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Fortitude +18, Reflex +19, Will +17 (Performer's Heart) | Perception +14 | Speed 25, climb 10 | Darkvision | Resist cold 5, void 1 | Default Exploration: Avoid Notice +16


| Bard Spells 5th-3/3 4th-3/3 3rd-3/3 2nd-3/3 1st-2/3 | Focus 1/2 | Greater Mentalist's Staff 5/5 | Hero Points 1 | Provisions: scroll of breath of life 1/1 | Active Conditions: None| ◆◇↺


Male Goblin (Snow) Core Bard (Multifarious) Archaeologist 10 | HP 116/116 | AC 28 |

About Jiki, the Flatulist

Bard 10
Small | Goblin | Snow Goblin | Humanoid

Perception +14; Darkvision
Languages Common, Dwarven, Gnomish, Goblin, Jotun, Kholo, Skald, Russian, Sakvroth
Skills Acrobatics +16, Arcana +16, Athletics +12, Deception +18, Diplomacy +22, Intimidation +17, Lore: Aspis Consortium +16, Lore: Bardic +16, Lore: Goblin +20, Lore: Pathfinder Society +16, Lore: Zharchovsk +16, Nature +12, Occultism +16, Performance +21, Religion +12, Society +18, Stealth +16, Thievery +18
Str +0, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +4, Wis +0, Cha +5
Items +1 Resilient Leather, Cold Iron Arrows (9), Rod of Wonder, Ventriloquist's Ring, Wayfinder, Aeon Stone (Dusty Rose Prism), Aeon Stone (Azure Briolette), Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle), Wand of Manifold Missiles (3rd-Level Spell), Glasses of Sociability, Backpack, Bedroll, Chalk (10), Flint and Steel, Rations (2), Rope, Torch (5), Waterskin, Soap, Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld), Arrows (20), Caltrops, Marbles, Thieves' Toolkit (Infiltrator), Mentalist's Staff (Greater); 26 pp, 6 gp, 4 cp


AC 28; Fort +18, Ref +19, Will +17 (Performer's Heart)
HP 116; Resistances cold 5, void 1
Speed 25 feet; climb 10 feet
Melee Greater Mentalist's Staff +12 (Two-Hand d8), Damage 1d4 B
Melee Shortsword +16 (Agile, Finesse, Versatile S), Damage 1d6 P
Melee Fist +16 (Agile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed), Damage 1d4 B
Ranged +2 Striking Astral Shortbow "душаснега" +18 (Deadly d10, Magical, Spirit), Damage 2d6 P + 1d6 Spirit


◆ Goblin Song (Goblin) You sing annoying goblin songs, distracting your foes with silly and repetitive lyrics.
Attempt a Performance check against the Will DC of a single enemy within 30 feet. This has all the usual traits and restrictions of a Performance check. You can affect up to two targets within range if you have expert proficiency in Performance, four if you have master proficiency, and eight if you have legendary proficiency. Critical Success The target takes a –1 status penalty to Perception checks and Will saves for 1 minute. Success The target takes a –1 status penalty to Perception checks and Will saves for 1 round. Critical Failure The target is temporarily immune to attempts to use Goblin Song for 1 hour.

◇ Quickened Casting (Concentrate, Spellshape) Frequency once per day
If your next action is to cast a bard cantrip or a bard spell that is at least 2 ranks lower than the highest-rank bard spell slot you have, reduce the number of actions to cast it by 1 (minimum 1 action).

◆ Bon Mot (Auditory, Concentrate, Emotion, General, Linguistic, Mental, Skill) Prerequisites trained in Diplomacy
You launch an insightful quip at a foe, distracting them. Choose a foe within 30 feet and roll a Diplomacy check against the target's Will DC. Critical Success The target is distracted and takes a -3 status penalty to Perception and Will saves for 1 minute. The target can end the effect early with a retort to your Bon Mot. This can either be a single action that has the concentrate trait or an appropriate skill action to frame their retort. The GM determines which skill actions qualify, though they must take at least 1 action. Typically, the retort needs to use a linguistic Charisma-based skill action. Success As critical success, but the penalty is -2. Critical Failure Your quip is atrocious. You take the same penalty an enemy would take had you succeeded. This ends after 1 minute or if you issue another Bon Mot and succeed.

◇ Heroic Recall (Boon) Trigger You spend a hero point to reroll a check; Effect Desperate moments call for keen insight. You can Recall Knowledge as a free action, rolling the skill check twice and taking the better result.

