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Glitter Girl | Bennies 3 Wounds 0 Cha +4 Parry 5 | Normal: Pace 6 Tough 5 Notice d6 | On Glitter Boy: Size 3 Pace 10 Run d10 Swim 6 Wounds 0 Tough 29 (18 MDC) Notice d6+2 | Status: Normal





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About Jonis Witta

The end was swift. One day her mother and she where safe on Tolkeen, after defeating the Coalition attackers one more time, and the next they were running for their lives in the middle of the destruction and murder of the fall. They tried to help as many people as they could, but quickly they realized everything was lost.
The last time she saw her mother, after she forced her to get into the Glitter Girl (she always called that), she was running towards a ruined building, looking for cover. The explosion painted her dark silhouette against a fire background that will appear in Jonis' nightmares for the rest of her life.
She barely make it outside Tolkeen, and went to look for her mother's friends, the Tomorrow Legion, to find a new place to life, a new cause to fight for, in honor of her mother, and in the name of all of her predecessors in her Glitter Girl, a long line of women, originated since the coming of the rifts, of Neeman women that decided to fight for good.
Young and naive, she will now depend on her abilities and charisma to continue the long line of heroes in her family.
10 -> 3 + 5 + 2
- Spirit d8
- Elan
- Next: Skills, Persuasion and something else.
Spent Resources:
- Boom Gun shots fired: 5
Adventure Card:
Bullseye: Play after damage is rolled to double the total of a successful ranged attack.

Iconic Framework: Glitter Boy
- 3 rolls on any of: Cybernetics, Close Combat Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Training
- 2 rolls on any table
- Fully Trained: All Glitter Boy pilots begin with the Power Armor Jock Edge.
- Glitter Boy Armor: Power Armor of the highest caliber.
- Heroic Legacy: A Glitter Boy pilot gets +2 Charisma. If a Glitter Boy is stolen, word passes quickly and the thief is targeted by Glitter Boy pilots across North America.
- Many Have Fallen: Numerous Glitter Boys fell to defend the world, leaving plentiful salvageable parts. Serious repairs cost 250,000 credits and Severe ones 500,000.
- Big and Shiny: Glitter Boys are immediately recognizable and often a priority target for heavy weaponry. They suffer -8 to Stealth rolls due to their glittering armored coating. At 10 feet tall and Size 3, Glitter Boys are big targets and man-sized opponents gain +2 to hit them.
- Closed Off: Sealed away from the natural and spiritual worlds, Glitter Boy pilots cannot use magic or psionics while in the suit. Such powers used by others can still affect them.
- Digging In: Activating/deactivating the stabilization system is an action. Firing the Boom Gun without these measures knocks the Glitter Boy 2d6" back and prone, leaving the pilot Shaken. Once dug in, the Glitter Boy cannot move and can only fire to the front and sides (180 degrees). Digging in makes the Glitter Boy an easier target, attackers gain a +2 to attack rolls against the suit while dug in.
- Enemies: The Coalition States consider all Glitter Boys enemies of the state. Few within the True Federation of Magic consider them friends either.
- Highly Technical Machinery: Like all devices, armor, vehicles, and weapons, Glitter Boy systems are subject to the Technical Difficulties Setting Rule.
- Sonic Boom: Firing a Boom Gun causes a sonic boom affecting everyone (except the pilot) within a Large Burst Template. A failure on a Vigor roll -2 inflicts Hard of Hearing (Major) for 3d6 minutes and makes the character Shaken. If he fails with a 1 on the Vigor die, he is Incapacitated and makes a Vigor roll each round to become conscious but Shaken. Anyone in environmentally sealed armor gains +2 to the roll, as do characters with Hard of Hearing (Minor). Characters with the Major version are immune!
- Stand By to Fire: A Glitter Boy cannot move and fire its Boom Gun on the same round. This is why some carry other firearms as alternatives for when they need to move and shoot.
Race: Human (Extra Edge Attractive)
Narrative Hook Roll: 3 -> The Siege of Tolkeen
One of the most tragic and destructive events of recent times, the invasion and subsequent destruction of the magical state of Tolkeen by Coalition forces in 109 PA reverberates throughout North America and the world. Your character may have fought in that war, perhaps as a part of either side’s military forces, or as a mercenary hired by one faction or another. She may have been caught in the crossfire, trying to survive and help as many folks as possible. Many refugees from that war are now in or around Castle Refuge. Her mother died in the siege, but she escaped with the Glitter Boy armor.
Hero’s Journey Rolls:
Training 10: Functional machines and technology often mean the difference between life and death in the world of Savage Rifts®. Fortunately for any group your hero runs with, she’s pretty good with tech, giving her a one die type increase for the Repair skill, as well as +1 on Knowledge (Electronics) and Knowledge (Engineering) rolls.
Ranged 5: Exceptional crafting and fine-tuning grants your hero a +1 Shooting with this weapon. This result may be applied a maximum of two times.
Training 16: Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except other Edges (to take Improved Frenzy; your character must have Frenzy first). Combat Reflexes.
Underworld & Black Ops 5: She’s done more and traveled more than anyone, and she always seems to know someone, somewhere, she can call on for information or aid. Your hero has the I Know a Guy Edge, and she gains +2 on all Connections rolls to contact and gain assistance.
Education 8: The principles of technology are vital to building a future out of the catastrophes of the past. Your hero has the necessary foundation to be a part of that with a d8 in Knowledge (Electronics). She also gains +1 on any Repair rolls with electronic machinery.

