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Full Name

Jia Li


Human (Tian-La)


Monk (Master of Many Styles) 1 l HP: 11/11 l AC: 15 (18 FD) [T: 15 (18); FF: 10] l Fort: +4; Ref: +4; Will: +4 l Init: +4 l Per: +6












Common, Hon-La, Tien


Failed Freedom Fighter

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 14
Charisma 7

About Jia Li


Jia Li

Female Human Monk (Master of Many Styles) 1
LN Medium Humanoid (Human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +6

AC 15 (18 fighting defensively), Touch 15 (18 fighting defensively), Flat 10
HP 11 (1d8+2+1 (FCB))
Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +4
Speed 30 ft


Unarmed Strike +4 (+2 fighting defensively) (1d6+5; x2; B)

Str 18; Dex 14; Con 14; Int 9; Wis 14; Cha 7

Base Attack: +0; CMB: +4; CMD: 18

Feats: Crane Style (H), Dodge, Improved Unarmed Strike, Snake Style (M), Stunning Fist (DC 13)

Skills: Acrobatics: +6, Climb: +4, Linguistics: +3 Perception: +6, Sense Motive: +8, Swim: +4


Mizu Ki Hikari Rebel: You have trained in martial arts under the banner of Mizu Ki Hikari rebels. You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage rolls made with unarmed attacks.

Reactionary: +2 to Initiative checks.

Class Features:

Fused Style (Ex): At 1st level, a master of many styles can fuse two of the styles he knows into a more perfect style. The master of many styles can have two style feat stances active at once. Starting a stance provided by a style feat is still a swift action, but when the master of many styles switches to another style feat, he can choose one style whose stance is already active to persist. He may only have two style feat stances active at a time.

At 8th level, the master of many styles can fuse three styles at once. He can have the stances of three style feats active at the same time. Furthermore, he can enter up to three stances as a swift action.

At 15th level, the master of many styles can fuse four styles at once. He can have the stances of four style feats active at the same time. Furthermore, he can enter up to four stances as a free action by spending 1 point from his ki pool.

This ability replaces flurry of blows.


Not all stories of rebellion are about brave freedom fighters somehow overcoming insurmountable odds to overthrow their tyrannous overlords. Many such stories are about pain, degradation, and despair. This is Jia Li's story.

Jia Li was born a slave to a powerful fire oni, Dal Mul. Even when she was a young girl, Dal Mul "favored" Jia Li. She would run. He would chase. She always struggled. Dal Mul savored her struggles just as he savored her screams as he burned and scarred her. He liked to call her his "littlest concubine."

Such torments do not go unnoticed. Even in dark times and horrific places there are those who fight against the evil of men and spirits. Huan Lu had been a slave like Jia Li when she was younger, but she had joined the Mizu Ki Hikari. Huan Lu had spent her entire adult life posing as a slave to rescue young women from their oni masters and to teach them to defend themselves. In Jia Li, she saw an opportunity. Here was a girl she could train; here was a girl who could kill her tormentor.

Jia Li has never forgotten the morning when she first felt a spark of hope for a better life. She had been lying on a cold stone floor weeping from her newest set of burns when an older slave woman came into the room and started rubbing a soothing ointment on her flesh.

"Girl, you fight, but you never win. Would you like to win?" the older slave woman whispered.

"Yes, but how? He is a great oni, and I am nothing but a slave," Jia Li replied.

"Even a slave can have power. You must learn the grace of the crane and the cunning of the serpent."

With these words Huan Lu began to teach Jia Li and to hone into a weapon to strike down Dal Mul. It was a brave plan, but perhaps not a wise one. As the years passed and Jia Li learned the secrets of the crane and serpent, Dal Mul noticed changes in his "littlest concubine." She was getting harder to catch. Not anywhere close to be able to evade his grasp, but harder.

One night the oni resolved to follow her. He caught her training with her mistress.

In flame and darkness, Dal Mul appeared. "Little Jia, you have been a very wicked girl, and you need to be punished," the oni purred.

With quickness that belied her years Huan Lu interposed herself between Dal Mul and her student. "Run, girl. Run and do not look behind you."

For a few moments Jia Li was frozen to the spot. This tableaux was a scene from her nightmares. Then Dal Mul struck. The first swipe of his sword appeared like it would cut Huan Li in half, but she knocked it to the side with one graceful movement, and kicked the oni in response. His next attack sliced empty air, and the old one woman jabbed him twice. The oni's wounds began to bleed. The old woman had more than just the grace of the crane and the cunning of the serpent but she also had the patience of the turtle and the ferocity of the boar.

The oni roared in rage. This was not the one sided fights that he preferred. His sword flicked out like a tongue of flame and caught Huan Lu with a glancing blow.

"Run, you foolish girl!" the old woman cried. In that moment, Jia Li's hope died. The oni's wounds would knit, while eventually the old woman would be whittled down bit by bit.

Jia Li ran.

By luck or fate she was not caught. She ran north, ever northwards. She finally understood that this was not a world for the brave. It was a world for tyrants and those who survived them. It took her two years to travel north over the crown of the world down into Avistan. The common tongue of this strange land comes to her lips with difficulty but it does come. Her feet came to rest in Sandpoint.

Appearance and Personality:

Jia Li is a tall muscular woman with light tanned skin. She would never have been a great beauty, and the scars and burns that criss-cross her body do not enhance her appearance. However, Jia Li's low Charisma is more a product of her emotional scars than her physical ones. Abuse can have a corrosive effect on the spirit, and it has left Jia Li with little confidence in herself or in others.

She blames herself for Huan Lu's probable death. On reflection, she reaized she most likely unknowingly lead Dal Mul to her teacher. She does not want to lead others to their deaths but she wants to reclaim her pride and her bravery.