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AC 17 (t 12, ff 17) -2 bloodrage, -1 enlarged | F+9, R+4, W+7/9 | Init +4, Per +10


HP: 56/56 (+8 when raging) | Bloodrage: 18/18

Strength 21
Dexterity 10
Constitution 18
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 13
Charisma 16

About Jennifer Buscema

CN Human (Chaotic and Evil subtypes)
Bloodrager 6 / Demon-Possessed Creature template (Nabasu) CR+2
Favored Class: Bloodrager
Initiative: +4 = 0 + 4 (feat)

AC: 17 = 10 + 4 (armor) + 1 (armor, ABP) + 2 (deflection, ABP), touch 12, flat-footed 17 (-2 if bloodraging; -1 if enlarged; +1 to AC vs. bullets)
HP: 56 = 6d10 + 24 (CON) + 6 (fcb)
Electricity Resistance: 20
DR 10/cold iron or good; 4 DR vs. bullets

Fort: 9 = 5 (Bld6) + 4 (Con) + 1 (ABP) (+2 if bloodraging)
Ref: 4 = 2 (Bld6) + 1 (Dex) + 1 (ABP)
Will: 7 = 2 (Bld6) + 1 (Wis) + 1 (trait) + 2 (feat) + 1 (ABP) (+2 if bloodraging)
* +4 vs. poison; +1 vs. charm or fear; +2 vs. self or ally spell

CMD: 19 = 10 + 6 (BAB) + 5 (Str) (+2 if bloodraging)
Concentration: 9 = 6 (Bld6) + 3 (Cha)

Speed: 40
BAB: 6
CMB: 11 = 6 (BAB) + 5 (Str) (+2 if bloodraging; +1 if enlarged)

Claws x 2 (ABP; +2d6 profane damage to good creatures)
- Normal: +14 1d8 + 9 (20/x2)
- Enlarged: +14 2d6 + 10 (20/x2)

Stone fist:
- Normal: +9 1d8 + 5 (20/x2)
- Bloodraging: +13 1d8 + 7 (20/x2)
- Bloodraging, enlarged: +13 2d6 + 8 (20/x2)

Spells slots per day: 1st: 2+1, 2nd: 0, 3rd: 0
1 (DC = 13): cheetah's sprint, endure elements, thunderstomp, stone fist

Uncanny Dodge, Improved Uncanny Dodge
Spell Vulnerability - as per template
Summon Monster - 1/day: (level 4, 1 nabasu 15% or 1d4 babaus 15%)
Nabasu Abilities - 3/day: silence, vampiric touch
Sneak Attack - +1d6

- Claws (x2, natural weapons (magic))
- Demonic Bulk (optional enlarge person when bloodraging)

Old Family, Possessed

Climb 11 = 3 + 5 (Str) + 3
Intimidate 12 = 6 + 3 (Cha) + 3
Knowledge (arcana) 8 = 4 + 1 (Int) + 3
Knowledge (planes) 5 = 4 + 1 (Int)
Knowledge (computers) 2 = 1 + 1 (Int)
Perception 10 = 6 + 1 (Wis) + 3
Spellcraft 8 = 4 + 1 (Int) + 3
Survival 7 = 3 + 1 (Wis) + 3
Swim 11 = 3 + 5 (Str) + 3

Lore (Criminal Argot) 6 = 2 + 1 (Int) + 3
Lore (New England academia) 5 = 1 + 1 (Int) + 3
Lore (possession) 10 = 6 + 1 (Int) + 3
Profession (librarian) 4 = 3 + 1 (Wis)

Languages: Common, Abyssal, Latin

Eschew Materials, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Power Attack, Cleave

Future feats to consider:
Raging Vitality
Cornugon Smash (Hurtful)
Reckless Rage
Arcane Strike (Blooded Arcane Strike?)
Big Game Hunter
Weapon Focus?
Recovered Rage

Weapons and armor: Pepper spray, Biker leather (stylised differently; w/ ballistic weave)
General: Duct tape, Flashlight (standard), Map (road atlas), Waterproof bag, carbon fibre glasses case
Magic items: Leaden clawed gauntlets with resistance bypassing ability, Amulet of Bullet Protection +1, Spectacles of Understanding
Wealth: $535

Graduating college and getting a job at one of the oldest university libraries in the United States was everything Jennifer Buscema ever wanted. While some of her classmates got by on talent, Jennifer was the sort of student who eschewed a social life in favor of hard work. The resulting degree and the recommendation of an old family friend let her start her work as a librarian at one of the oldest academic libraries in the United States. The U.S. certainly doesn't have the ancient history of most other countries in the world, but she was amazed at how many lost treasures fromt the old world turned up in various New England libraries. Jennifer loved finding them, although she enjoyed keeping them as her secrets even more. This fit in nicely with her lack of social life, but her lack of close friendships is what kept anyone from noticing her changes until it was too late.

At some point in her short career poring over books in dusty basements, she encountered a being that identified itself as Syar'ammag. She has never seen it, but sometimes it talks to her and sometimes it drives her to do things that she would normally never consider. Things like standing up for herself, or letting people know when they've offended her, or telling off people who deserve it, or hitting someone who was thinking about hitting her, or... that one man... finding him... screaming at him the truths he needed to hear... wrapping her fingers around his neck and...

The first week that Syar'ammag was in her was rough. He(?) was mad at her for losing her job, she screamed at him that it was his fault, the other lady at the bus stop became scared of her and briskly walked away (Who was she to judge!? Maybe she should be taught a lesson!), and Syar'ammag alternated between laughing at her and soothing her as she shivered in the hot sun. All Jennifer had to do, he said, was find what he was looking for. He would know it when she saw it, but she has to keep looking, and she has to look in the sorts of places that she already liked to look.

As time went by, Jennifer learned how to... not control Syar'ammag, but to know how better to appease him and when it was better to let his influence come out. She has developed a career as a particular sort of freelance researcher--finding information that people want found, confronting those that want certain things to stay hidden, and many other things her degree in Library Science never prepared her for. The money helps her gain access to more libraries and to travel to find more work.

Despite how she still views herself as a good person, on some level Jennifer knows that her life would be next to meaningless without the purpose and the power that Syar'ammag has given her. She wouldn't go back to her old life even if she could. Even if it meant no more rages. No more blood.

In her late 20s, Jennifer has long, mousy brown hair that she keeps tied up in a bun. She sometimes wears glasses perched at the end of her nose when she reads and oftentimes she forgets they're there, a habit picked up from her school and librarian days. When she thinks that someone is seeing a "sexy librarian" persona, she gifts them with a confrontational smirk.

When she enters a bloodrage, however, Syar'ammag's influence shines through. She sprouts two short horns on her forehead, her teeth turn needle sharp, her tongue grows much too long for her mouth, her ears grow long, and her eyes turn pitch black. She can suppress these physical changes when she needs to, but she doesn't like to because Syar'ammag doesn't like to.

She has taken to wearing a thick, brown leather overcoat amd matching pants and boots for protection and so that she doesn't have to worry about fashion so much. She usually wears a white blouse underneath her coat, buttoned all the way up.

Standard Attack Copy/Paste:
[dice=Attack 1]1d20+14[/dice]
[dice=Attack 2]1d20+14[/dice]

[dice=Damage 1]2d6+10[/dice]
[dice=Damage 2]2d6+10[/dice]