Attributes Points: (5)
Agility: d4 -> d8
Smarts: d4 -> d6
Spirit: d4 -> d8 (+2 when recovering from Shaken Combat Reflexes Edge, +2 Fear tests Brave Edge)
Strength: d4; d12+4 on Glitter Boy
Vigor: d4 -> d6

Derived Statistics:
Charisma: +4 (+2 Glitter Boy Heroic Legacy +2 Attractive Edge) +2 in Garnet Town
Pace: 6; Pace 10 (Run d10) on Glitter Boy; Swim 6 on Glitter Boy
Parry: 2 + 3 (1/2 Fighting) = 5
Toughness: Base 2 + 3 (1/2 Vigor) = 5
- On Glitter Boy +6 Toughness +18 Armor M.D.C. = 29 (18 MDC)
- With NG Maverick Personal Armor +1 Toughness +3 Armor = 9 (3)
Skill Points: (15)
Fighting (Agility) (2) d6
Knowledge (Electronics) (Smarts) d8 +1 Hero’s Journey (d8 Hero's Journey)
Knowledge (Engineering) (Smarts) (2) d6 +1 Hero’s Journey
Notice (Smarts) (2) d6 +2 on Glitter boy
Persuasion (Spirit) (2) d6 +4 Charisma +2 on Connections rolls I Know a Guy Edge
Repair (Smarts) (1) d6 +1 Hero's Journey with Electronic Machinery (+1 die Hero’s Journey Roll)
Shooting (Agility) (3) d8 +2 Marksman Edge +1 with Boom Gun Hero’s Journey; -2 penalty offset on Glitter boy
Streetwise (Smarts) (2) d6 +4 Charisma +2 on Connections rolls I Know a Guy Edge
Survival (Smarts) (1) d4

Major: Code of Honor (Major): Honor is very important to your character. He keeps his word, won’t abuse or kill prisoners, and generally tries to operate
within his world’s particular notion of proper ladylike behavior.
Minor: Loyal (Minor): Your character may not be a hero, but he’d give his life for his friends. This character can never leave a man behind if there’s any chance at all he could help.
Minor: Vow (Minor): The character has a vow of some sort. Whether it’s Major or Minor depends on the Vow itself. Some may have Vows to particular orders or causes, to the Hippocratic Oath, to rid the world of evil, and so on. The danger in fulfilling the Vow and how often it might occur determines the level of the Hindrance. Whatever the Vow, it’s only a Hindrance if it actually comes into play from time to time and causes the character some discomfort. Her vow is to help any and all innocents, defend them from evil, and never ignore pleas of help. She is not suicidal, or idiotic in her vow.

