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Hello, I would like to cancel the purchase of Adventure Path #145: Hellknight Hill.

I also wish to end my adventure subscription AFTER Adventure Path #144: Midwives of death. (I still WANT 144)

As much as I love you guys I can't afford to keep it going at the moment :).

I don't know if this request belongs here. So I apologize if it needs to be sent elsewhere.

Now, I'm not hugely familiar with either the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords or Path of War in general, but a player of mine really loves it, so I've allowed him to sort of play-test it here in this campaign.

I started reading some of the system mechanics and fluff and I have to say: I absolutely love the fluff of martial traditions and manuvers and disciplines. The mechanics and wordings are touch and go (especially some of the confusing phrasing behind the Martial Training feats) but I like it for the most part.

As I was reading the anniversary edition of runelords, I got to

Highlady Athroxis and the Soldiers of Wrath in book 5.

So, my issue is why the above spoiler doesn't have it's own martial tradition and such?

Now, I'm bad at homebrew and tend to make things way too OP or way too underpowered. So I thought I would send out a message to see if anyone has made a custom discipline with new manuvers for the

soldiers of wrath, or Alaznist's army in general.

If so contact me either through this thread or PM. If not, does anyone have any tips on how many manuvers I'd need to create for a martial discipline? I know they go up to level 9 but the actual number of manuvers in each discipline seems random to me.

I'd like to cancel this order and my adventure path subscription. It pains me to do so, but financial troubles and all that.

Now, I'm going to start with the fact I've skimmed over these systems enough to understand the core mechanics so that my players won't be able to just steamroll me or blow away my expectations as a GM.

What I need advice with is, how do I add these things to a campaign world in something like an Adventure Path with any meaningful degree?

We've been playing kingmaker for a while and due to character death, party members leaving, etc. I've now got a wyvaran warder and a spheres wizard on the way. As I'm a pretty by the book kind of GM, I worry that when it comes to "retraining" or leadership feats, I'm not going to know how to incorporate these things so that these players feel included. I'm probably making a mess of explaining my problem so I'll try to come up with a TL;DR.

TL;DR I'm not a very imaginative or creative DM and I need tips on how to add Spheres of Power or Path of War into my world in a believable way.

This is were you can post things like announcements or updates.


This is for OOC anouncements and such

Players have been chosen.

So, how does one do this without being a shaper? Psionic repair specifically states it can't affect creatures including constructs. Does the crystal just hang around until it dies, never healing? Or am I forced to look through core means of reparing it (make whole, craft construct feat)?

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Okay, so I haven't actually played in a while. I've been the Game Master for quite a few years, but not a player.

That said, I've got the chance to play in Council of Thieves.
I want to play a fighter. I enjoy fighters, I enjoy the minimum of working parts in a class. I'm not changing my class, so please don't suggest it. I am taking the Lore Warden archetype.

I want my character to focus on the kusarigama, because it seems fun. By RAW, the kusarigama is quite the confusing weapon, but my GM has houseruled it.

Kama end - 5 ft reach, Trip, 1d6, Slashing
Ball end - Reach, Disarm, 1d3, Bludgeoning
Both Ends - Grapple

This, admittedly, is a houserule concerning the weapon, so I don't need discussions on how it works, how it's supposed to work, or RAW.

Finally, I have the following stats.

STR - 16
DEX - 16
CON - 12
INT - 13
WIS - 10
CHA - 11

Exotic Weapon Proficiency (kusarigama)
Combat Reflexes
Two-Weapon Fighting

Human, with +2 in CON (already included in the stats above)

Now, I'm not trying to optimize, I'm just trying to play something I find fun. So if anyone has suggestions on unique feat lines I can go, that'd be great. The only ones I've got lined up for sure are Improved Disarm and Improved Trip.

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I received an email stating there was a problem with my payment method. I believe I updated my payment method properly, but I wish confirm I did it correctly.

I altered my payment method this morning.

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Here's where we'll do some general announcements and such.

Creating this page now, for future use.

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I have finally decided to order the Adventure Path Subscription. I have correctly filled out everything (I thought) but cannot click place order. I thought I clicked it, but I do not have the subscription in my account nor do I have a confirmation email of my order. I do not know what to do.

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First and foremost, this is for the Kingmaker Adventure Path, but that has little bearing on the actual advice I need. This just provides the context for the advice. I rolled "Assassination" on the event chart a few times (I pre-roll events so I can turn them into encounters if appropriate).

So, what I need advice on. I need help building a gunslinger/sniper of some considerable power. It will be level 7 and I have no idea where to start with stats, feats, archetypes, etc. I only have the scene in my head.

The ruling council meets in their chambers/house/area. A figure some distance away has been laying on a roof, covered in a tarp painted to look like roof tiling for hours. Waiting for this moment. She takes a deep breath, focuses on the target, and takes the shot.
A window shatters, the report of the rifle is heard. But it's too late, the shot was made.
If it misses = She panics, knowing her attempt is lost this time, she makes a break for it, sliding from rooftop to rooftop, hoping to get out of the city or to her safehouse before the guard is alerted.
If it hits = Good chance the baroness or any other target is mortally wounded. The sniper gets cocky, sets up an ambush for the rest of the council (who are adventurers)

The idea behind the mechanics I want are pretty simple concepts, Distance to increase Perception DC. Some way to use a musket or other early firearm with good precision. The possibility of dropping or at least wounding a level 5 character to dangerous levels with that first shot. Not outright kill mind you. Unless it's a crit.