◆ Wayfinder (Uncommon, Evocation, Invested, Magical) Activate command; Effect The wayfinder is targeted by a 1st-rank light spell.

◆ Glasses of Sociability (Divination, Invested, Magical) Activate envision; Effect You stare at another creature and instantly remember their name if you've met and exchanged names. The glasses rely on your latent memories, so if the creature is disguising their identity, the glasses don't penetrate the disguise. If a doppelganger was disguised as an innkeeper you met, the glasses would give you the innkeeper's name, and if a noble you met before was in disguise as a masked vigilante, the glasses wouldn't reveal their name.

◆◆ Aeon Stone (Azure Briolette) (Uncommon, Invested, Magical, Transmutation) Activate command, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You gain the effect of a chill touch arcane cantrip.

◆◆ Ventriloquist's Ring (Illusion, Invested, Magical) Activate Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect Twisting the ring around your finger allows you to magically throw your voice, with the effects of a ventriloquism spell (DC 19)

◆◆ Rod of Wonder
Activate command, Interact; Effect Choose a creature within 60 feet and roll d% on the table below to determine the rod’s effect. If an entry lists only a spell name, the rod casts that spell at its lowest level. You make any decisions for a spell cast by the rod unless otherwise indicated, except that it must target the creature you chose, or the creature you chose must be the center of the spell’s area, if it has an area but no targets. If the spell’s range is less than 60 feet, increase the range to 60 feet.
Any spell DC required is DC 27, and any spell attack roll required is +17. If the rod casts a spell on you, you don’t get a saving throw or other defense against it.
Once activated, the rod can’t be activated again for 1d4 hours.


Occult Known Spells
DC 29, attack +19
5th ◆◆ Forceful Hand ☆, ◆◆ Shadow Blast, ◆◆ Synesthesia (3 slots)
4th ◆◆ Confusion, ◆◆ Painful Vibrations ☆, ◆◆ Translocate (3 slots)
3rd ◆◆ Agonizing Despair ☆, ◆◆ Fear (H+2), ◆◆ Illusory Disguise (H+2) (3 slots)
2nd ◆◆ Blur, ◆◆ Dispel Magic ☆, ◆◆ Invisibility (3 slots)
1st ◆◆ Charm, ◆◆ Déjà Vu, ◆ Liberating Command, ◆◆ Soothe ☆ (3 slots)
Cantrips ◆◆ Bullhorn, ◆◆ Figment, ◆◆ Forbidding Ward, ◆◆ Prestidigitation, ◆◆ Telekinetic Projectile

Arcane Innate Spells
DC 29, attack +19
Cantrips ◆ Shield

Focus Spells
↺ Counter Performance, ◆ Courageous Anthem, ◆ Dirge of Doom, ◇ Lingering Composition (2 focus points)

►► Macros and Incantations:
◆◆ Cast a Spell (Signature)
"♪ Grip of might, obey my will,
♪ Unseen force, let chaos spill.
Forceful Hand!"

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Twilight's grasp, darkness cast,
♪ Shadows surge, the die is cast.
Shadow Blast!"
[dice="Damage of Chosen Type"]5d8[/dice]
Basic Reflex or Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Senses entwined, perceptions blend,
♪ Worlds collide, where realities bend.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Thoughts entwined, reason shorn,
♪ Minds adrift, in chaos borne.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Signature)
"♪ Resonance of torment, vibrations cruel,
♪ Agony pulses, a relentless duel.
Painful Vibrations!"
[dice="Sonic Damage"]8d6[/dice]
Fortitude DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Portal's call, traverse the veil,
♪ Step through time, the stars set sail.

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Signature)
"♪ Sorrow's song, the heartstrings tear,
♪ Despair's grip, in shadows wear.
Agonizing Despair!"
[dice="Mental Damage"]4d6[/dice]
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Heightened)
"♪ Whispered dread, in shadows spread,
♪ Hearts aflame, with terror fed.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Heightened)
"♪ Veil of lies, forms rearrange,
♪ Disguise conceals, perceptions estranged.
Illusory Disguise!"
Deception DC 28

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Mists of uncertainty, shadows dance,
♪ Forms elusive, in a shimmering trance.

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Signature)
"♪ Threads unravel, spells undone,
♪ Mysteries revealed, powers shun.
Dispel Magic!"

