% remain mounted after unconcious (worn)
...4.00 Saddlebags 8# (up to 20# per side capacity) (worn)
..75.00 Ioun Torch -# (worn)
.250.00 Traveler's Any-Tool 2# (saddlebag)
.200.00 Pink and Green Sphere (Cracked) Ioun Stone -#/+1 bonus Intimidate (worn)
Lesser Resto Potion
Oil of Magic Weapon
Bull’s Str Potion
Enlarge Person CL 3
6x +1 Animal Bane Arrows
Cloak of Resistance +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
MW Breastplate +6/+4/-3

2667.01 106.5# fully loaded, # w/o Pack
2667 GP, 29 SP, 22 CP available (through 22 Sep 2019)

43#/50# w/ pack = Light -/-0/30'/x4
86#/100# w/ pack = Medium +3/-3/20'/x4
130#/150# w/ pack = Heavy +1/-6/20'/x3

Generation Notes:
2 12 12 +1
5 14 16 +3 +1 @ 4
2 12 12 +1
5 14 14 +2
1 11 11 +0
5 14 14 +2

+2 Dex
Normal Speed
Bonus Feat

Fighter (Aldori Defender Archetype) 4
Simple & Martial Weapons
All Armor & Shields
Bonus Feats
Bravery +1
Defensive Parry +1

Advancement Plans:

Level 2 Fighter (Aldori Defender) 2 - Bravery - BF: Weapon Focus (dueling sword)
Level 3 Fighter (Aldori Defender) 3 - Defensive Parry - LF: Combat Expertise
Level 4 Fighter (Aldori Defender) 4 - BF: Weapon Specialization
Level 5 Fighter (Aldori Defender) 5 - Disarming Strike - LF: Improved Disarm
Level 6 Aldori Swordlord Prestige Class 1 - Deft Strike - Quick Draw
Level 7 Fighter (Aldori Defender) [probably] 6 - BF: Shatter Defenses? - LF: Greater Disarm? Duelling Mastery?
Level 8 Fighter (Aldori Defender) [probably] 7 - Steel Net
Level 9 Aldori Swordlord Prestige Class 2 - Display Weapon Prowess - LF: Improved Critical?
Should remain Aldori Swordlord through Level 17, if things get that far.

Since original construction, I have toyed with levels of Duellist also. Not certain right now.

Other Trait thoughts, not used for this submission:

Regional: Noble - +1 Knowledge (Nobility) & Sense Motive
Social: Charming - +1 trait on Bluff/Diplomacy on character that is (or could be) attracted to you