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Full Name

Joel Skinner


WP 6/10 | BP 18/20 | Per+Alert 6 |Dex+Wits 6|

About Joel Skinner

Clan Tremere
Sire Lord Casmir
7th Generation

XP Earned - 15
XP Spent - 13 (Linguistics Knowledge - Italian 1 (3) * Way of Levinbolt 3 (10))
XP Remaining - 2

Age - 48
175 lbs.

Attributes: 6(1) – 4(1) – 3

Strength 3 - Dexterity 3 - Stamina 4
Charisma 2 - Manipulation 4 - Appearance 2
Perception 2 - Intelligence 2 - Wits 3

Abilities: 11(2) – 7(2) – 4(1)

Talents - Alertness 3, Brawl 3, Empathy 1, Intimidation 3
Skills - Body Crafts 2, Drive 1, Firearms 3, Melee 1, Prof Skill Demolitions 3, Survival 2, Crafts 1, Stealth 1
Knowledge - Finance 1, Academics 1, Politics 1, Law 1, Linguistics (Italian), Occult 1

Backgrounds: 5
Retainers 1 - Resources 3 - Contacts 2

Virtues: 7

Conscience 4
Self Control 2
Courage 5

Willpower: 10
Humanity: 6

Disciplines: Way of the Levinbolt 3 (Primary)
Path of Warding 1
Path of Blood 1
Path of Elemental Mastery 1
Vicissitude 1


Communicate and Deflection of Wooden Doom

Flaws: Disease Carrier (Hep C) (4), Addiction (Adrenaline 3), Malleable Visage (3) (Wake with a Different Face Each Day), Driving Goal (3) (Return to Own Time & Cure Vampirism), Amnesia (Selective) (1)

Merits: Daredevil (3), Language (2) Spanish & Arabic, Lucky (3), Natural Vicissitude (5), Charmed Existence (5) (Ignore a Single Botch per Dice Pool), Ability Aptitude (Body Crafts - 2) -2 DC all Body Crafts checks.

Daredevil - You are exceptionally good a taking dangerous risks and surviving, all rolls made by the player on an action that is difficulty 8 or higher and is sure to inflict at least 3 levels of lethal damage or more, add three dice to the roll, and ignore a single botch in the roll.

Lucky - You were born lucky - or else the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you may repeat any three failed rolls per story, including botches, but you may try only once per failed roll.


Freebies: 21 + up to 7 in flaws

Freebies (1 dot in Wits = 5)
3 = 3 Willpower, 1 Stealth = 2, 1 Alertness 2, 1 Courage = 2, 1 Contacts = 1. Merit = 13,

Freebies: 15 + up to 7 in flaws
Merits 6 - Charmed Existence + Ability Aptitude
14 - Path of Mastery & Path of Blood + 2 more Willpower

Freebie Point Costs
Attribute – 5 per dot
Ability – 2 per dot
Secondary Ability – 1 per dot
Background – 1 per dot
Virtue – 2 per dot
Humanity – 2 per dot
Willpower – 1 per dot


Skinner is an ex-vet who served in Gulf War I and the Panamanian Conflict. He was a sub par student (well, outside of Mathematics courses anyway!) but excelled in sports. He had the pick of Colleges as a highly regarded Texas High School Tight End who made second team all American.
That was NOT the life that Skinner wanted to lead. His father was a Vietnam War Vet, his Grandfather a WWII Vet and his Great Grandfather enlisted at 15 for WWI. Hell, if his family had been in the US at the time he's pretty sure he'd have had a Civil War vet ancestor as well.
He went to play for the Navy instead. After 4 years he entered service just as Bush entered office. A few sort years later, Skinner was involved in his first action, the Panamanian Conflict. His expertise was Demolitions and damned if he wasn't one of the best. No feeling quite like the eruption of gun fire from hostiles after they see s!&! they thought was secured sent to kingdom come.
While not a Seal, he just didn't have the chops for it, as a member of a demo team it was the next best thing. Well for Skinner anyway. He survived though he lost a handful of friends which dampened his enthusiasm for the rush of combat a bit.
Iraq was the next significant combat that Skinner saw, though the view from a carrier group was less exciting than his experience on the ground in Panama. For an Adrenaline junkie, the experience sucked.
By 1992 with Clinton elected Skinner figured that private life was the way to go as he believed military funding would be cut and by extension his ability to make a buck. He moved back to Texas and got a job with an Uncle in the construction field.
For 9 years he handled private demos around the southwest and made a fair living. He never quite got around to getting married though considered it with a few girlfriends. September 11, 2001 changed all of that though. It was clear the world would never be the same again.
He felt he was too old to enlist though and figured that private contracting would be the way to go, so he made a phone call to a buddy he knew that knew someone at a private military contracting company, Blackwater.
There's not a lot to say about his time with the company as most of it was classified. Suffice to say by 2007, he had had enough of the work. It was dirty money and the group just did not operate as above board as the Military did. In some respects this was good. IN others bad. For Skinner, the good began to outweigh the bad. Once more he retired and once again moved home to Texas.
This time, between the money he made with his Uncle and as a Contractor he started his own construction, or destruction company, as he likes to call it.
Another 10 years have come and gone and Skinner is now contemplating his legacy, maybe it was time to finally settle down? Of course, life with Hep C ain't great and it's hard to disclose that and keep a woman but it's getting to be now or never time. Sleeping around after all had its benefits and drawbacks.
His current project in El Paso has led him to explore the night life as on-line dating has been more treacherous for him than his military service had been!
The Rodeo, a rough place he hears, is where he has decided to go looking for Ms. Right tonight. Course, Skinner is a rough guy...