So, with that information, I'm hoping some people could suggest things. Archetypes, Races, Equipment, etc. This is a level 7 character with the heroic NPC array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 for stats. And standard NPC Wealth of 6,000 gp more or less.

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Okay, I'm going to make this question as clear as I can.

Can a character created in season 6, who has earned 20 fame and belongs to the Liberty's Edge faction, purchase the Eagle Knight prestige award from the Andoran faction in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide? Then later take the Grey Corsair prestige award despite the award's text?

Pathfinder Society Field Guide wrote:

Gray Corsair (Fame 40, 2 PP, Eagle Knight): You serve aboard an Andoren naval vessel, and gain a +3 bonus on Profession (sailor) checks made while you serve on any Andoren vessels.

The reason I ask is because season 6 factions are vastly different from the ones in the Pathfinder Society Field Guide, and the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play had this to say on the matter.

Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play wrote:
After the faction is retired, none of these faction-specific items are available for future purchase.

So does that mean season 6 characters cannot benefit from faction prestige awards in the Pathfinder society field guide NOW? Note: I am not talking about a character who has already earned said awards in the past, but rather, a new character coming into the campaign now.

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I am not sure if this should go in rules or advice, but I have seen or heard people mention "I have pounce." or "I'm trying to get pounce on my barbarian." but what exactly is a pounce? Is it a hard to get feat in a book I don't have?

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Or a Caravan to Agrabah.

These are the tales of the brave adventurers who delved beyond the World's Edge and into Casmaron.

Maka and Arsaya had come to Bordertown looking to escape Chelaxian law. Maka is an escaped half-giant slave who lives in fear of being caught again. Arsaya is a sylph oracle who deigned to teach Maka the art of smithing and to help the poor man find a place in the world. The pair have been together ever since Arsaya found Maka living in an alley with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Ahri is a kitsune from a small tribe in the Verduran Forest. Her past is filled with Vague prophecy, all she knows is she must find her destiny and cannot return until it is filled.

Ruielas the half-elf came to Bordertown looking to make some money and to procure a specific item. This cheerful bard attempts to liven up every day with song and music, but gold has it's hold even over him and his familiar Angel. A small songbird of great courage.

Panchito the human pistolero came to Bordertown looking for clues about the gold medallion left to him when his father and mother died. Convinced the answer must be out there he walked to the edge of the world itself in search of clues.

It is these five individuals that answered the Wonderworker's call for carvan guards. The job was simple. A one month travel time to the City of Agrabah in the continent of Casmaron. Three thousand gold coins would be paid to each guard who completed the trip. The first day could not have gone worse. As the sun was high in the sky the Caravan made good time as The Illustrious Wonderworker has many strange and wonderful tools at his disposal and found a large path through the mountains that would accommodate the 25 carts in the train. They had already made it past several valleys before the attack occurred. An explosion rocked the front of the caravan and several spell-casters struggled to put out the fire. Once those were doused the Caravan drivers urged their beasts into a stampede. Unfortunately for our heroes, they were the rear guards and a burning tree was placed in the road ahead. Gnolls and hyenas set upon them attacking their only two horses first. The hyenas were apparently trained to only attack the beasts as once they fell they fed upon the carcasses instead of attacking the guards. Panchito, ever daring, first used his cart as cover to line up a shot with his pistol, then charged the cliff the gnolls were firing bows from. He was able to drop one of them with great skill. Despite trading fire with the second gnoll, Ruielas and Arsaya were unable to drop the beast before he escaped. Maka made quick work of the hyenas with her warhammer and pick.

After the chaos of battle, the party realized that without the horses they would never catch up with the caravan. After looting the Gnoll that Panchito dropped, they found a few supplies and a magical medallion that produced the Gnolls battle-plans for the entire mountain region. Many raids were planned and the whole place was a virtual fortress. Only one pass wasn't guarded. A pass known to have constant sand storms. Unwilling to fight past the Gnoll forces for now the party attempted the Storm Pass. After being swarmed by locusts, and cleverly using smoke arrows, torches and alchemical items, were able to drive the insects away from themselves and their equipment. However, a sand storm began raging and the party struggled to find shelter. Thankfully due to his large size, Maka was able to press against the first stage of the wind without issue and saw a cave they could take shelter in. After a tense battle against the elements the party found themselves in a temple of some sort that had been almost converted to a full-service inn. A bald man stood behind a bar to greet them.

Will the party find the caravan and get their gold? Who is the strange bald man that might be desecrating a temple? FIND OUT NEXT WEEK ON BLOOD, SAND, AND CINNAMON!

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So, I recently read about the Shadow Creature template from Bestiary 4 and I love the idea of it. So much so I'm doing a "holiday themed" one shot story for my party in January.