Marksman: (Hindrance) Requirements: Seasoned (Using the Born a Hero Rule)
The hero excels at taking controlled, measured shots. If he does not move in a turn, he may fire as if he took the Aim maneuver. Marksman may never be used with a Rate of Fire greater than 1. +2 to his Shooting or Throwing roll.
Brave: (Hindrance) Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Those with this Edge have learned to master their fear. Or perhaps are so jaded or emotionally distant they’ve just lost their normal "fight or flight" responses. +2 to Fear tests.
Power Armor Jock: (Glitter Boy Iconic Framework) Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+, Smarts d6+, Vigor d6+
Power armor requires a basic level of training and experience to operate effectively. A character must have this Edge to avoid a -2 penalty to Agility and all skill rolls while wearing power armor.
Attractive: (Human Extra Edge) Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+
It’s no secret that beautiful people have an easier time getting their way in life. This Edge grants your beautiful or handsome character +2 to Charisma.
Combat Reflexes: (Hero's Journey) Requirements: Seasoned
Your adventurer recovers quickly from shock and trauma. He adds +2 to his Spirit roll when attempting to recover from being Shaken.
I Know a Guy: (Hero's Journey) Requirements: Novice, Persuasion d6+, Streetwise d6+, Charismatic
Some people seem to know someone everywhere they go. The contact may not be the most amazingly helpful person — they may even hate the hero for some past slight or money owed. The person known may be well-placed in an organization, or just as easily homeless and only know a few possibly helpful rumors. The point is, however, almost anywhere he goes, the hero seems to know someone, and that person usually at least knows something of value or can contact some helpful folks. Once per session, the player can invoke this Edge to effectively have the Connections Edge with any person or group. Use the rules for Connections to determine if the contact can be reached, and if he will help in any way. If the attempt to contact a particular person fails, the once-per-session use of this Edge is not used up; failures on the Persuasion check to get help still trigger that session’s use of the Edge.
Connections: (Reference for I Know a Guy) Requirements: Novice
To use a character’s Connections requires that she first get in touch with one of her contacts. This requires a Streetwise roll. Failure means the particular contact wasn’t available, their cell phone wasn’t on, or they were otherwise tied up. Once in contact, the hero must make a Persuasion roll. The GM should feel free to modify both the Persuasion roll and any results based on the circumstances.
A failure indicates the heroine’s contacts just couldn’t come through this time, or perhaps just weren’t persuaded that their help was really necessary.
On a success, the contact might share information, but won’t do anything too risky to help. On a raise, the contact is willing to leak sensitive information, but stops short of outright betrayal. Two or more raises means the heroine has pushed the right buttons and can count on serious help. The Connection will risk serious consequences for the heroine, and if she needs financial assistance, may provide more than he’s comfortable with. If the heroine asks for muscle, the contact delivers either one expert (a safe-cracker, wheel-man, security expert, etc.) or five average fighter-types for the contact’s particular organization (a mob boss sends five thugs, the Army sends five infantrymen, etc.).
Elan: +2 when using a benny.

Glitter Boy Armor:
Size 3, +18 M.D.C. Armor, +6 Toughness, Pace 10 (Run d10), Swim Pace 6
Notes: Enhanced Strength (d12+4), half-damage from lasers, Life Support (self-contained breathing, immune to heat, cold, radiation, environmental toxins, and disease), Full Electronics Suite.
Advanced communications (20-mile range, 500 miles with access to a dedicated relay system), a full sensor suite with HUD (Heads Up Display) readouts, granting +2 on all Notice checks and incorporating 360 degree radar, thermal imaging, and night vision, optics enhancement with 50× magnification, audio pickups capable of hearing whispers at 100 yards, and onboard combat computers and targeting systems that offset two points of Shooting penalties.
- Boom Gun (Range 250/500/1000, Damage 4d12+6, RoF 1, Shots 1,000, AP 25, MBT, Mega Damage)
- Melee (Str+d6 Mega Damage, not considered Unarmed)
Starting Gear
NG Maverick Personal Armor (cannot be worn inside the Glitter Boy)(10 lb, 14,500 credits)
This suit of nonenvironmental body armor is designed for cowboys and other riders. Light polycarbonate and ceramic plates form a distinctive “New Western” style. The armor comes with armored leggings and a polycarbonate “cowboy hat.” Maverick riding armor provides +3 Armor and +1 Toughness. Maverick armor has no Strength Minimum.
Wilk’s 227 Pulse Laser Pistol
NG-S2 Survival Pack
4d6 × 100 credits => 1,000 credits
Payment and bonus: +3,220 credits
Total: 4,220 credits
Personal Contact