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46/46, AC 11

Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 15

About Jeremiah "Winterbloom" Roberts

Male Human (Leyland) BeastMaster Cavalier Order of the Shield/4
NG medium humanoid (Human)
Init: +1; Senses (None), Perception: +0,
Languages: Common,
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 15 ACP= -0 (With Shield +2AC & -0ACP)
HP 46/46 (4HD)
Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +2
Speed: 30 ft.
Melee: Two handed Sword +9 2d6+6/(19-20)x2
Two handed Sword PA +7 2d6+12 / (19-20)x2
Lance +8 1d8+6/ (20)x3
Lance(Mounted) +8 1d8+4/ (20)x3
Lance(Mounted - Charging) +12
Space: 5 ft. Reach: 5 ft. 10 ft. with Lance.
Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 19

Str 18 (14), Dex 13, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 15
Feats: (1)Power Attack (H)Mounted Combat (T)Precision Strike (3)Ride-by-attack

XP: 9,000 (awarded 9/8/14)
Acrobatics/0 +1
Appraise/0 +0
Bluff*/1 +6
Climb*/1 +8
Diplomacy*/3 +8
Disguise +
Escape Artist +1
Fly + 0
Handle Animal*/2 +8(+4 to AC)
Heal*/1 +6
Intimidate* +2
Knowledge/0 (History) - 0
Knowledge*/1 (Local) +4
Knowledge*/1 (Nobility) +4
Knowledge/0 (Religion) + 0
Perception - 0
Perform (Dance)/1 +4
Profession (Gentleman)/1 +1
Ride*/4 +8 (+2 for saddle)
Sense Motive*/1 +4
Spellcraft - 0
Stealth/0 +1
Survival*/2 +6
Swim +4

Location On Persons 451.03gp(60.5)
Master-work Chainshirt (250/25)
Master-work Two-Handed Sword (350/8)
Lance (10/10)
Darkwod Heavy Shield (110/10)
Flask (.03/1.5)
Signet Ring (5/-)
Silver Dagger (26/1)

Location Pouch (1/.5) (5/-)
Alchemists Kindness (1/-)
Bachelors Snuffx2 (2)(2/-)
Wolfsbane x2 (1)
Garlic x2 (1)

Location Pouch (1/.5) (0.5)
Cards (1/.5)

Location* Waterskin (1/4) (4)

Location Backpack* 37.46gp (2/2) (11.5)
Candle (5) (.05/-)
Chalk (5 piece) (.05/-)
Fish Hook (0.1/-)
Flint and Steel (1/-)
Charcoal (.5/-)
Iron Spike (.05/1)
Lamp Oil (.1/1)
Mapcase (1/.5)
Marbles (0.1/2)
Mirror (10/.5)
Paper (sheet) (x5) (1/-)
Rope 82(silk/50 ft.) (20/5)
Sealing Wax (1/1)
Sewing Needle (.5/-)
Twine (50 ft.) (0.01/.5)

Location Backpack* 4.3gp(17.5)
Bedroll (0.1/5)
Blanket (0.2/1)
Iron Pot (0.8/4)
Caltrops (1/2)*
Cooking Kit (1/2)
Shaving Kit (1.5/0.5)
Shovel (0.2/3)*
Nobles Outfit
Courtiers Outfit.

Light Masterwork Chain Barding (1000/50)
Exotic Military Saddle (60/40)
Saddlebags (4/8)

* = In saddlebags
# = In Lodgings

2969+150 gp, 7sp, 9cp SPENT!
And a 4000gp bearer bond.
Total Weight = ??

Magic Stuff:
Cloak of Resistance: +1 to saves.

Armour Expert: -1ACP
Nomadic: Survival +1 trait

Tactician (Ex)

At 1st level, a cavalier receives a teamwork feat as a bonus feat. He must meet the prerequisites for this feat. As a standard action, the cavalier can grant this feat to all allies within 30 feet who can see and hear him. Allies retain the use of this bonus feat for 3 rounds plus 1 round for every two levels the cavalier possesses. Allies do not need to meet the prerequisites of these bonus feats. The cavalier can use this ability once per day at 1st level, plus one additional time per day at 5th level and for every 5 levels thereafter.

Cavalier’s Charge (Ex)

At 3rd level, a cavalier learns to make more accurate charge attacks while mounted. The cavalier receives a +4 bonus on melee attack rolls on a charge while mounted (instead of the normal +2). In addition, the cavalier does not suffer any penalty to his AC after making a charge attack while mounted.

Order of the Shield

Edicts: The cavalier must protect the lives and prosperity of the common folk, shielding them from the deprivations of those who would seek to cause them harm or exploit them. He must give charity when it is warranted and aid when needed. He must take no action that would cause harm or hardship to those who cannot defend themselves.

Challenge: Whenever an order of the shield cavalier issues a challenge, he receives a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls made against the target of his challenge if the target makes an attack against a target other than the cavalier. This bonus lasts for 1 minute. The bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.

Skills: An order of the shield cavalier adds Heal (Wis) and Knowledge (local) (Int) to his list of class skills. Whenever an order of the shield cavalier uses the Heal skill on a creature other than himself, he receives a bonus on the check equal to 1/2 his cavalier level (minimum +1).

Resolute (Ex)
At 2nd level, whenever the cavalier takes damage from a melee or ranged attack while wearing heavy armor, the cavalier can convert 1 point of lethal damage to 1 point of nonlethal damage. He can use this ability once each time he takes damage. This ability cannot be used to convert ability damage, ability drain, or energy damage to nonlethal damage. At 6th level, and every four levels thereafter, the amount of damage the cavalier can convert increases by 1.