The Premise: During the end of the year festival of a small bordertown, a random lottery is drawn from the townspeople to have a banquet with the baroness. The party members, and two guests each, have won this lottery and are asked to come to the baroness' manor for a feast, gifts, and an afternoon of pleasurable activities.

The Plot: During these activities a bard and fortuneteller of sorts draws the entire banquet table into the Plane of Night. If the party succeeds, twas nothing more than a dream. If the party fails, they too become shadows of the plane.

To escape there will be three encounters: The Past, The Present and The Future.

The Past: the enemies will attempt to taunt the party about their past failings and issues.
The Present: the enemies will point out the issues in the party members' current lives.
The Future: the enemies will give grave warnings.

Now for the crux of the situation: I know what the planar rules will be already. I can make some good tactical and different environments. Creative ways to defeat the environment is the order of the day. However, I am not so good with monsters or CR or anything like that.

I would like some advice on what monsters to use with the shadow templates for the Past, Present, and Future events that would challenge a group of very experienced players at level 3. Character creation was based on the Harrowing Method in Wayfinder #5. Kind of like randomly rolling. The group has 3 players in it.

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I wasn't sure where to post this, but recently my Skype/home group completed their first module. Season 1's The Devil We Know: Shipyard Rats. Everyone had a blast, but a near death occured. I have a few questions.

1) One of the characters was hit pretty bad by the Huecuva's disease in the last encounter. He was dropped by 1 dex, 2 con, and at -2 hit points. This means he has to purchase a remove disease spell, two lesser restorations, and some cure light wounds to top it off yes? Do hit points cure between sessions?

2) Our fighter (lore warden, using a scythe) wants to use his treasure to get a new scythe with special materials. Can he have a Silver, Alchemical scythe blade with a darkwood haft? or is this not legal? I'm not 100% clear on special materials and such.

3) This is a really newbie question, but the Guide to Organized Play says there are faction specific boons you can buy with prestige, but the only thing I can find is the list in the Pathfinder Society Feild Guide. As far as I'm aware those factions are retired? So do the new factions like The Exchange or The Dark Archives not have specific boons like this? Does that mean characters from these factions are limited to the generic prestige chart in the Guide to Organized Play?

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Can this game be played solo or with two players? When learning a game for the first time I tend to play with my wife a bit first and stumble along at a casual pace learning as I go. Grouping once I've gotten an idea of the mechanics.

How prevalent is PVP? I don't like PVP at all, and if there are ways for players to just outright attack me anywhere... I doubt I'll have a long career in this game.

How does the environment get populated? Is it a timed respawn kind of thing, or instanced quests that repopulate with each group?

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So, my home-group players want to play with Pathfinder Society rules, and I have decided to abide. The issue becomes I want to report these modules because I like to support communities and I THINK that paizo uses the data in some way, however, only one of my players wants to create a registered character via paizo.com. The other players find this a boring or "too much bookkeeping" idea. Can I report the sessions with just the one character willing to participate in online reporting?

Do I NEED the other players to register online?
Can I generate a PFS Card/Character number for them and do the reporting that way?

Secondly, Where do I find even codes or session numbers? Is that generated in the reporting process, or is that a number somewhere in the module itself?

Lastly, If I planned on going to a convention and playing a character, I can make a character and apply chronicle sheets to it as GM yes? Does that include Experience and gold? Or just the boons?

Edit: Finally, can I not report the Pathfinder Society Quest: Ambush In Absalom? I tried creating an event but did not see this module listed.

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Backdrop: The Great Duchy of Alkenstar, where steampunk technology, primal magic, null magic, and gunslingers abound. I've decided to run a "Wild Wild West"-esque game set in this area. My players are playing a Gnome Gunslinger and Orc Brawler.

What I wanted help with, was a level 5 character who would emulate gambit's abilities to use explosive cards and a quarterstaff in combat. Aside from that, this man is what I'm going to term a "Bourbon Street Boss." He started as a pool hustler and outwitted his way into drug distribution, underground fight clubs, illegal gambling, and slave trafficking to Cheliax (the Cheliax bit is for the next chapter of play). I also wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to help me stat out some of this guys mooks as well. The more pulpy/comic booky the better.

I have access to Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment, Advanced Class Guide, Advanced Race Guide, and any Beastiary.

I do not have access to the PRD (we have a strict table rule about physical copies of books for both players and DMs) or most splat books. Though I can purchase splat books if the idea is strong enough.

Normally I don't use forums... and this is sort of my first attempt at seeking help for a campaign.

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Would Wind Blast provoke an Attack of Opportunity as per Ranged Attack rules or Bull Rush Rules?

Wind Blast (Su): As a standard action, you can unleash a blast of air in a 30-foot line. Make a combat maneuver check against each creature in the line, using your caster level as your base attack bonus and your Wisdom modifier in place of your Strength modifier. Treat the results as a bull rush attempt. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

As per Bull Rush, you need Improved Bull Rush to ignore Attacks of Opportunity.
Also, I'm not sure, but would a 30 foot line be considered a ranged attack?

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I understand there was an issue with my payment method, which I have corrected by changing it. But I am curious as to when my order will be shipped or my card charged.