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Johnny Panic


Active scenes:
Vision human/lowlight/dark 60'/Ubiquitous/psi + when in scan mode Telle/Aura sight/Danger sense/Detect remote viewing/Teleportation/magic/powers/True Sight/electromagnetic spectrum/Macro.


Human (Enhanced) Technomancer







Special Abilities

Culture Citizen.

About Johnny Panic


5 Core things about Johnny
1: Johnny comes from a hyper Advanced tecnilogical Civilization called "THE CULTURE".
2: Johnny is a synthetic artificially created Being
3: Johnny is not a single being but a group of integrated Bio-tech systems.
4: Johnny has NOT MAGIC/POWERS but uses Meta-Tech in place of them.
5: Johnny has a high morals and respects Liberty and Freedom above all things.

Johnny Description

Johnny is about as good as you can get with Human basic form wile still being called Human, his/her Bio-Mechanical body has been enhanced by near god like AIs from THE CULTURE, they crafted a fully Synthetic being. Johnny Sex seems as if s/he is on the cusp of male & female.

Johnny has a animated tattoo covering every part of s/he body[That can and dos change color and shape and even go unseen]. Johnny seems to manifest force fields of some kind, witch johnny also uses contently to do lesser things like manipulate items and energy's around s/he. Johnny has an old blunt Looking Dagger in s/he boot, seems useless.

Johnny's is Noble, well manned and extremely well educated with a near encyclopedic knowledge and Profoundly intelligent, why beyond Human Norms. In personality Johnny is freedom loving and easy going, a true free spirit. Johnny is not a show off, but can be out spoken. Johnny seems to dislike violence.

Note anyone with Magic/power sight or senses:

Magic or powers: None only very strange kind Bio-Mechanical energy linked to Johnny's body, Johnny's tattoo seems to be linked to other higher Dimensions.

Mind reading - very hard johnny has a firewall and immune to Mind affect but you do pick up something odd, Johnny seems to have more than one mind, Scrying and true sight do not work on Johnny

Looks: Human in all ways but for the fact sometimes he/she seems male/female.

Dragon: Has a Aura but very very faint aspect??.

Aliment: None that can be detected but acts Chaotic good.


"You might call them soft, because they're very reluctant to kill, and they might agree with you, but they're soft the way the ocean is soft, and, well; ask any sea captain how harmless and puny the ocean can be."

Cheradenine Zakalwe

Johnny comes from the CULTURE

Some MORE info about the CULTURE

Johnnys Integrated CULTURE Bio-System:

The CULTURE is famous for massively over engineering their technology, to be super safe, Johnny asked a MIND level AI to make him a body, an ART work, and it agreed, Johnny Panic is what you get if you ask such a thing. The Johnny Panic system, When all of johnny's system are working s/he has gains higher States, but if a system fails or go's off line the stat gos back to base, good news back ups on back ups all in one body which is made of.

Johnny Panic is a 'raid' personality spreed between a number of overlapping tech back up systems.
Johnny Panic

Johnnys Bio Body [Johnny Bio Body] cohort level 12L

Johnnys Neural lace cohort level 14L

Johnny Tattoo [Johnny Bio Tattoo] Psicystal

Johnny SIM

Each overlapping system is part of Johnny panic

School Class Time table:

School day->
Basic Arcana,
Advanced Science
Self Study - Technomancey
Self Study - History, Ethics, Cultures, Theology's of Agartha and Dragon Empire.

What is a Culture Mind:

The Minds.

"Never forget I am not this silver body, Johnny. I am not an animal brain, I am not even some attempt to produce an Al through software running on a computer. I am a Culture Mind. We are close to gods, and on the far side. We are quicker; we live faster and more completely than you do, with so many more senses, such a greater store of memories and at such a fine level of detail."

For Minds, base-level reality is ridiculously boring. So they don't actually live in it. To briefly elaborate, a Mind can perform its day to day functions with a minuscule amount of its processing power. The rest of it can be used to mentally simulate 12 dimensional universes inside their own "heads". The only problem is that it can become very addictive.