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There are some larger previews on the blog for this one.

Thanks Megan for the great review!

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I've been putting together a few mapping tips and tricks and posting them on G+ and facebook at lunchtime 2-3 times a week. If you're interested, you can find them here:
tips on facebook
tips on Google+
collated tips on the blog (every Saturday more or less)

I hope the tips come in handy to people, and let me know if there's something you'd like to see covered.

Tips so far (from the last 3 weeks):
• Drawing top down hills
• City design - start with the roads
• Dungeon design and adventure flow
• Simple hatched city district styles
• Using the Shape Tool to create quick simple icons in Photoshop
• Hand drawn mountains
• Turning a map into an aged paper handout
• A classic gatehouse design for guarding your front door
• Creating isometric dungeon maps
• Quick and Easy Dungeons using Grids
• Using layer styles for attractive dungeons.
• Using paths to create pretty dungeon maps
• Old School Mapping in Photoshop and Maptool

Thanks to Liz for getting this up!

Thanks Liz for getting this up!

Now available for all your piratical needs :)

Thanks to Lilith and the Paizo staff for getting this up.

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Hi all,

Profantasy decided to celebrate 50 annual styles by releasing one for free - and they decided to give away my June Dungeon Style! The free style is here.

I wrote up a post about the style and put together a quick free map with it over on my fantasy maps site.

Hope that's useful to everyone!

I created some city map tiles for Wayfinder #4 - which is a stunner by the way. I thought I'd stick up a link in here for those who may not grab the magazine to get the free art. The high res tiles are on my blog here. They're Creative Commons licensed BY-NC-SA, so basically free for any personal use and modification you fancy. Enjoy!

Is it possible to take a given revelation more than once? Say for Maneuver Mastery or Weapon Mastery with the Battle Oracle? It seems okay, but I'm wondering if it breaks something?

So my party hit 14th level and they're rolling around the underdark on a quest to find the place where Torm killed Bane. I need some good challenges for them and the Bestiary and Bestiary 2 are looking a bit light on solid creatures that fit the bill.

I have the gamesmastery guide, Core Rules, Advanced Players and both the Bestiaries - but none of the APs or other books. I do have a whacking great 3.5 library, but I'm nervous about just lifting high level stuff and dropping it in due to game balance.

Ideally I'm looking for angel/deva/devil/demons and high level NPCs. Any ideas of products I should grab that would help out?

Thanks in advance!

I organised a contest amongst the fantasy mappers of the Cartographers' Guild, challenging them to turn their skills to mapping New York rather than dungeons and dragon lairs. Those maps are now in a gallery in Soho, New York until the 16th of May.

The show contains maps by over 20 artists from around the world. The maps range from illustrations of the fort of New Amsterdam, to goblins in the Statue of Liberty, to a topographical history of the birth of Hip Hop.

The show runs until the 16th of March. If you can't make it to New York you can still see the maps in the online gallery here.

Another map has been released from the dreamhaunted vaults of the Coliseum Morpheuon project by Rite Publishing. In this case a library destroyed by meteors. Fun to create with the landscape torn and blasted under an aggressive sun.

The pack includes:
• High resolution jpgs of the map for use in virtual tabletops (100px per grid resolution).
• greyscale and colour pdf packs that allow you to print off the map for use at the gametable with 1 inch squares in both A4 and US letter sizes
• Maptool files with vision blocking geometry (using maptool 1.3.b63).

You can find the pack on RPGNow here.

Cover image!

Preview of the map!

The Cartographers' Guild and the Soho Gallery for Digital Art have teamed up to present a gallery show of 90 maps from 40 artists around the world. The show includes works from industry pros such as Paizo's own Corey Macourek, as well as Jared Blando, Mike Schley and many others. The maps are shown on digital screens which zoom in and pan across the landscapes showing off all of the detail. I have to say that the Whale from Swallowed Whole looks particularly fine!

If you're in New York then I highly recommend checking it out. It's been a lot of fun putting this together. There's a drinks reception on Wednesday night (21st of July) from 6-9pm.

The show runs until the 29th of July. It's free to enter - and the maps are available as limited edition prints during the run of the show.

Full announcement here.
Sneak preview of the maps here .

I've been creating a line of map packs along with Rite Publishing. You can find them on the Paizo store here:

Fantastic Maps at Paizo

Each map pack comes with the following:

  • Printable pdf with the map chopped up into separate pages so that it can be printed out at battlemap scale (1 square = 1 inch) in either colour or printer friendly greyscale
  • 2 high resolution jpgs for use in virtual tabletops, one with a grid and the other without. These are sized so that 100px = 1 square so no need to rescale them - just drop them in and play.

I'll update as and when new products appear on the store. Enjoy!