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Shadows weave, sight denied,
♪ Vanish from view, unseen I glide.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Melody sweet, hearts enchanted,
♪ Will's defenses softly supplanted.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Echoes of time, past whispers anew,
♪ Illusions of memory, déjà vu.
Déjà Vu!"
Will DC 29

◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Chains undone, burdens lift,
♪ Freedom's call, quick as a drift.
Liberating Command!"

◆◆ Cast a Spell (Signature)
"♪ Gentle hum, soothing balm,
♪ Comfort's touch, bring inner calm.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Voice amplified, like thunder's roar,
♪ Words resound, through distant shore.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Dreams take form, in shadows' light,
♪ Illusions born of mind's delight.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Barrier woven, shield of might,
♪ Defenses raised against the night.
Forbidding Ward!"

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Fingers deft, with arcane grace,
♪ Wonders conjured, in fleeting space.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Force unseen, object's flight,
♪ Guided by thought, through realms of light.
Telekinetic Projectile!"
[dice="Spell Attack"]1d20+19[/dice]
[dice="Physical Damage"]5d6+4[/dice]

◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Ether's embrace, guard me true,
♪ Arcane guard, my defense anew.

◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Gleaming beacon, dispelling night's hold,
♪ Radiant glow, like dawn's unfold.

◆-◆◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ A storm of force, unleashed and free,
♪ Arcane tempest, fury's decree.
Magic Missile!"
[dice="Force Damage"]2d4+2[/dice] (plus [dice]2d4+2[/dice] plus [dice]2d4+2[/dice])

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Thoughts scattered, in disarray,
♪ Minds entangled, in a haze's sway.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Threads of thought, a web entwined,
♪ Minds converge, in unity defined.

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Ghosts of agony, haunting cries,
♪ Illusory torment, truth belies.
Phantom Pain!"
[dice="Mental Damage"]2d4[/dice] (plus [dice]4d4[/dice])
plus 1d4 (or 3d4) Persistent Mental Damage
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Shadows whisper, doubts accrue,
♪ Fear's embrace, suspicions brew.
Will DC 29

◆◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Visions cascade, time's veils unfold,
♪ Knowledge blooms, in truths untold.

↺ Cast a Spell
"♪ Dissonant chords, disrupt the flow,
♪ Harmony shattered, your power's woe.
Counter Performance!"

◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Anthem of valor, hearts ignite,
♪ With melody's fire, we rise to fight.
Courageous Anthem!"

◇ Cast a Spell
"♪ Notes linger on, a spectral grace,
♪ Echoes of music, time can't erase.
Lingering Composition!"
[dice="Performance vs. level-based DC"]1d20+21[/dice]

◆ Cast a Spell
"♪ Funereal dirge, shadows creep,
♪ Fear's embrace, from slumber's deep.
Dirge of Doom!"


Additional Feats Additional Lore, Archaeologist Dedication, Bardic Lore, Cave Climber, Dirge of Doom, Glad-Hand, Goblin Lore, Group Coercion, Lingering Composition, Loud Singer, Multifarious Muse, Pet, Settlement Scholastics, Shameless Request, Snow Goblin, Trap Finder, Virtuosic Performer
Additional Specials Composition Cantrips, Composition Spells, Multifarious Muse (Enigma), Muses (Maestro), Performer's Heart, Signature Spells


Home Region Land of the Linnorm Kings
Faction Grand Archive

Murabara (Medicine +16, Theatre Lore +16, Absalom Lore +16, Inoculation)
Sneezewort (Survival +16, Games Lore +16, Hunting Lore +16, Experienced Tracker)
The 79th Magi (Crafting +16, Shelyn Lore +16, Engineering Lore +16, Quick Repair)


Botting Instructions:
Normally, Jiki will inspire his allies then cast a spell, but against lesser foes or when trying to conserve slot or actions, will shoot arrows at the creature most likely to threaten him.

◇ Lingering Composition


◆ Cast a Spell: Courageous Anthem

◆ Strike

[dice="+2 Striking Astral Shortbow 'душаснега'"]1d20+18[/dice]
[dice="Piercing Damage"]2d6[/dice]
[dice="Spirit Damage"]1d6[/dice]

◆ Strike

[dice="+2 Striking Astral Shortbow 'душаснега'"]1d20+18-5[/dice]
[dice="Piercing Damage"]2d6[/dice]
[dice="Spirit Damage"]1d6[/dice]

And just in case it ever comes up...

◆◆ Rod of Wonder

[dice="Effect"]1d100[/dice] (
[dice="Spell Attack"]1d20+17[/dice]
[dice="Recharge"]1d4[/dice] hours

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